Top 10 Best Jeans Brands

Jeans are undoubtedly the most common and most comfortable bottoms that are worn around the world. With so many styles that have come and gone and some which are still trending, it can be a little hard to decide which one you like more. But you have got to find the perfect fit for yourself.
With such a great demand of these trousers, there has to be a number of companies offering their designs and fabrics to the world. Even the luxury brands offer multiple designs and fits so that you find the one made just for you. Let’s make your choice easier. Let’s find out the 10 best jeans brands.

1. Levi Strauss and Co.

This is the oldest company offering jeans, popularly known as Levi’s Jeans. It is an American, privately owned company which was established in 1853 and is now known worldwide. In the earlier days, Levi’s was the only company that offered the denim jeans, popularly known as the classic “blue jeans”. Till the 1930s, the sales were limited to the working people of the western USA such as lumberjacks, cowboys, etc. But after the 1930s, the trend spread throughout the world.
Even today, it offers a variety of jeans varying in fit, design, colours and fabric and also retains its classic status. Everybody wants to look classy and cool at the same time and these jeans offer you just the same look. Moreover, Levi’s jeans are the best-selling jeans throughout the world offering the best quality and very reasonable prices.

2. Wrangler

Another infamous brand is Wrangler, which is also based in America. This brand offers a wide range of jeans along with workwear. It is the largest apparel brand owned by VF Corporation. Initially, the Polish tailor employed by the company worked closely with the cowboys to help design the perfect jeans for rodeo use. But now, Wrangler has introduced several other styles according to the age groups and gender.
Today, Wrangler has several outlets throughout the world, selling all styles of jeans ranging from skinny fit to straight fits and rugged to ripped jeans. It has an exemplary status worldwide, with an iconic “W” signature on the back pockets of these jeans which are also a sign of authenticity. Wrangler offers great jeans loved by everyone at reasonable prices.

3. Diesel

This is an Italian clothing company which sells denim and other clothing accessories. The founder of this company, Renzo Rosso started stitching bell-bottomed jeans at the age of fifteen on his mother’s sewing machine. Later, he started working for a company named Moltex and after some time, he attained 40% shared in the company and renamed it to Diesel.
Today, the company sells its jeans in every country of the world. It is popular especially for its denim wear, but also produces leather jackets, women’s dresses, etc. The kid’s collection is called Diesel kids, whereas another new collection launched by this brand is Diesel Black Gold which includes a different class of jeans. It was launched at the 2008 New York Fashion Week.
Felicity Gilbert, Liam Hemsworth and many other renowned celebrities have been brand ambassadors of Diesel. This company is also known to spend a lot on its advertising, and why should it not? It’s one of the largest and most popular denim brands in the world.

4. Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans is a denim and casual wear brand. It was established in 1973 in London and is based in Spain. The company started with little production but has now gained a valuable status in the world. The company offers a variety of denim wear ranging from jeans, shirts, jackets, etc. and is one of the best-selling brands in the world.
The styles introduced by this brand are suitable for all age groups and the price range is very pocket-friendly. Moreover, the company offers discount offers which make the people go crazy

5. True Religion

It is an American based company established by Jeff Lubell and Kym Gold in 2002. In very little time, this brand has attained a lot of popularity among America and 50 other countries. This brand produces hand-made denim items which are referred to as “premium denim”. The company has over 900 boutiques and speciality stores in six continents.
The company is known for the “perfect” designing of its jeans, which are priced at $250 and more. The company has also introduced leather pants for women which are priced at just under $900. It is one of the best brands around the world which has established itself in such an iconic position in such a short time.

6. 7 For All Mankind

Simply called 7FAM, this jeans line is also new to the group. Established in 2000 and based in America, this is an all-rounder brand which produces denim clothing for all age groups and genders.
Initially, the brand started by making women’s jeans and bringing it to the stores. With a good response, the company introduced a men’s jeans collection in 2002 and then later onwards, children clothing line as well. It also designs skirts, shorts and denim jackets.

7. Guess

There shouldn’t be a single denim lover who hasn’t heard of this brand. Trending among the luxury brands, Guess jeans is one of the most popular jeans in the world. It is an American based brand which was founded in 1981 by Paul and Maurice Marciano. This company also owns the line, Maurice.
Along with jeans and denim wear, this brand is also well-known in the field of accessories such as perfumes, watched, jewellery, etc. The separate lines for men and women are known as Guess for Men and Guess for Women. The line for kids is called Guess for kids. The jeans offered by this brand reflect a simple yet classy look and are counted among the luxury jeans line with a higher price range.

8. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a world-famous American brand which is best known for men’s jeans. The company was established in 1968 by its founder Calvin Klein. It is based in America and has numerous stores all over the world. It offers various designs and style which are very much appreciated by the people, at an affordable price.
Calvin Klein initially opened a store in York Hotel, offering a collection of coats and dresses. Later in the 1970s, sportswear, classic blazers and lingerie were added to the women’s collection. In 1980-85, underwear line and later perfumes and other accessories were added to the collection. But anyhow, the demand of the jeans remains among the best with affordable price range.

9. G-Star Raw

G-Star is a Dutch designer company founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1989. The company started production on a small scale but has now emerged as a huge brand which is loved by many people across the countries. The brand specialises in making raw, untreated, unwashed denim which is influenced by military clothing. Some illustrations of the military influence include special pockets designed in the jeans.
In 2016, Pharrell Williams became the co-owner of this denim brand which sells jeans which are directly from the factory. G-Star has reached heights with its uniquely designed jeans.

10. Tommy Hilfiger Jeans


Tommy Hilfiger is a renowned brand throughout the world, known for its high-end apparel and accessories for both men and women. It is an American company founded by Tommy Hilfiger in 1985. It was not an easy start for him, but now this company is one of the most high-end, luxury brand followed by several people across the world.
Tommy’s Jeans are very basic, yet attractive in look. They offer a classic appearance by holding the simplicity of the intricate denim fabric. The price range is slightly higher than the rest, but the quality offered is worth the price. Along with jeans, this brand also offers spectacles, sunglasses, watches, perfumes, shoes and other accessories.

Jeans make up the best and the most comfortable attire for everyday wear. A casual party, a date, an informal meeting or just a day off – a pair of jeans fits in all of these occasions. There are many other brands that offer great jeans such as Armani Exchange, US Polo Assn., Abercrombie and Fitch, etc. With an increasing demand of these pants, several brands have emerged, offering their own styles. So what are you waiting for? Go shop for your perfect fit!

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