Top 10 Best College Graduation gifts you can give

One of the most precious days of student life is the college graduation day. Looking his best, dressed in graduation caps and black gowns every student has his or her hopes for a better future soaring high. This day will be cherished forever. On such a beautiful day every student deserves to be gifted with things that will be really helpful and special to them. keep reading to know what to gift your special one on their special day..

college graduation

10. Hosting graduation dinner at home.

Sometimes all a person needs is, to be reminded that there are people to love, to support and to care for him .With college coming to an end and students preparing themselves to face the competitive world ,a small family reunion at home with grandparents and relatives will surely mean a lot to the graduate. Family gatherings are one of a kind, it’s the time when you realize that family is the only place where you find unconditional love. Be it anything, having a meal together, chitchatting with your cousins or listening to old grandma tales or raising a toast to the graduate each gesture has its own significance. Family members will tease you to death, but they will never laugh at your incapability, they will correct you when you are wrong but will never hold a record of your mistakes. The realization of occupying a place inside someone’s heart is more than enough for a person to move ahead in life. As parents this will be a great gift for your child after the graduation day.

9. Love and Advice.

They say that love is the universal medicine and it is also true that not even the most expensive gift can replace the gift of love. As your graduate is going to encounter the real life ahead a good motivational talk and advices will seem to be the downpour on a barren land. Everyone needs a pinch of motivation to set out for the real adventure. This gift will cost you nothing.

8. A collection of good luck wishes from friends and family.

If the graduate is moving to another city for higher studies or for work, a slam book containing best wishes and personal letters from old teachers, family members and friends will be very useful. In times of loneliness and sorrow one can read these heartfelt messages, get inspired and regain the lost appetite.

7. A digital camera to capture the life ahead.

Clicking photographs using smartphones is fun, but clicking photographs using a camera which you can call your own and carry wherever you go is even better. A gift that many graduates love would be the digital camera. Give it to them before the big day, and they will have something to not only show off but also to capture the moment. The Canon PowerShot is an excellent and luckily relatively inexpensive digital camera. For those who are interested in photography it not only becomes a useful tool but something that will contribute to the growth of skills and to follow his or her passion.

6.Free Gifts: an Internship offer at your friend’s firm.

If you belong to the corporate sector and you have contacts with people who have their own business, helping your graduate (who could be your niece or nephew) getting an internship offer at your friend’s firm will be really useful. Not all students are able to bag job offers during the college placements and in such situations helping him or her get a job when he or she is desperately looking for one, is the best thing to do. The graduate will not only be grateful to you but will also consider you as a mentor.

5. An electronic gift.

In this age of advancing technology when smartphones and gadgets have transformed to necessities every student needs devices to catch up with the changing trends. With an electronic device in hand that keeps you updated, life becomes much easier. Be it a portable device such as an iPad or a laptop, It is a great way to store images, movies, music, and important documents for the student who is graduating. It need not to be a top most brand but a device that has been made according to all the latest facilities and is compatible with the changing innovations. A graduate would truly appreciate this as a graduation gift

4. How about a formal attire?

The next few months after graduation will be the time when graduates are seen being busy attending countless interviews and conferences. With interviewer’s and company heads expecting them to present themselves in a formal and articulate manner, students need to have clothes that make them look formal and perfect, because your attire speaks volumes before you open your mouth. Men should have a dress shirt, pants, and shoes with a matching tie and, perhaps, a sports coat. Women will need a demure outfit of skirt and blouse or dress with basic pumps. A coordinated jacket would nicely complete the outfit.

3. Financial Support!!

Money becomes a basic necessity in and out of college life. As students struggle to save, most of the times they have no choice but to curb down the list of things they want to own. Gifting a graduate with money will be helpful to buy him or her things that he or she has always desired for. As long as you don’t care how it gets spent, this is an excellent choice as an all-around graduation gift. Perhaps it will seem to be the only opportunity for graduates to buy even the unusual things they have longed for without thinking or hesitating. Whether it’s invested on the Louis Vuitton handbag or on the concert tickets to her favorite band, gifting him or her with money is surely a dream come true.

2. A diary made of handmade paper or a travel journal.

If your friend loves to write or travel, gifting a diary made of handmade paper or a travel journal will be the best. It will become useful to keep a record of memories and events that are both equally sad and happy. Whether it is to keep a track of the destinations covered or to pen down pent up emotions the diary or the travel journal will always come will act as a companion in times of sorrow and joy. Besides it can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

1. A collection of old photographs in an Album.

What could be more beautiful than a recollection of all the wonderful memories of student life in the form of photographs captured. One can revive and revisit an old memory by looking at a picture. Be it the first time you went to your favorite café with your friends or the first time you had a stage performance, every moment when captured becomes a reminder for life. After all at the end of your four year degree on taking a look back in time, the only thing that matters is not how good you scored or how many lectures were attended but only those irreplaceable memories that took your breath away. Flipping through the pages of the photo album on a bad day is more than enough to make someone smile. If you are a friend of your fellow graduate, this will be the best gift you could give away.


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