Top 10 Fun Ways to Wake Someone Up from Deep Sleep

If I could sleep for a whole day, I would be the happiest soul when I wake up. But, if I am woken up in the middle of my glorious sleep, I will wreak havoc upon your life and burn you down to ashes. I am sure this emotion is shared by many people out there. Yet, as much as I love sleeping, having some fun is never a bad bargain. You might be wondering how can one incorporate fun with sleep, but let me tell you that the sleeping person has to be your friend, sibling or room mate and you can safely enjoy all the fun. If you have woken up early on a Sunday morning and your partner or room mate is still enjoying their beauty sleep, you, by all means, must disrupt that! Get your devil horns ready, folks as we are off for a ride full of fun and laughter. Here are 10 super fun ways to wake someone up from deep sleep.

Top 10 Super Fun Ways to Wake someone Up from Deep Sleep

10. Water, water, everywhere

Pay a tribute to Coleridge. Let there be water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Just grab a pale of water or even a bottle would do for that matter. Just pour it on your target’s face and watch them panic in astonishment. The key to playing any prank is that you must catch your target unawares. So, make sure that you do not make much noise while bringing in the bottle or pale of water inside the room out of sheer excitement. And yes, the more the amount of water, the better.

9. Blow the trumpet

Get those childhood toys that made a lot of noise, such as a screeching trumpet or a beating drum ready. If you don’t have those, borrow from that kid next door. Take it very close to the ears of your partner and blow the trumpet loudly into their ears. It would simply jerk them off their beds. Watch as the fun unfolds in front of you. Make sure you are the loudest possible as it would be directly proportional to the amount of fun you will have.

8. Karaoke Mornings

Karaoke nights are too mainstream and whatever is mainstream, is just not cool enough. Right? Why don’t you turn the activity which is almost everybody’s favourite and turn it into a nightmare for your target? Sound so evil and so fun! Take out your karaoke set and start singing all the death metal songs in full volume inside their room. Give them a free concert. Remember, a good artist never stops singing. Not even if the audience asks them to.

7. It’s Time to Prank


Yes, the alarm clocks are meant to wake people up but you can use the old, mundane resource and turn it to your favour, like a boss! For this, you would need as many alarm clocks as possible, preferable 7-8 minimum. Set the alarm in each of the clocks at an interval of ten minutes and hide them in far off places inside the room. Places, from where the sound of the alarm can be heard quite well but also such that the alarm clock is not totally visible and is preferably, out of reach of your target. They key is to place them in different spots so that your target is bugged with all the noises from different nooks and crannies of their room.

6. Sleeping “Beauty”

Doesn’t your friend look absolutely beautiful while sleeping? Time to be a good friend and beautify them even more. Take out the kohl and eyeliner pencils of different colours. Grab all the lipsticks and powders. And now, go wild. Draw patterns on their face and be as crazy as you can. However, make sure that you do this with a light hand as you would not want your friend to wake up in the middle of your plan and catch you red-handed. Once you are done with your masterpiece, just wait. Wait for them to get up on their own and have a look into the mirror and voila! You have your movie ready.

5. Mummify Them

All the 90’s kids loved The Mummy. If some did not love it, they certainly were aware of the whole hullabaloo about that movie. It gave us jitters as children. Why not bring those horrors of the past to life in the present? Take out those toilet rolls and wrap your friend in it gently but haphazardly. Get them caught in a mesh of toilet paper and once they get up, it would be The Mummy Returns. Beware of the horror that comes along with it, in the form of their wrath.

4. Creamy Face

creamy face

They like cream in their morning coffee? Well, just help them out! Only in a different way. Get a nice, rich dollop of cream and simply be the daredevil that you are and smear it on their face right away! And after that, run for your life!

3. Balloon Pop

If you are too lazy to do something elaborate but want to have equal fun, then do not be disheartened, folks. Here you have an idea custom made for you. You just need one blown up balloon. Just one balloon. Now, if you cannot even arrange that, you should probably just go to bed yourself. But knowing that you would not want to leave any chance at irritating your partner, we want you to blow a balloon, take it close to the target’s ears and pop it. Boom! Watch the fun explode!

2. Smelly Cat…or Sock?

Socks smell. Unless you have flowery feet, in which case, do let us know how you do that! Anyway, take out your rotten, old socks which have this unbearable smell and do the unthinkable. Take it close to their nose and let them whiff it. Once you notice movement in their body and see them getting up, just drop the sock onto their nose and see a frowning face first in the morning! So much fun!

  1. Ghost play

Roleplays are not and should not be restricted to the confines of the bedroom only in the sexual way. You should take expand its horizons as there is so much you can do with it! Take a mask which has a ghostly face or some devilish face and wear it. Now, go near your partner and yell in their ears and watch them toss and toggle in the bed frantically. And yes, they would certainly try to kick you or punch you, so do maintain a safe distance or just bear a few kicks. The fun is worth it, is it not?


Go and be the awesome prankster that you are and tell us how it went! If you have any other kickass ideas to wake somebody up from sleep, do mention in the comments section below. Happy pranking!

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