Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers List

Cricket might be just another sport but it is much more than just batting and bowling. Especially in the Indian subcontinent, where it has almost become a religion, cricket affects almost every one of us in more than one ways. With the advent of a commercial aspect to the game, it has now gained immense limelight in the popular culture. With cricketers becoming new style icons today, it has surely given the mainstream industry a run for their money. Fortunately or unfortunately, today, we judge cricketers not just on their ability to bat and ball but also on their looks, style and glamour. With more and more cricketers entering the modeling and advertising industry owing to their die-for looks and the way they have gained a massive fan base, we get to see some of the sexiest men out there almost daily on our television screens and in daily newspaper advertisements. Having said that, it almost becomes vital to have a look at some of the most handsome men of the Gentlemen’s Game who have made people all around go weak in their knees, and justly so!

So, here’s presenting the top 10 most handsome cricketers:

10. Alastair Cook

The England batsman Alastair Cook is just the right guy to begin this list with. With looks to kill and a style that can charm even those not into cricket, Cook is hands down the poster boy of England cricket. The 32-year old batsman made his debut against India in 2006 and has since emerged to be an important part of the England team and has led his side on multiple occasions. With a clean career that is void of any controversies, Cook is a pure gentleman and that has impressed everyone watching him, both as a cricketer and as a man of character.

9. Adam Gilchrist

adam gilchrist
If a list was ever drawn of the finest players Australia has ever produced, Adam Gilchrist would rank very high in it and if the list was of most gentlemanly cricketers Australia ever produced, “Gilly” would certainly top it. With a career spanning over more than a decade, Gilchrist almost single-handedly redefined the role of a wicket keeper in the game. With his explosive batting style and a brain any captain would die to have, he left a big hole in the team when he retired in 2008. The 6 feet tall handsome hunk might have gotten a bit old now but he still continues to be among the most handsome cricketers out there. As they say, the older the wine, the better!

8. Michael Clarke

michael clarke
I remember when I first saw Clarke playing against India in 2004, I was probably just a boy then and was just a fan of the game like everyone else. Upon first seeing him I remarked to my Dad, isn’t he too cute to play cricket? Yes, for a game known to be a sport of huge men like Gayle and Hayden, Clarke with his innocent looks and wonderfully sculpted smile could melt you any day. But his looks must not be mistaken for his game, with a batting average of more than 50 and strong leadership skills, he is just the whole package. This is precisely why when he married his secret girlfriend Kyly Boldy, he broke many hearts around the world!

7. Kevin Pietersen

The 6 feet 5 inch tall handsome hunk from England is certainly one of the most handsome guy cricket fans have ever seen. The 34-year old cricketer first made his ODI debut in 2004 and test debut later in 2005. Apart from being good with his bat, he is also known to be a style icon in England and around the world owing to his gorgeous looks and physique. He swept many off their feet when he made a presence in IPL playing for Delhi Daredevils. It is then that he was seen in a number of Indian ads which made him all the more popular among Indian girls.

6. Shahid Afridi

shahid afridi
He might just be the hottest cricketer Pakistan has ever seen. Also known as ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ due to his aggressive batting style, Afridi has been the backbone of Pakistan cricket team for past 10 years. One of the finest all-rounders around, he is also a sensation among Pakistani girls and has been a popular face when it comes to brand endorsements. Turns out that thing about Pakistani men being the hottest is actually, cent percent true.

5. Rahul Dravid

For all those who think style is a slave of looks, this one comes off as a blow. Rahul Dravid may not be the conventional muscular guy who fits the image of a tall-dark and handsome athlete, but take my word for this, he beats all those having them. With a simple look and a character that is not just rare but impossible to find, the Indian batsman has managed to woo more girls out there than anybody with a stereotypical showbiz personality. Also popularly known as “Jammy” among his fans, Dravid with his stories relating to, both on and off the field has shown the world that it is not what you are on the outside but what you do that makes you who you are.

4. AB De Viliers

ab de villiers

Abraham Benjamin De Viliers is the new superstar in World cricket. Rising to fame in past few years with his extraordinary ability, this South African sensation can do almost everything i.e. bat, field, keep and captain. This guy is pretty much what an ideal sportsperson ought to be. Off the field too, he is a pure gentleman and with his killer looks, makes people go gaga over him wherever he goes. During the recent South African tour of India, noted commentator Harsha Bhogle remarked about AB that he has never seen any foreign player receive such cheers from the Indian crowd. To top it all, he proposed to his girlfriend in India at Taj Mahal which further made his fans, especially girls fall flat over his style.

3. Brett Lee

brett lee
Brett Lee during his days was hailed as the fastest bowler in the world and with his killer looks was hailed as the sexiest cricketer of the world. The tall and handsome Australian cricketer has much more to him than playing cricket. Since his retirement, he has taken up commentating, singing, modeling and most recently acting in films. Not only this, the multi-talented Lee has also written lyrics for a song ‘You’re the one for me’ which he later on, recorded with Asha Bhosle. He is also a part of a rock band Six and Out. With all going around him, Brett Lee might have said goodbye to cricket but definitely not to glamour. And yes, who can miss those adorable dimples!

2. M S Dhoni

When the Indian team toured Pakistan in 2006, Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf commented on Dhoni’s hairstyle and asked him to not cut it as “he looked good in that haircut.” Nine years have passed since then and Mahendra Singh Dhoni or ‘Maahi’ as he’s popularly known as among his fans, was handsome then and is handsome now as well. If there’s one thing that has kept with the pace with which his career graph has grown, it is his fan base. Known to be a bike lover and sporty guy, he has now established himself as a brand among the youth who both envy and copy his style.

1. Virat Kohli

virat kohli

This man has taken everybody for a ride with his game and his fame. For the entire cricket world, from those who play it to those who watch it, Virat Kohli is a star. With his aggressive attitude, iconic style and enviable glamour, Kohli is the heartthrob of the nation today. Named most eligible bachelor in the country by a number of magazines, Kohli probably has the biggest fan base after Sachin and Dhoni when it comes to cricket, but when it comes to the female fan base, he beats both of them, hands down!

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