Top 10 Guilty Pleasures of Men And Women

Whether it is watching a children’s classic fairy tale movie, pretending to be a soap opera star, trying on new hairstyles on your barbie doll that you’ve had since you were eight or dancing in your bedroom with lights off (As if the place had suddenly been transformed into a disc!), each one of us indulge in activities that must remain hidden behind the doors of our personal rooms. If it doesn’t seem crazy, out of the world or totally inappropriate, it is simply not a guilty pleasure! Grab some popcorn and read through the top ten guilty pleasures of men and women in the list below. But watch-out! Your secret just might be on this list!


1. Men: Use Beauty Products

Ladies, the next time you notice your husband’s skin is somehow softer or his complexion seems to be of a lighter shade, don’t forget to check your cosmetics! It is highly possible that this recent change is a result of one of your most expensive facial creams. Men tend to hide their habits of skin care, controlling blemishes, dying hair and trying to stay young. Some men, who are much conscious about their experience, get their legs and arms shaved! However, a real “man” will never admit to such things as they will term this things as being too “Girly” for them.

2. Women: Indulging in Cheat Meals while on a Diet

Diets are fun, said no woman ever. However, still most of them are constantly watching their weight or going to the gym regularly. But what is a woman on diet supposed to do when the fridge is stocked with lip smacking fast food which is craving her attention!

3. Men: Get emotional during movies

Men never cry, this is one of the biggest misconceptions that the world has. After all, we are all humans and we all have feelings. Emotions are present in every soul regardless of the gender and when you come across something that is capable of touching your heart in an emotional manner, chances are that you might cry…and it is perfectly alright! However, most men don’t admit the fact that they cry during emotional movies which makes this a guilty pleasure for men!

4. Women: Enjoying TV Series or Movies Made for Much Younger Girls

Alice in wonderland, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Hannah Montana, The Wizards of Waverly place, That’s so Raven and much more. Aren’t all these series/ movies made for a much younger age group? Well, who cares? The dresses and story lines are quite interesting! Moreover, a woman never gets older!

5. Men: Singing along to Girl Power songs

Have you ever realized that your husband or a male counterpart happens to know all the lyrics to a recently released Taylor swift or Selena Gomez song? If you have, then it is time for you to realize that this man secretly enjoys such girl power songs. Most men find their guilty pleasure in this practice.

6. Women: Buying Flowers for Themselves

It has been proven that flowers can cheer up your mood. They are such a wonderful delight to look at! It is true that women love when their man buys them flowers however, this is also true that some women will just pick up some flowers on their way home from work, for themselves! This fact will never be admitted by them. Nevertheless, it is good to be independent!

7. Men: Wishing to see a romantic comedy

Romantic comedies are fun, whether you accept it or not! They give you the much needed fun and enjoyment in life and provide you with an escape from the harsh realities of life. A little love is needed by everyone and men, no matter how much they deny the fact, like to watch these romantic comedy movies. However, they have the tendency to keep their love for romance and romance stories a secret which makes this an ultimate guilty pleasure for them.

8. Men and Women: Dance at Home alone

What do men and women do when they are alone at home? Men say that they work or read a newspaper whereas women will say that they watch their favourite television show or cook. However, the truth is, both the sexes enjoy dancing alone to the beats of their favourite music! It is not a matter of surprise that some of the best dance moves of men and women had originated within the four walls of their homes! Who needs people to have a dance party? All you need is an empty house, your favourite and most comfortable pajamas and the music you prefer. Some people even imagine being in a music video and copy the steps of superstars. Dancing alone is always fun, you have no fear of people judging you and you can freely move your body to the tunes of your favourite music. This is the reason why this guilty pleasure is shared by men and women!

9. Men: To Watch Reality TV Shows

People think that men are not the ones who will be interested in watching reality TV shows. Such is the disposition that men often project about themselves. However, it is a surprising fact that men are among the top viewers who turn on the television every night in order to enjoy the laughs, craze and drama of the reality TV shows. About 60% of men, according to studies, actually watch reality TV shows with their spouses and yet, the blame is on the woman for being the reality TV lover! The secret lies in the fact that after a long, tiring day, reality TV shows can be quite fun and entertaining to watch. Men simply don’t like to accept the face and this is the reason it becomes a guilty pleasure for them!

10. Women: Fond of fantasizing about romantic novels

Novels such as “50 Shades of Grey” are much adored by women. However, they will never accept the fact and this is the reason this becomes a guilty pleasure for them. Some women, apart from merely reading the book, can go at length to fantasize about the characters and instances mentioned in the novel. There are various erotic elements in such novels and this is the primary reasons that women like to keep their preference for such novels as a secret. Some bold women, who got nothing to hide, however don’t feel the need to hide their liking for such books.


Men and women both have their sets of guilty pleasures. It is always good to have some things personal, the things that you won’t tell a single soul about. Only you are aware of them and this is precisely what makes these things as the guilty pleasures of life!

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