Top 10 Fun Things to Do on a Long Flight

That moment of delight when we board a plane bring butterflies of excitement! We begin to cherish the fancy of our air journey. The zest and zeal of being amid clouds seem to know no boundaries. The heart keeps jumping just by the imagination of flying at the height of 30,000 feet (or more). But soon, when some hours tick by our exhilaration tends to lose its sheen. The butterflies lull themselves to sleep. Looking at watch and counting minutes becomes the only activity. We keep shifting in our seats to reach for the most comfortable position.

Only 1 question runs in mind- WHEN WILL I REACH, UGH?

Well, this is not the way you dreamt to fly. Get yourself engaged in fun activities and make your air journey an enjoyable one. Don’t have tiring memories of your journey and have a nice restful trip in the plane too.
With this list not only you will fly but the time will fly too!

Top 10 fun things to do on a long flight!

10. Break the ice between you and your seat-mate.


This is and should be the foremost thing in your to do list. You always have somebody as your neighbours in the airplane. Having words with them is always the best and effortless way to kill the time. Give a kick start to your conversation by asking, “Where are you heading to?” The chat will find its own way from here and you might end up having a companion for life or for the trip at least! Explore each other and it may become the food for your adventurous hunger.

9. Get yourself the privilege of a new language.

If it is not your regular flight it is certain your destination has a new culture, new people and a new language! How about committing to memory the regional language? It is not only going to keep you busy in the long flight but also will reduce your pains while conversing with the people over there. Hit on the internet and brush up the language of place you are flying to. You must know what are the words for “Hello, Thank You, Sorry, Please” and this list is long. Trust me!
You surely want to take advantage of this long flight and you better learn a language!
Even if you master the regional language, you may always try yourself at a new language.

8. Board games won’t let you get bored.

No matter how many birthdays you have had celebrated till now, games are always a “yes”. Bring along some board games with you and time passes in the blink of an eye. Chess and Ludo are handy and exciting to play always and always. And hey! Getting your hands on the deck of cards is always a great way to kill the time.

7. Verbal gaming! Let the fun roll in!

Got no board games? Do not worry. You still can entertain yourself with verbal games. The game truth and dare never ceases to sweep away boredom. Need some better amusing suggestions? Then the games like “I would rather”, “never have I ever”, and “rhyme the words” are surely going to interest you and making you want the journey to be longer!
Such games will not only help you to stop looking at your watch but also will be a help in knowing your mates well!

6. Plug in headphones and feast your eyes.


  • This is the all time rescue of everybody and anybody to be winning over monotony. There are movies we miss to watch or movies we love to set our eyes on for the 10th or 20th time. Long hours in flight are the best times to relish the pleasure of our top movies.
  • Our mobile phones and other hand-held devices are the best companions for an extended flight. You may also revive the memories of a family festivity through videos or watch documentaries, the repeats of your favourite T.V. shows or any other videos.
  • Listening to songs and music never went out of the list!
    Audios and videos will never let you feel alone even when flying at your own.

5. Fritter away the time while reading.


Embrace your forever friends- Books and novels. It has been rightly said, “Books are the best companions.” You may thrill yourself or feel the emotional romance. Reading one will never let you know the length of your plane journey.
There are umpteenth magazines for a dedicated fashionista, passionate sporty, sincere businessmen, exploratory chefs and comic lovers. Grab yourself your kind of magazine and enjoy flipping through the pages.

4. Be a shutter-bug.


The beautiful feeling of being amid clouds may find its exist as soon as you climb down the plane. So why not capture it in your camera. Yes, you do see the sun rising and setting back from your place. But when you view the same from a window of the air plane you don’t even want to bat an eyelash. Everything seems to be more beautiful when you are 30, 000 feet above your place.
And yes, how can the “selfie” craze skip our mind. Act all weird, funny, cute and whatever and weave lots and lots of memories of your plane journey. After all you need some flying pictures of you to put on Instagram or Facebook.

3. Doodle away the dullness.

Draw and paint your imaginations. Even if you are a mere beginner in this field you can surely have some fun by doing some caricatures. Pick your newspapers and start cartooning. But kindly do not do it if the paper is for public use.

2. Play with Internet- your sole mate.

Though too common to mention, this one is irreplaceable. Tweeting from more than 30,000 feet is so stirring. Post your pictures at your social networking website and get flooded with likes and comments. Share your experience of flying over chats with your friends below you. Or simply do away with all the yawning by surfing Internet.

1. Lull yourself to comfy sleep.

Pacific Islander businesswoman sleeping on private jet

After tiring yourself in the queue, at all the check- points and trying to keep your calm in the prolonged air travel is bound to get you low on energy. And well, who does not adore the love of sleep?
Put on your eye covers and caress the uninterrupted and unruffled sleep amid the clouds. By the time you will open your eyes you will be very near to your cherished place!


Don’t tire yourself by hauling in a long flight. You did not spend your bucks for the pain but for the pleasure. So, adopt two or three or may be all these activities while you are in a long flight and make the most out of it 🙂

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