Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts you can give your Sister

The bond between siblings is eternal. And when it is your sister’s birthday round the corner, you are more excited than she is! It doesn’t matter if you have a younger sister like Maggie (played by Cameron Diaz in In her Shoes) or you have an elder sister like Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games), you LOVE her and you need to find the perfect gift for her. Here are the top 10 best birthday gifts you can give your sister:-

10. Something all girls Love


Your sister may or may not be a tomboy but she will definitely be into heels! It is not a stereotype but majority of girls love to wear some or the other kind of heels. There are many types of heels like Kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, wedges, cone heels, platform, peep toe, high heeled boots, ankle booties, cutout heels, corset heels etc. Buy a beautiful pair, which you will most definitely borrow from her sometimes (if you are into this stuff too, wink!), and gift them to your sister. She will be glad to have those in her shoe rack and you in her life!

9. Something most girls Want


Again, your sister might or might not be a tomboy, but every girl loves a beautiful dress. There are many types of dresses too, namely, basic, A-line, princess, tunic, frock, halter, off shoulder, sheath, bodycon, strapless, 1-shoulder, jumper, slip, maxi, ball gown etc. Keeping in mind (1) your sister’s body type, (2) where she could wear it and (3) her favourite colour, buy a dress for as a birthday gift and she will definitely love it. Also, keep in mind, just like the heels, you could borrow her dress sometimes (if you are into this stuff too, wink!).

8. Something Blissful

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If your sister is one of the health-conscious, fat conscious or calorie conscious girls, still get her chocolates. Why? Because who doesn’t love chocolates? Buy a big box of chocolates for her, only after reading its ingredients and keeping in mind her allergies to any particular ingredient. If your sister is into chocolates openly, she would rejoice them and most probably share them with you. But if your sister is into chocolates secretly, she might refuse the gift at first. But then you can tease her by eating them one by one and eventually she will snatch the box out of your hands and run away to her room to binge on them!

7. Bijouterie

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You may or may not be able to buy your sister expensive jewellery but you could still by her jewellery nonetheless! It could be junk jewellery or artificial jewellery and she would absolutely love it. If you know (which you obviously do) her favourite type of jewellery, buy her that. I mean like a necklace, a pair of earrings, nose ring, finger ring, head jewellery, armlet, bracelet, anklet, bangles, belly chains, toe rings, lockets, medallions, pendant, you name it! Get your sister her preferred type and see the look on her face when she unwraps her present!

6. Someone to Confide in

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You and your sister may or may not be discussing everything under the sun. But there are some things girls do not want to share with anyone. But bottling up of feelings is not a positive thing to do. For that purpose, a personal diary or journal is important. She can write all her feeling sin one without being judged. Her diary would become her confidante and she will thank you for this gift with all her heart!

5. Personalized Gifts


This is a new fad and a trendy way to make someone feel special. You can customize a pin to a plane and gift it to your sister! You could select her pictures or design a picture of some band, cartoon, sitcom, movie, book etc. that she really likes, and get it printed across a mug, laptop cover, pen, pen stand, desk stand, mobile cover, pillow, bed sheet, wall hanging, clock’s dial, photo frame, beer mug, wine glass, T-shirt, bag pack, bracelet, chocolate’s wrapper, candle stand, flower vase, anything under the sun! You could also get her a wallet or a purse with her name embossed on it. Or you could design a poster for her room too. She would extraordinarily pleased when she sees how much you know what she loves.

4. Related to her Hobby

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You obviously know your sister in and out. You know all her hobbies and what she has been meaning to buy. Your sister may have been wanting a DSLR since forever because of her interest in photography. Or you may have noticed that she has been eyeing a guitar for months to play in her band. Or maybe she has been wanting to go to a concert or is really excited about a movie that released this weekend. You could buy her any of these things as a birthday gift, after consulting with your parents, if you are still living with them. She would love that you remembered what she loves and may have told you long ago. She would love the thought and effort that you put into her gift.

3. Something to Pass her time

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Many people are not into books but books are one’s best friends (after pets, of course!). If your sister is an avid reader, it may be difficult to get her a book she hasn’t read. But it would be easier to look for a book she would like because she would have a favourite genre or she may be awaiting the latest part of a series that has just been published. If she is not into reading, you could get her a book about her hobby like a cook book. Or you could buy her a biography about her favourite musician or something like that. If she has a comic collection, you could add to it too! If she follows an author, look for a book she hasn’t read by the same author and increase your sister’s list.

2. A Scrapbook full of Memories

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Ask your parents for help you with this one. Compile a scrapbook full of pictures of your sister growing up and present it to her on her birthday. The scrapbook should have baby pictures of your sister blowing kisses, drooling, eating and of course, the embarrassing ones, of pooping! Next, it should have pictures of her first day at playschool, kindergarten trips to the zoo, school picnics, family outings, first boyfriend etc. Obviously include many selfies of you and your sister while doing random stuff starting from shopping or playing together etc. Fill the scrapbook with all the joyful and playful memories, design a striking cover and gift it to your sister on her special day. When she will open her gift and flip through it, tears of joy will pool in her eyes and in yours too!

1. The most Loving things!

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Now this is the best gift but it is also the one which needs the most forethought. Reasons to gift a pet should be clear: your sister wants a pet. If she is young, get her a pet that does not need too much maintenance like a gold fish or a tortoise. If she is a little mature, then you could gift her a hamster or a guinea pig. If she is mature and responsible enough, you could get her a cat or a dog. Obviously, getting a pet depends on a lot of things like: (1) parents’ approval, if you are still living with them; (2) living conditions of your sister i.e. is her house big enough to raise a pet properly; (3) work requirements i.e. if she is not home most of the time, who will feed her pets; (4) allergies to a certain type of animal; and (5) physical capability of keeping a pet and giving it the proper exercise it needs. I would suggest, gift your sister a plant first and see if she can nurture it well, then get her a pet on her next birthday!

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