Top 10 Bull Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Getting tattooed has been a tradition since ancient times. Egyptians and even Greeks used to color some parts of their bodies, mainly to identify themselves apart from others. Tattoo has a rich history which was taken to its peak during Roman times. Gladiators used to don them to gain inspiration in the arena and also to intimidate rivals, this made them very popular. Moreover, tattoos have been like a magnet for many people due to its unique message and unworldly attraction. There are numerous reasons as to why a person gets a tattoo, the most accepted theory by psychiatrists is that people do not like change and this change forces them to gravitate towards things that keeps them “them”. One of the most famous tattoo character is “bull” and every variety of it tells a different story. Read on to know about the top 10 bull tattoo designs with meaning!

10. Tribal Bull



This tattoo design is suitable for heroes and warriors! Many soldiers prefer this design which is a symbol of masculinity and courage to draw inner peace and mental power in the battlefield. This design speaks volume about a person’s personality and ideologies, which in turn oozes strength and potency of the wielder. It is suitable for people who are well built and have wide chest, as this tattoo looks best on the chest. Moreover, this design covers a large area, so any injury or burn can be concealed under this tattoo.

9. Brown Bull


This tattoo design is very fierce and promising. It is usually worn by people on their arm and it showcases anger and aggression. This design has become very popular nowadays due to its determination and power message attached to its symbol. Moreover, the most liked designs are of brown bulls with steam rising from their nostrils and feet stomping on the ground, which shows their readiness to attack if messed with. Beware!

8. Celtic Bull


Celtic bull tattoos are for warriors only! Derived from Celts, this tattoo signifies immense strength and stamina. The Celts were known for their immense prowess in the battlefield and their ruthless fighting skills. Due to this, the tattoo portrays courage, chivalry and strength. It has various sub-designs which portray nearly the same thing but with different depths and meanings. It is highly popular among wrestlers and boxers.

7. Black Bull



Black bull tattoo design is for people who are very volatile and have very short temper. This tattoo portrays a very angry bull that is ready to strike. The bull in this tattoo looks immense and has nostrils which are always flared up, signifying its readiness to attack at any moment. People usually choose this design because it signifies fierceness, boldness and of course wildness. It is not for normal people and should be worn only by those who are not afraid of any challenge or danger. Are you one of them?

6. Chinese Bull


No, the bull in this tattoo is not smoking a cigarette. Jokes apart, this tattoo promises exotic variety in expressions. It is very appealing and rich to look at. People usually go for this tattoo because of its unique message for those who have suffered a lot. It stands as a symbol of perseverance, suffering, determination and stability. They also opt for Chinese bull because it also signifies hard work and materialism. It is usually worn by people with a strong personality who have survived through tough times and have emerged stronger.

5. Blue Bull


Now here comes the tattoo design which is primarily for women! This tattoo is very attractive and feminine to look at and has a very unique look. Moreover, the design stands for unity, protection and strength which is seen in every woman on Earth. Due to its distinct look and appealing message, it has been worn by many women off late. It can be worn on shoulders or arms. This tattoo should be worn by women who are of protecting nature and who do not hesitate to take tough decisions in life.

4. Bullfighting


This tattoo is very popular in Spain and Italy. Bull fighting is an indispensable part of the Spanish culture and has been reflected in the tattoo. It is highly suited for danger loving and adrenaline seeking junkies. It signifies fearlessness and adventure in the face of death, hence it is usually worn by people who love to live on the edge. This design also showcases a man fighting a bull, which means that a man can do anything if he is determined to do it, even if it means facing life threatening dangers.

3. Raging Bull


The raging bull tattoo is very common these days, with many people opting to go for it due to its stylish looks. This design usually comes with a bull covered in red flames, which signifies tremendous power and strength. It is very common and very popular and is usually worn by bikers and prison gang members. They go for this tattoo to show their allegiance to a group. It is very fashionable and stylish to look at. It is usually worn on triceps to showcase strength and deadly personality.

2. Bull Covered in Rose


A bull covered in rose tattoo is usually worn by women. As we already know that the bull signifies strength, power and aggression; the rose on the other hand signifies beauty and charm. The design is very appealing because of the unique styling and studded bull print. People who try to maintain a balance between masculinity and femininity, go for this tattoo as this shows respect to both genders. It showcases a perfect balance between power and beauty, much like the ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

1. Bull’s Head


Bull’s head is immensely popular in the world because of its small size and variety. It consists of a bull head with fumes coming out of the nostrils which portrays anger and aggression. Moreover, it is one of the best tattoos out there and due to its small size it can be worn anywhere on the body. It comes in variety of designs and gives the person the flexibility to choose from the endless ocean of tattoos.

Bull has been a symbol for power for time immemorial! in ancient Greece the bull was worshiped as the god of war called “Minotaur”. Due to its huge appeal and rich history it has become a popular choice for people who wish to get ‘tattooed’. Minotaur was a half man half bull, which might be a huge reason why people go for these designs as they portray the union of man with a powerful mythical creature. A perfect hybrid creature capable of anything!


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