Top 10 Advantages of Getting Married

Of all the different phases of life, marriage counts among the most important ones. In today’s world people are so engrossed in their lives and careers that marriage does not get much attention. However, one must realize the importance of marriage and companionship for a better and stable future. Although, these days people talk a lot about the disadvantages of marriage like it takes away one’s freedom or piles on you plethora of responsibilities but the positive aspects and advantages of marriage would definitely change your perspective. There are pros and cons of everything but it depends upon you, what to look at. Reflecting on advantages and positive sides of anything clears up your vision for a hopeful future. Thus here are mentioned some of the biggest advantages of getting married which could bring a change in your approach towards marriage.

1. A Lifelong Companion

The best thing about marriage is that you get a companion for your life, with whom you can share all your joys and sorrows. The journey of life is too long to travel alone; everyone needs a companion to make this journey easy and beautiful. Life poses numerous challenges and hardships in your way, however these challenges become easy to handle when you have someone by your side rather than facing them alone. At times you stand at a point where you have to make life changing decisions and there you feel the need of someone whom you can rely upon and who could understand your situation better and provide you with some better guidance. A life partner is someone who understands you the most and helps you at every step of life and stays with you in all your highs and lows, ups and downs.

2. Sense of Security

The word ‘security’ definitely doesn’t mean that your partner would stand armed to guard you, but marriage does provide both the partners with a feeling of being shielded from foreign threats, both physical and mental. The feeling that someone is there, whom you can depend upon for your mental and emotional needs, gives you much confidence and strength to face the world. And indeed you also get the sense of being in a protected sphere, for you know that if anyone tries to probe into your personal space, you have someone to stand up with you. Marriage, where on one hand teaches you to be more responsible towards yourself as well as your better half, at the same time it also relaxes you from several fears and threats.

3. Family

With marriage you just don’t find your soul mate, a person to spend your life with; rather you get a new family. It is not just the bride who steps into a new family and makes different bonds but the groom too gets the equal chance to form bonds of love and trust with the bride’s family. A family forms the basic foundation of the society and one can say that it is the family who teaches you the ideals and morals of life. After getting married you get the opportunity to learn more and gain new experiences from the new relations.

4. Children

While talking about family how can we leave kids? Marriage gives you the bright opportunity to start your own family with the blessings of everyone. Marriage lays the foundation of your family and with this you continue your bloodline. Being a parent is an extraordinary and amazing experience and marriage opens up the gateway for this. Having kids adds up a new meaning to your life as you get to develop the feeling of unconditional love. Marriage fulfils the desire of having children and adds up to another aspect of your adulthood. The tenderness and sweetness of life is incomplete without children and marriage provides you with this important experience of parenthood.

5. Social Acceptance

In every society, especially in India, marriage gives you the stature of respect and acceptability, both in social as well as religious context. In certain societies and religions, pre-marital sex is not allowed but marriage gives you the best solution to deal with the situation as after getting married your relationship would be accepted with respect and dignity. As it is a well evident fact that family is the basic unit of society and marriage, is the first step towards building the society. Henceforth, getting married is the best way to live harmoniously in the society.

6. Emotional Support

One of the major benefits of getting married is that you have someone to support you and be with you even at the tough phase of your life. Although friends too play an important role in lending you a strong support but a life partner is someone who would never leave your side. Sometimes you just need someone who could understand your condition and become your strength during your weak moments and a life partner fulfils that need. These days where stress, tension and pressure are the most common hurdles people face in life, an emotional support is what they seek for and marriage can get you that support for life.

7. Sharing and Caring

Marriage teaches you the most important lessons of life and at the same time opens up the box of benefits for you. Compassion and sensitivity towards others is what we learn the most after marriage. And in return you find a person whom you can confide in and open up your heart in front of, without any hesitation or fear of being judged. After getting married you come out of your own world and try to know and explore the very new aspect of life, that is, caring for someone selflessly and getting the same love and care in return.

8. Stability

Stability is really necessary in life. You can roam here and there, try to explore new ventures but at the end of the day, what a person looks for, is settlement and stability. Stability doesn’t stand for one thing; rather it could be financial, emotional, social or religious. You definitely gain financial benefits form marriage as the income increases when both the partners are working. Nobody wants the life of a wanderer and marriage is the best way to achieve stability in life. You don’t have to face troubles in finding a friend or someone to trust for your feelings and secrets; you can make your soul mate your best friend and feel more secured and stable.

9. A safer Sex Life

Married sex is the best option for healthier and more protective sex life. With time your trust on your spouse becomes stronger and this makes you feel more comfortable and protected, which ultimately leads to a better experience. There are many misconceptions like your sex life becomes boring and monotonous, but researches and surveys say that after marriage the scope for gratification of desires and fantasies and sexual experimentations widens. So, we see how marriage can spice up your sex life and makes way for more exploration.

10. Beautiful Memories

It is said that memories are what we take with us while leaving the world. The moments of togetherness you spend with your partner after marriage are the most valuable things you earn in life. When you grow old with your spouse and look back at the moments spent together, the happiness you feel is the best experience. Marriage doesn’t just give you respect, status in society or legalisation to your relationship, it is more than that. From the time you take the vow to live together, you start paving a beautiful and memorable path for your entire life.

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