Top 10 Best Gifts a Daughter can give to her Father

“I may find my Prince, but you will always be my King”

A daughter is indeed always a daddy’s girl. She plays with him when young, fights with him when growing up and cuddles him when he is old. And dads, well, they are the non-demanding, tough on the crust kind. But, gifts are something that brings tears so those grouching eyes and getting gifts for fathers is one hell of a job. What do you get a man who practically gave you everything you needed in your growing up years?  Even an occasional phone call or watching the news at 9 with him will cheer up the low maintenance guy. After all, he has everything he needs. Or so he says. It’s natural being clueless about gifts that will do justice to the special bond fathers and daughters share. After all, your first Barbie, first cellphone and even your first two wheeler must have been gifts from daddy. Naturally, gifting something not just “good” but something he loves dearly should be the motto. So we have put together this list of 10 gift ideas that will put a big grin on the face we love so dearly.

10. A suit


Gifting a tie to dad is an old custom. Why not play the game up a notch and gift him a well-tailored suit? Men are creatures of habit and so he most probably ends up wearing his old grey suit all the time. Surprise him with a different cut and color. You could choose a well-structured three piece or a tux, keeping his personality in mind. His love for you will get him to quit the boring grey suit which has probably been a little tight around some places for a couple of years. Suit him up and take daddy out on dinner to some fancy place. Take a deep breath if he spills gravy on his new suit.

09. A chess set


Remember the times when he taught you about chess and board games? Whether you had a dad who let you win easy or one who played fair to make you tough, those days of childhood are always special. Honor the particular memory with your father gifting him a vintage chess set. You can splurge as much as you like on this one. Wood, marble, glass-the options are many. See him smile and reminiscence about the old days. Sit with him and play a few rounds of chess together. Maybe you could let him win easy one time? No? We thought so.

08.  An easy chair

easy chair

Be it those lazy Sunday noons when he likes to nap while reading the paper or the cool autumn nights listening to old melodies, an easy chair is the perfect companion. Score extra brownie points by buying one that rocks back and forth. Watch him rock and roll for hours straight. Keep a table nearby where he can keep his spectacles while he dozes off. If comfort had a name, this would be it.

07. A foot massager

foot massager

The perfect gift to go along with the number 8 on this list. You would be hard pressed to find a father who will consent to a pedicure, regardless of how much we tell them about it. Every foot needs some pampering, even big fat ones. Gift an electric foot massager that relaxes and eases out the muscles while providing deep relaxation. The benefits of a foot massage without going to the salon. Better still, this is a gift even mom can use. You wouldn’t really leave her out, would you?

06. A bar cabinet

bar cabinet

This is one gift mom probably wouldn’t approve of. Remember those times of sneaking a drink out of dad’s expensive liquor? Now that you are grown up and can enjoy the occasional drink or two, surprise him with a bar cabinet. He will be one happy man, flaunting his collection and his daughter’s gift at the same time. In case he already has a bar cabinet, a new one will not hurt. After all, you can never have too many bottles of wine.

05. A fitbit

FILE -- A man sets his Fitbit before running in Boston, April 6, 2015. Jawbone sued Fitbit in California state court on Wednesday, accusing its rival of “systematically plundering” confidential information by poaching employees who improperly downloaded sensitive materials shortly before leaving. (Charlie Mahoney/The New York Times)

If his borderline blood sugar and growing mid-section is giving you sleepless nights, this is the gift to give. Motivate him to use those fancy work-out clothes and new Nike shoes and get to work. A fitbit will be his best buddy in counting daily activities and keeping him on track. You could also customize your own fit bit and plan workouts together. Be sure to keep checking up on him or this is one gift which will never be used. Daddy’s knees will thank you for this one.

04. A tool box


For the in-house mechanic of the family, a multipurpose toolbox is the perfect gift. A nod to all the times he fixed your car or the leaky tap, a toolbox will have everything he needs. Which also means that he won’t be sending you to fetch one article at a time while he is on the job. A hammer, screwdriver, multipurpose knife, can opener, saw, pliers and a few nails should do the trick. Now that you are older, he might even let you mess around with his tool kit. While looking protectively and breathing down your neck, of course.

03. Cologne


You recognize a man by the scent he wears. Your father usually has a signature scent that he has been wearing for years. *Yawn*. Amp up the smell game and gift him classic cologne that suits his personality. A pleasant yet not overpowering scent will attract attention everywhere he goes. Hide his old cologne while you are at it. Maybe you can take mom when you go shopping for this one?

02. Father Daughter movie DVDs


Most dads are too old school to use Netflix and torrent. Gift your dad a DVD compilation of his favorite movies. Better still, gift him movies that celebrate the special bond between fathers and daughters. From serious movies sure to make you drop a tear or two and him to sniffle a sob to movies you can watch with popcorn, there are a lot of them to choose from. Invite mom in and turn this into family bonding time. After all, you are his little miss sunshine.

01. Your house keys


You most probably still have your old room back at your parent’s place. It will be a wonderful gesture to share the same courtesy with your parents. Whether you live in a dingy one room rented apartment or share your flat with your boyfriend in a different city, giving a copy of your house keys to dad is an innovative way of showing you trust him. Rest assured, daddy values your privacy and won’t come visiting without notice. Still, it’s nice for him to know that he has complete access to his little princess even today. A great way to compensate for all those times you locked your room and shut him out during your teenage years.

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