Top 10 Best Magicians Ever Born

Magic is something that we all are attracted to right from our childhood. Be it Wizard of Waverly Place or Harry Potter magic has always swept the world within its enchanting wraps. For us, it is a moment of immense enthusiasm and awe whenever any magician is going to perform, but for those performers it means the world. These people have actually penetrated deep into the world of magic not only for its marvels but they sought the knowledge of it. There are many magicians born on the face of the earth yet there remain only a few of those who literally swept the world with their “magic” skills. So get ready for “magical” top-ten list of some of the greatest and successful magicians ever born on this earth who always guarantee jaw-dropping performances with their every on-stage appearance.

10. Siegfried and Roy


Best known for their appearances with animals Siegfried and Roy are one of those few magicians who belong to the old school tricks of magic. Even though marked as outdated in contemporary times the duo has managed to create some of the greatest illusions onstage and a fan base among millions earning them the number 10 spot on our list.

9. Doug Henning


Born on May 3, 1947, Douglas James Henning or simply Doug Henning is that name which swept the world in 1970’s and 80’s. His first magic trick was at an early age of 14 in a birthday partyafter which there was no looking back on the path of illusions. Soon he became a great entertainer and a famous face at several parties and television shows applauded for his magic tricks. The world still laments the untimely demise of this great magician February 7, 2000, at an age of 52.

8. Harry Blackstone Sr.

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Harry Blackstone Sr. was a great illusionist and a popular magician of the 20th century. Popularly known as the Great Blackstone he is credited with designing some of the most renowned designs and advanced techniques of magic such as sawing a person in halves et al. His performances were a great source of relief amidst the reign of terror during the World War II. He is most remembered for his act The Garden of Flowers where he would fill up the theatre with beautiful bouquets out of nowhere all of a sudden in the middle of the show!

7. Cyril Takayama

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Cyril Takayama was born on September 27, 1973, in Hollywood, California. He is a well-known personality in Japan. The uniqueness of his immense popularity is his social connections, i.e., most of popularity has been gained via social websites and videos on Youtube. He is one of his kind magicians who have gained popularity and publicity on cyber space. Cyril took the first step of his now flourishing career at an early age of 12 by enrolling himself into a junior magic program in Hollywood. Some of his magic trick include making his head fall off his shoulders, and Card through the window which he invented himself.

6. Magic Babe Ning


Hailing from Singapore Ning Cai or Magic Babe Ning, as she is popularly known among her fans, is one of the youngest talents in the field of magic. Ning is a self-confessed David Copperfield fan and admits him being a great influence on her. She is mainly known for two things: her mega escapes and the glamour that she brings to all her performances. She was named as the Sexiest Woman in Magic by MagicSeen, the largest magic magazine in UK, and was also recognized by Channel News Asia as South East Asia’s First Professional Female Magician. With magic being not so happening thing in Singapore, Ning along with her partner J C Sum have been credited with popularizing magic therein making it a global platform for all through various local magic organizations. Unfortunately, this vibrant young talent announced her retirement from magic in the year 2014.

5. P.C. Sorcar Sr.


Stage name for Protul Chandra Sorcar, P.C. Sorcar Sr. was one of the most famous magicians based out of Kolkata, India. He was born on February 23, 1913 into a Bengali family of magicians of seven generation. He went on to become an internationally active magician throughout 1950’s and 60’s. Indrajaal was his one of the most famous illusions that he performed before live audiences and on television. He is succeeded by his son Prafull Chandra Sorcar aka P.C. Sorcar Jr. who is also an international figure in the world of illusions.

4. Dante


One of the first magicians to have ever hit the headlines for his mindblowing magic tricks Dante was born in 1883 in Denmark as Harry August Jensen. He is often regarded as one of the greatest magicians ever born on this earth. He used the words silasalabim in his performances which went on to became a holy chant for his audiences. With his unfortunate and mysterious demise in 1995 it is believed that the Golden Era of magic actually ceased to exist.

3. David Blaine


Born on April 4, 1973 David Blaine can be said as one of the most popular emerging talents in the world of magic. He surely brings a sense of freshness and vibrancy with all his performances and road shows. He is best known for his shows like elaborate public imprisonment and street magic. Belonging to the newest school of magic most of Blaine’s illusions are performed live on the streets allowing a transparent and magical connection with his audiences. With significant tricks like entombed in six tons of ice, buried beneath tank of water in New York and suspended in glass box on Thames for over 40 days, Blaine has set and broken many records. Blaine is also known for his philanthropist activities as he makes annual visit to perform at various children’s hospitals.

2. David Copperfield


David Copperfield was born September 16, 1956. He is considered one of the undisputed leaders of some of the bestest magicians of the world. Being a public figure Copperfield is credited with being a great entertainer while his performances. He specializes in various forms of magic tricks including manipulation and illusions. His career of over 3 decades earned him a global fan following and 11 Guinness world records. He has been named a living legend by the US Library of Congress.

1.Harry Houdini


Talk of magic and Houdini is the name that instantly strikes your mind.

Born as Ehrich Weisz in Budapest, Hungary, Houdini made his first stage appearance at the age of 9. He started with a trapeze act and by the time he was 20 he has already done innumerable shows throughout New York which all are, though small yet immensely popular. He famously quoted that there is no supernatural or divine intervention in any of his act. Even today he is most remembered for his sensational escape acts in which he used to challenge any jail in any random town to keep him captivated under. Houdini would then vanish into thin air escaping from each of them. In the pre-television era Houdini created a lot of sensational stir through this act which was live in its true sense. He can be said as the first magician who actually performed live shows among his audiences and left them awestruck every time he performed.

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