Top 10 Beautiful Life Lessons we can learn from Nature

When was the last time you took a walk along the meadows of the countryside? Or the time when you carefully listened to the song of the cuckoo bird or when you let the freshness of the air breathe into your skin. When you are struggling hard to cope up with the pressures of everyday life and the frustration of work eats you up. You have no time to enjoy these little things. Many a times man finds himself detached from these heavenly things, we have forgotten what it was to know nature. Rather than being disheartened and keeping all the tensions apart, try taking a closer look at the things that surround you. Submit yourself to the arms of nature and I bet you will wonder, what took you so long. There are a few things that only nature can teach us. Find out what life lessons you can learn from nature.

1. Reveal the light within yourself



Imagine a day without the sun. I know it’s impossible to even think of it. The sun never forgets to give its light to others, it does its duty on time. Such should be human life, you can only soar high and shine brightly if you be the guiding light for others. Nobody is born evil, a man becomes bad only when he doesn’t do the duties he is obliged to do. Always light up the life of people around you. Motivate others and be a source of inspiration. Just because bad things have happened a lot lately, it never means that you should stop doing good.

2. Pain is the precursor of joy.


After every downpour, we are gifted with a rainbow delight. When you are going through the ups and downs of life always remember that you can’t be happy or sad throughout. It’s a cyclic process and the only thing that remains constant is change. You won’t get sunny days all the time. There will be days with dark clouds and stormy winds but all you have to do is don’t lose hope and let things fall in their right places and you will be surprised to see the sun coming out from the clouds. As after every little hill, there’s a little valley.

3. We were called to help each other.


There is a concept called “mutualism” in biology, according to which two organisms of different species exist in a relationship with each other, such that each individual benefits from the activity of the other. This concept should be applied in our everyday life. If we have a mutual understanding among our fellow humans it makes way for a better foundation and a better society. Imagine a life without sharing it would be such a waste. We should learn to help others and give selflessly without expecting anything in return. United we stand divided we fall. The art of giving selflessly and helping each other should be practised at all times.

4. Hard work pays off.


Ever tried observing the ants? they might seem insignificant due to their size but these creatures work wonders. Ants are the most hardworking organisms. They constantly work throughout the year. Despite several failed attempts and struggles, the ants never give up.  They put forth an example that nothing is impossible if you have dedication and perseverance. Ants are capable of carrying weights that are 100 times their own weight, if ants can, then we as humans can do much better. They surely are a source of inspiration.

5. Believe in yourself


You must be familiar with the life cycle of a butterfly. Its transformation from a tiny grass eating caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly is remarkable. Often when our efforts don’t yield the desired results or when people don’t appreciate our work, we slowly start losing hope and are discouraged. Trust your instincts and realize your own potential and you will be surprised what you are capable of doing. People might laugh at your failed attempts or even say that you can’t, but learn to withstand all the odds and soar high. Today a caterpillar, tomorrow a butterfly. Don’t lose hope because you never know what’s stored for you in the future. Never underestimate the power within yourself.

6. Never stop chasing your dreams, unless and until you reach your destination.


Migratory birds travel long distances to reach their destination, nothing can stop them from giving up their aim. These birds are a source of inspiration, one should not hesitate to travel any lengths to fulfil their dream. We should learn to withstand all barriers, to overcome obstacles and to reach our goal. Always remember what Paulo Coelho in his book once said,

“If you wish to achieve something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it”.

7. Survival of the fittest.


There are plants growing in the desert, as well as animals living in the harshest climatic conditions. Nature doesn’t wait for the most favourable conditions to grow, it adapts itself to its surroundings. Several species develop mechanisms to adjust with their surroundings. They modify their lifestyles to survive. This is a great example nature puts forth. No matter how bad or unfavourable our surroundings are we should prepare ourselves to prepare everything. Only the fittest among the crowd survives and wins.

8.You need to let go of our old ways to move ahead in life


A snake sheds its skin after some for a new, renewed and a better version of itself. Humans have a tendency to stick to their old ways and not to let go off the can only move ahead in life if we learn from our mistakes. We should change our old ways in order to grow, to learn and to move ahead in life. In the process of self-development and growth we may constantly require to shed our old skin and personality to allow an improved version of ourselves to emerge.  Whether its in the form of people, behaviour or even habits, we must not hold on to anything that stops us from progressing.

9. Accepting yourself, the way you are.


From microorganisms to the gigantic whales, each organism has its own importance in the world. Similarly each one of us are born with a purpose, and it’s our duty to accept ourselves the way we are. Your inability to do something should never stop you from doing what you are capable of. Each one of us are gifted and we should contribute to the betterment of the world in whichever way we can.

10. Respect the life given to you.


Nature, in all its richness is beautiful. not even the biggest advancement in technology or science can create something as beautiful as the natural world.Such is the value of human life, we are blessed and privileged for being given the opportunity to live. so we should live life to the fullest and also respect our fellow human beings.





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