Top 10 Countries in the World Infamous for Human Trafficking

Some of us may be pampered and overtly protected within the four walls of our big houses. We can’t even imagine something like abduction happening to us or any of the people around us as they are equally well protected. We take our freedom for granted because we are not aware of the consequences. However, human trafficking is very, very real. And equally rampant! A grave violation of human rights and unfortunately present in a lot of developing countries as well is human trafficking. It’s the modern-day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gains. Trafficked victims are compelled to work in exchange for their life. And the work is not just any kind of work – they are made to slave away under deplorable conditions of living, they are forced into prostitution, sex slavery, illegal organ donation and a lot more.

10. Thailand


In Thailand, prostitution has reached a notorious level with several prostitutes not there with consent. Even children are kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Thai criminals are known to ship out their victims of trafficking that push them into other slavery oriented professions such as free labour all over the world. The Thai black market for prostitutes and slaves has grown to a ridiculous stage and it is hard to get back from there.

9. China


Happening mostly in the borders of China, around 600,000 workers migrate annually with the false hopes of searching for employment and later forced into prostitution or forced labor. The majority of the migrant workers are low and medium skilled men; however the number of women, ages 17 to 25, are exponentially increasing. Children are also at risk of human trafficking. Although, as of late, the number of children trafficked is not reliable, but according to media reports, around 20,000 children are kidnapped every year for illegal adoption. Sadly, even western businesses are known to buy these slaves from China and use and abuse them in a large number of cases.

8. Ghana

In Ghana, West Africa, the internal of trafficking of children is the biggest challenge. The fishing industry being one of the largest source of income for the population of Ghana is one of the industries where most of the trafficked children are used for their labor. Working long hours and staying in meagre living and in working conditions, these children are used by the desperate fishermen in order for them to make an income.
Women and girls from China, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso are brought into Ghana and are forced into prostitution. Citizens from other west African countries are forced into labor in the agricultural industry or involuntary domestic servitude.

7. Uganda


Uganda falls next on the list of countries with the highest rates of human trafficking. Innocent children and young women are abducted and either forced to work locally or they are transported to neighbouring countries where the criminal scene is absolutely notorious. Ugandan children are trafficked within the country, as well as to Canada, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia for forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Karamojong women and children, those from the herding tribes in the north eastern area of Uganda, are sold in cattle markets or by intermediaries and forced into situations of domestic servitude, sexual exploitation, herding, and begging.Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese workers are reportedly trafficked to Uganda. Children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.), Rwanda, and Burundi are trafficked to Uganda for agricultural labor and commercial sexual exploitation.

6. Nepal
The next position is occupied by Nepal. Here, an alarming number of people are forced into free labour and local prostitution. More often than not, these slaves are shipped into India where they are made to suffer from the same kind of torture and in some cases even worse. Deplorable living conditions and a dingy existence is what is forced upon them. Constant torture and abuse becomes their everyday. People trafficked from Nepal also reach China. Right after India, China is the most popular country where Nepalese victims are trafficked. While being transported overseas, these victims from Nepal are often made to work as servants and cleaners. Slavery starts from right then.

5. Sri Lanka

sri lanka

Sri Lanka records one of the highest human trafficking rates all over the world. Victims of this racket in Sri Lanka mostly travel or migrate to their neighbouring countries willingly by their own consent, having being lied to and cheated on with false promises. After they migrate to their neighbouring countries, they are no longer allowed to come back. They are withheld there against their own wishes and consent. This is facilitated by detaining their important personal documents and debts. Women and children are then forced into local prostitution, commercial sex services and other abusive form of labour.

4. India


The human trafficking problem in India is a pretty old one. India is one of the countries in the world where human trafficking is the most rampant. Innocent people are not just trafficked from India; in fact, victims are trafficked into India from various parts of the world as well. Remember the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”? It is based on absolutely real events. Most of it, at least! Those groups of poor children being exploited and forced to beg on the streets or for commercial sex – yes, that part is real. The racket is extremely large-scale in India.

3. Pakistan
Next comes Pakistan. The recorded number in this country is over 1 million victims. These victims are pushed into the fields of mining and brick making along with similar forms of physical labour. These professions are extremely intense and physically laborious. The victims vary in terms of age, gender and status.

2. Brazil
In Brazil, forced prostitution and forceful servitude at home is a common practice for trafficked victims. These victims are made to work both locally as well as transported abroad. While women and children face forced prostitution, sex slavery and home servitude, for men the fate is slightly different. Men are made to work in the fields of mining, cattle ranching and the likes. Nevertheless, it is unpaid labour and highly exploitative in nature.

1. Bangladesh


The first spot in this list is occupied by none other than Bangladesh. The human trafficking racket in this country is massive; it is vast and spread out very widely. A remarkable number of trafficking rings adorn this nation along with over eight hundred recruiting agencies. These recruiting agencies charge their customers exceptionally high prices when they get sent out for working abroad and withhold them there on the charges of debt. Then these people are forced into free labour and exploitation. Bangladesh quite rightly ranks the first in this heinous racket.

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