Top 10 Countries with most Bitter National Rivalries

With over 190 countries in the World today, there are bound to be cold wars as well as cordial relations between countries. While coexistence is always the best option, many countries share rivalries with other countries. Adverse political issues, varying ideologies have been the main justified reason for the rivalries between these countries. Though the United Nations and other World bodies have tried tremendously to ensure peace between nations, the 10 countries that we are going to talk about, haven’t learnt their lesson. Read on to know the top 10 countries with most bitter national rivalries.


10.Russia and Ukraine

When the Soviet Union got disintegrated in 1991, Russia and Ukraine were formed. From their inception, there have been many issues which have ruined the relationship between these two countries. The Russian politicians often hurt the sentiments of the Ukranian people, and therefore, they are to be blamed more for this rivalry. With the igniting wrong attitude of the Russians towards the people of Ukraine, there is no sign that the rivalry between Russia and Ukraine will stop in the near future.


9.China and Japan

China and Japan haven’t been able to settle the dispute of Diaoyu Islands for a decade now. While these islands have been a subject of a war, China and Japan are both eyeing these islands and have been proclaiming them as theirs. There have been numerous meetings and conferences for the possession of these islands, but nothing has been decided. China and Japan have both come up with many historical proofs to proclaim the island as one of theirs. As a crown to all the problems, recently, Taiwan has also proclaimed the island to be theirs. China believes that Japan stole the islands, and therefore, the islands have been a reason for rivalry between China and Japan for decades now.


8.Afghanistan and Pakistan

Afghanistan and Pakistan are the two sister countries in Central Asia. With many things in common between the two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been rivals since their inception. Issues such as the Durand Line, Taliban terrorists, and the Soviet war have rifted the countries since its formation. Besides, the common religion, cultural, food habits, these two countries has a serious difference in their ideas. Recently, with India helping Afghanistan in different matters has also angered Pakistan.

7.America and Iran

The rivalry between America and Iran has been a major worldly concern since the past two decades. The rivalry started when Iran’s nuclear ambitions disturbed the world. When America raised a concern about it, Iran planted mines into America’s ships in the Persian Gulf. This angered the U.S Government and they destroyed Iranian Oil platforms in the Gulf. Moreover, there are several other allegations including the backing of terrorist groups by the Iranian Government, which has led to further tension between these two nations. The rivalry is nowhere near extinguishing, and the world waits for a looming war.


6.China and Tibet

Tibet has always been oppressed by the People’s liberation army of China. From 1951 to 1959, after eight long years of oppression, the Tibetans gave rise to the famous Tibetan Uprising against the PLA of China. In 1959, the Tibetan Uprising lead by the 14th Dalai Lama revolted against the Chinese Government. It was a failed attempt, and Dalai Lama had to flee to India, with his few thousand followers. The rivalry between Tibetan Government, which is in exile as of now, states that Tibet is an independent territory under unlawful occupation, while the Chinese Government states that Tibet is an integral part of China. The rivalry between China and Tibet shows no sign of stopping for the last 60 years.


5.Iran and Iraq

With a long history of disputes surrounding borders, Iraq invaded Iran in 1980, which led to the longest running war in the recent History. The primary reason for the Iraq-Iran gulf war in 1980, was the power-monger Iraq politicians. Both the countries were subsidized with weapons from different countries. Iraq got the support of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Chemical weapons were used extensively, and tankers were burned on the Persian Gulf. Since, both the countries were premier oil producers, the Gulf War had an impact on the World Economy.


4.Syria and Turkey

We all have heard about what has been happening in Syria. Syria has been undergoing a civil war, and Turkey has given a home to about half a million refugees from Syria. The Syrian smugglers are having a great time due to the civil war and have been smuggling into Turkey. Since 2011, there have been deadly encounters between Syrian smugglers and Turkey government. Recently, 2000-3000 smugglers from Syria seeped into Turkey and had an encounter with the Turkish Army. The encounter between the smugglers and the Turkish military is increasing day by day and is not showing any signs of stopping. Countries like the US, UK has intervened in the matter to improve the situation, but it has only worsened.


3.America and Korea

North Korea has been declared as a World Threat and a possible nuclear warhead. US diplomats have openly accepted that North Korea is a threat to world peace and must not be taken for granted. The rivalry between North Korea and America has been going on for the last 6 decades. The rivalry of U.S and North Korea started way back when North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, and U.S came to the aid of South Korea. North Korea has been a hostile state since then and is considered to be a rival of America. Its president Kim Jong Un has publicly accepted that they have got a nuclear war power greater than any country. Over the years, the relations between U.S and North Korea have intensified and shows no sign of improving.


2.India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan have fought 4 major wars in the span of 65 years since their inception. Some scholars blame the partition of India to be the main reason for this rivalry. The countries were mainly divided on the basis of religion and left out the princely state of Kashmir. The British Government gave the princely state a right to choose, between India and Pakistan. The king of Kashmir, Hari Singh Dogra chose India. At this point of time, Pakistan started to infiltrate Kashmir with Lashkar’s, and as a result, India also sent their troops to protect Kashmir as they saw these actions of Pakistan as a sign of Invasion. Therefore, the first war broke out between India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan have seen violence over the last 65 years, and this rivalry shows no sign of improving.


1.South Korea and North Korea

After Japan got defeated in World War II, and could no longer take control of Korea, Korea was divided into two parts. North Korea was then backed up by the Soviet Union and South Korea by the U.S. The President of the Northern state, Kim-Il Sung, declared another war by invading the southern state, thereby starting the rivalry between the two sister nations. Presently, due to the adverse military strategy of the North Korean Government, South Korea, and North Korea shares the largest militarized border of the World.


Notwithstanding the rivalry between the countries listed above, the rest of the World is living in peace. Thanks to the International peace enforcing organizations like the UN, who have been striving hard to ensure World peace since the Second World War.

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