Top 10 Best Memorable Wedding Gifts you can give

Weddings are a great part of life, be it the wedding of your sibling, your cousins or your own, it’s an occasion to celebrate and cherish. If you have an upcoming wedding and you have no idea what to gift your beloved on their special day, check this list of 10 best weddings gifts and decide what to give…

1.Financial support

Big fat Indian weddings cost a fortune and most of the times, the couple have no other option but to take a loan which they will keep on paying back for a good number of years to come and also to curb down their plans and make compromises to cut short their expenses. In such times what would be the best gift you can give to your dear ones to make their dream wedding a reality? Financial assistance of course. Let their big day be even more memorable with your support. If you son or daughter is getting married, this gift will be of great help to them. Money should not prove to be a barrier when it comes to making your day special.

2.Suggest a wedding planner

Having good financial background is not enough, after all, It takes a lot of time and hard work to pull a wedding together perfectly. From hall decorations to finding the right catering service, each and every detail must be planned perfectly and in such crucial situations comes a wedding planner to your rescue. A wedding planner is experienced in planning and perfect planning leads to perfect execution. They know the right people to approach, they are also well versed with how to get the best deals, what should and shouldn’t be in a contract and how to ensure that every single detail is prepared and nicely executed for your big day. Moreover, a wedding planner specializes in weddings. They know how to make all the arrangements within your budget. A wedding planner can help you make your dream wedding turn into reality. Let the bride and the groom relax and enjoy their wedding as much as the guests will rather than stressing around. The wedding planner will be your perfect guide. As parents, this could be another valuable gift you can give to your child.

3. Salon appointment

To look flawless and to steal the limelight on her wedding day is every bride’s dream. After all, she will remember this day for the rest of her life and the way she looks will forever be captured in reel. Looking absolutely stunning on the wedding day isn’t difficult with the right methods and order to look perfect on your wedding day the usual makeup formula simply isn’t enough, one needs a proper salon appointment prior to the wedding. The salon treatment will enhance the bridal beauty and give you the skin you have always longed for, giving you a full head to toe transformation. If the bride is your friend get her a free salon appointment.

4.Bachelor/Bachelorette party

Your days as a free bird is finally coming to an end and you must celebrate your last night of freedom. The life ahead will be filled with responsibilities and a whole lot of work. So why not enjoy your last day to the fullest? Be it a slumber party, Night stay or night out with friends or a night party at a pub, this is the only time when you can be tension free. If you are friends with the bride or the groom, organizing a bachelor/bachelorette party for your friend will be a memorable gift.

5.Expressing your feelings through a letter.

Love letters can never get old fashioned. What could be more beautiful than telling your partner how much you love them on your wedding day through a letter or a note? Let them start their day with your soothing words and know that you will be with them through the thick and thin of your life ahead. This is the best way to let them know how much they mean to you.

6.Video collage

A short and sweet flashback of your journey so far with your partner in the form of a collage containing photographs or short videos is undoubtedly a beautiful gift. A recollection of the things you did together, place where you first met each other or the first time you went on a date and of course the place where you confessed your feelings when shown again through pictures will ignite a spark. On taking a look back in time and reminiscing the time spent and the memories shared you feel even more loved. What more, if there are friends or family members who cannot attend your wedding due to some reasons, consider asking them to make short videos expressing their best wishes, and it can be added to the collage. This will be the best way to surprise your partner on your wedding day.

7. Flash mob

Sometimes the best parts of a reception are the things guests don’t see coming. Surprise your guests as well as the newly wed with unexpected entertainment during the cocktail hour or reception, by a flash mob by the family members. Dancing together with family gives you joy which can’t be expressed, it spreads positive vibes and makes the atmosphere even more enjoyable and fun filled. Gather all relatives, from grandparents to the younger ones and dance to their favorite numbers because who doesn’t love seeing their parents dance. If the bride or the groom is your cousin, they will surely thank you for making their night merrier.

8.Honeymoon package

A few more weeks into the marriage and the newlywed will be occupied with their busy work schedule, so they need some quality time to spend and relax with each other. With such hectic schedule, what could be more relaxing than their honeymoon? Because after all, it’s the ultimate now or never opportunity for the newly wedded. A honeymoon is a chance for a newlywed couple to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Having time away from the distractions and interruptions from people around enables the newlyweds to connect and enjoy each other’s company and therefore to start their married life together on the best possible note. The honeymoon is also a time for the couples to plan their life ahead, together with each other. No matter what a couple’s personal preference is, “togetherness” is the underlying theme of the honeymoon. And hopefully, it will be a sweet one. So why not provide your newlyweds with a honeymoon package? Let them enjoy their journey together to the fullest.

9. Household items

If the newlyweds are moving to a new house after marriage, they need to start from scratch. They will require every little thing to transform their house into a home. A home is never complete without household items. And here comes the most traditional gift-crockery or cutlery. Gifting crockery will be very useful to the couple, as they are about to start their household activities. The gift need not be crockery alone, it can also include electronic items. Furthermore, you can decide with friends and buy these items in a group wherein everybody will contribute to the cost, saving a huge burden from everyone’s pocket. In case you are not able to make the right choice when it comes to buying crockery or electronics, you still have another option left. Home decor comes to your rescue in this difficult situation. These items are not only easy to find but also greatly presentable. Some fine decorative items which can be served as good gifts are handicrafts, wall clocks, paintings etc. As neighbours or family friends this is something which you can gift.

10. Trousseau

Soon after the wedding, comes the receptions, honeymoon and visiting families, relatives and friends, and at all times the couple is expected to look nicely dressed and perfect as they were, during their wedding. They need a lot of new clothes to wear, so why not gift them a few dresses to ease their tension about their wardrobe and help them reduce the cost of buying new clothes.

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