Top 10 Awesome Fun Things you can Do on your Birthday

If there is one day, apart from New Year’s, that has immense and innate capacity of turning that frowning, twitching face into a glad, pretty, and ecstatic countenance, it is your birthday. Now, we know that there are people who do not get so happy with the event of the year and are more sad than happy, owing to the fact that the birthday marks minus one day in your lifespan. But, you seriously do not need to be one of the glass-half-empty-people, always. Life is beautiful if and only if you let it be so. Give yourself a chance; there is no better way to do that than to celebrate and enjoy little moments of life and seek ultimate pleasure.

Birthday is one such day when you should open your arms and embrace the gift of life that has been endowed to you by your parents. It is a phenomenal feeling waking up alive each day and being able to soak in all the wonders that surround us. You might discard this as a philosophical mumbo jumbo. But, hey, the basic concept remains loving your life and thereby, living it, to the fullest. What better way to do so than by celebrating the very day that marks your existence? Birthdays give you full liberty to do all sorts of crazy, fun stuff you have always wanted to, and the best part, nobody is going to judge you! Here is where we come into picture. We are here to provide you with some really awesome and fun things you can do on your birthday. Read on.


10. Party Like A Rockstar

This is the most obvious yet the most fun thing you can do on your birthday. Music, food, and drinks. And yes, your wolf pack to add to the crazy streak of your party. That is all you need to set your birthday celebration on the right track. You may hit the dance floor at a swanky club or go for some super sexy pool party. It’s time to unleash the hitherto dormant wild party animal inside you.

9. Sparkle On Your Day

It is your birthday. You have nice clothes to wear. Gorgeous shoes to go along. But then, all your hard work has kind of snatched the glow from your face. That’s not right. Head to a salon. Get yourself a nice beauty treatment and you are good to go. You may opt for a new hairstyle or get your hair coloured. Your body, your wish. Your sparkling face will definitely add volumes of happiness to your birthday. It’ll feel good. And that’s what really matters, right?

8. Let’s Get Trip-py


There, there, you Marley fan. We are talking about road trips. Only. If you have a full day to yourself, some great company in terms of friend and/or family, then we have a brilliant option for you. You may consider going for a nice and fun road trip to any nearby town or city, as per your liking. We know you have always wanted to go on one after having watched several movies with the road trip as the major element of awesomeness. Just go on one and see yourself getting all trippy, and that too, without substance.


7. There’s Family

The basic purpose of birthdays, as it were, is to make people smile and happy. It is one day that brings happiness in not just your life, but brings along glitter in the lives of your kith and kin, too. Spend some time with your family. You are growing up and as your birthdays pass, you will have less and less time to pend with your family. Make some room for the people who will always have your back, no matter what. When all else fails, there’s family; you know this, right? Have a nice dinner with them, go out somewhere or just have a warm, in-house celebration. It is bound to touch your soul from within.

6. Let Your Day Be Someone Else’s, Too

Now that you know the importance of others in your life, you need to be aware of the importance of random strangers in your life, too. Sounds absurd? Well, not quite. You know you are a privileged being when it comes to celebrating your birthday. How about sharing some of that with some people who are not leading that comfortable life. You may donate some of your money to a charitable organisation. Or, you may go to some orphanage or old age home, and spend some time with the people there. This small gesture would not just make them feel good, but would also prove to be a real food for thought, for you.

5. Be The Poser That You Are


So, are you one of those who can just not get enough of Instagram and Facebook? Is your phone loaded with photo editing apps? If the answer to any of these is yes, then this is absolutely marvelous for you. Hire a professional photographer and get a photo shoot of yourself done. Does that go way beyond your budget? Well, need not worry. If you are so obsessed with your pictures, finding a person or a website that lends high quality DSLRs should be a cake walk for you. Just get one and ask your friends to click you. Nothing like capturing memories on your birthday. Pucker up!

4. Kid No More?

Birthdays bring along a news with them. You are actually getting old. Now, that might just hit you and get you caught in the vortex of an existential crisis. But, you do not want that, do you? In order to avoid such negativity in your life, go back to your childhood. Easiest way out to do that would definitely involve amusement parks. Just a ride at your favourite amusement park is enough to bring you to a level of ecstasy and pure joy. Unveil the kid inside you and be all chirpy. It’s good.

3. Just Sing Along!

If you have ever been to a karaoke night, you would know that ain’t no party like a karaoke party. You might be the most horrible singer ever but then, this is not a singing competition. A karaoke session is the best way to lose all your inhibitions and shake it up all inside you. Head to the coolest bar in your city that has as karaoke night and sing away the blues. You might just get some sort of special treatment by the staff due to your birthday! Make merry.

2. Add Some Adventure

The thing with adventure sports or activities is that they come with a free and unending package of fear ridden procrastination. There is no denying that. But, come on, it’s your birthday. Loosen up a bit. Just listen to that impulse and get going. The adrenaline rush you feel while bungee jumping or the thrill you experience while carving your way through rapid water currents, it sure is going to make you feel alive, in the truest form of the word. Take your friends along and scream your lungs out on your birthday. It’ll charge you up for  long, long time.

  1. Be Your Own Favourite

own favourite

A little narcissism never hurt anyone, right? Now, you do not have to become a crazy, super self-obsessed person with no regard to others around them. You just have to pamper yourself and be the subject of your love and compassion. Buy a gift for yourself. As crazy and inappropriate as it may sound, it is super amazing and even practical. A lot of people will gift you something or the other. But, the chances of you getting a thing which you have always secretly wanted are quite slim. And that is fine, too. However, if you have a chance to go out and buy something for yourself, then why miss out on such an opportunity? Grab it with both hands, literally.

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