Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Water. Water is life. They say you “need” nothing in the world other than oxygen and water to survive. And quite truly so. There is no point preaching the benefits of drinking water, right? Everyone knows that water is the benevolent leader of the world of things to drink. Water does this; water does that – we all know what water does! But, there is never an end to knowing.

Now, cold water is the popular kind of water. Mostly, one quenches his thirst with cold water as nothing can be quite as refreshing as chilled water when one is exhausted and dehydrated. Hot water – not so much! However, most people are not really aware of the endless advantages of hot water. Hot water does offer some exclusive goodies that you just cannot ignore!

Maybe hot water is not as refreshing as cold water; neither is it a crowd pleaser. But one cannot undermine the role it plays in purifying your whole system and much more. So, let’s educate ourselves a little on the numerous benefits of drinking hot water, shall we?

  1. Better circulation of blood
fatty artery

fatty artery

When you drink hot to warm water, the heat from the water helps your blood to circulate better within your body and flow much more freely. Not just your blood, the nutrients in your blood also enjoy the free movement and reach their destination more easily. Enhanced blood circulation also means enhanced oxygen circulation in your body. Adding a few squeezes of lemon to your warm water further stimulates blood circulation.

  1. Immunity booster

Warm water is a terrific immunity booster. For best results, just add some honey and squeeze some lemon to a glass of warm water and drink it every morning. This absolutely gets rid of the toxins contaminating your system and thereby strengthens your immunity. For taste, you may even add some ginger to this drink. There simply cannot be a tastier way to immunize your body!

  1. Pain relief


If you suffer from arthritis or mild joint pains, warm water is your ultimate drug. It does not cure the condition per se, but it does cause some relief to the pain. Warm water soothes the pain and cramps and relaxes your muscles and nerves. Aside from directly consuming warm water, you might even want to consider hot water bags as they are exceptionally comforting to pain. Drinking warm water, mixed with carom seeds is a brilliant way to soothe menstrual cramps as well. Warm water works wonders for all kinds of aches such as body aches, stomach aches, headaches – just name it!

  1. Natural cough syrup


The most natural way to relieve yourself of a persistent cough is drinking a glass of warm water mixed with honey. This is a foolproof cure for coughs. It works just as well as the store-bought medicines and syrups but entails fewer side effects. Not just a simple cough, this mixture has been found to be useful against a number of respiratory infections. To get rid of that annoying itch in your throat, gargle with warm water and salt. It is the most effective way to treat a sore throat.

  1. Goodbye, ageing


As alarming as this sounds, hot water is actually a good way to hide signs of ageing. Warm water flushes out all the toxins and repairs all damages to your skin and also enhances your skin elasticity. Wrinkles, goodbye! Moreover, warm water helps your skin remain pimple free by killing the bacteria that cause acne. So, bid farewell to the countless anti-ageing creams that cost you a fortune and embrace a new anti-ageing cure for free – hot water! Cleanse your skin inside out, literally!

  1. Un-constipate yourself

In order to rid yourself of the constipation issue, warm water is a must. It eases your bowel movement thereby relieving constipation. Drink a full glass of warm to hot water every morning on an empty stomach i.e. before breakfast and you will see the effects instantly. Furthermore, your other bowel related issues also need some warm water such as bloating and gas.

  1. Hello, healthy hair and skin


Forget your expensive shampoos and spas. Make use of the most natural method possible for healthier and shinier hair. Drinking warm water makes your hair 10 times softer and smoother by energizing and activating the nerve endings of the roots of your hair. This also enhances hair growth. In case you have a dandruff problem, warm water helps with that too. How? Simple. Dandruff is caused primarily due to dryness of scalp. Drinking warm water hydrates your scalp, eliminates dryness and hence reduces dandruff. Now coming to skin health. Warm water is the perfect cure for acne and random breakouts and zits. Due to its cleansing effect on your system, warm water is a perfect companion of healthy skin. Also, washing your face with warm water unclogs your pores and makes your face glow. What a natural moisturizer!

  1. Weight loss


Wait, what? After all the trouble you have gone to for a slimmer body, just hot water is what you needed all along? All the strenuous work outs and crash dieting didn’t help? Well, warm water is what you require. Warm water facilitates faster metabolism and regulates stomach acids. With its incredible effects on digestion, hydration of your body, flushing out of body toxins and impurities, it does wonders to your body health. It also removes the untimely junk food cravings of your body. Naturally, you are bound to lose some weight. Moreover, drinking warm water also reduces the risk of acidity, heartburn and bloating. In order to enjoy slimming along with antiseptic benefits of warm water, add a few drops of lemon juice to your glass of warm water. It has digestive as well as antiseptic effects. Other than that, enjoy healthy blood sugar levels and no obesity, for diabetic patients.

  1. Detox away!

One of the healthiest effects of drinking hot water is detoxification. When you consume warm water, your body temperature naturally rises. Due to this excess heat in your body now, you start sweating. And when you sweat, the impurities and toxins of your body get excreted out through your sweat thereby detoxifying as well as hydrating your body. Fantastic, right?

  1. Boost metabolism rate


Studies suggest that drinking more than 2 cups of warm water has been proven to raise the rate of your metabolism by as much as 30% for near about 40 minutes. If you want to increase this rate even further, add some lemon juice along with ginger to your cup of warm water and see the results for yourself. This concoction eliminates the random food cravings we have in a day. You can have this everyday at any time you please – after any and every meal; early in the morning prior to breakfast; or even at night just before hitting the bed. To give your metabolism rate that extra kick, make sure you use absolutely fresh ginger and lemons. Avoid all kinds of bottles lime syrups because the preservatives present in those cause trouble and hindrances to your natural metabolism.

Right. None of us quite knew about the benefits of drinking hot water. But there are quite a few as you can see. In fact, there are plenty more. So, cut down on your consumption of tasty yet unhealthy beverages and embrace warm water. It can truly work wonders for you!



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