Top 10 Hotel Chains with Luxurious Bath Amenities

What is the first thing you look for when you check into a hotel room? Most of people would answer, the Bathroom and the luxurious amenities which are provided by the hotel! The idea of having such refined toiletries present in the bathroom at your disposal is just so pleasant, isn’t it? It also has become an important factor to determine the credibility and status of the hotel. Apart from this, these are the wonderful little gifts that you love to take back home as souvenirs of the trip (which is of course acknowledged by the hotel staff once you leave!). We have made your task of selecting the perfect hotel easier by providing you with a list of ten of the best hotel chains which offer luxurious bath amenities for the benefit of their guests.


  1. JW Marriot- Products by Aromatherapy Associates

One of the most popular hotel chains, JW Marriot has from the year 2013 added an elite collection of bath amenities for its guests. These amenities are developed by London based brand Aromatherapy Associates and amenities of this brand are also available at Mandarin Oriental Hotels. Travelling causes fatigue and can be extremely strenuous if you have just had a long flight. However, JW Marriot takes special care of its guest as the bath amenities offered features all the natural components such as rosemary, lavender and so on in order to provide a relaxing experience to the worn-out travelers. Aromatherapy Associates Skincare products are available for sale on the online store of JW Marriot hotel.

  1. TRYP by Simply Wyndham- Products by Zero Percent

This hotel chain comprises of more than 90 hotels across the globe and the guests of this hotel are provided with the exotic collection amenities by the luxurious brand, Zero Percent via Gilchrist Soames . Zero percent is a new product line which manufactures products that are free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens and synthetic colours. The product line and thus the hotel is also environment friendly as no animals are used for testing these products. Further boosting its eco- friendly attitude, the hotel also provides shampoo, conditioner and body wash from the Zero percent collection by dispensers installed within the washroom. These dispensers can be refilled when required. Furthermore, in order to make their travel journey easier, the guests can also get travel- sized bottles to take home by enquiring for the same from the front desk of the hotel. If you like the amenities offered by the hotel, the entire collection in small bottles is also available for sale upon the request of the guest.

  1. OneFineStay- Products by Kiehl’s

Throughout New York and Los Angeles, OneFineStay is one of the few properties to offer complimentary Kiehl’s beauty and skincare products to their guests. OneFineStay isn’t exactly a hotel since the rooms are owned individually by the guests and the lodgings are branded as the “Unhotel”. However, since they are managed by the same company and the bath amenities provided in the guest rooms belong to the popular New York based skincare product brand, this atypical hotel has earned a well deserved spot on the list.

  1. Hilton Hotels Resorts- Products by Peter Thomas Roth’s Collection

Hilton hotels resorts chain has more than 500 properties which are widespread in 78 countries. Upgrading their quality of bath amenities provided to their guests, products from Peter Thomas Roth’s began to be offered in the guest bathrooms of Hilton from the year 2011. When you visit a Hilton hotel at present, you will find a collection of conditioner, body wash, entire body lotion and a shampoo from the exclusive Peter Thomas Roth’s skincare product line.

  1. Fairmont- Products by Le Labo

Products from the plush American brand Le Labo are stored in the bathrooms of all the rooms at Fairmont Hotel Chains properties. These products include body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, physique lotion and so on. The special Rose 31 scent products which you will find in your bathroom if you stay in this hotel were specifically designed for the Fairmont resort. The artisans of the brand, Le Labo are known to put together unique fragrances which will calm your soul and provide you with the most exquisite experience. Organic ingredients are used to create these fragrances in the New York City lab of the company.

  1. W Hotels- Products by Bliss

The W Hotels hotel chain has gained immense popularity and reputation for using superior quality skincare products by “Bliss”. There are many W Hotels chattels which have spas including the treatments using the Bliss Range products. An example of this is a facial in which of almost all of the line’s triple Oxygen +C energizing cream is used to provide ultimate experience to the guest. The hotel offers six products by Bliss which are absolutely free of charge and the guests can experience them without paying any extra cost. These sex amenities which will be kept at your sink side if you check into a W Hotels property will be: Lemon+Sage Soapy Suds, Bliss Fabulous Foaming face Wash, Lemon+Sage Physique Bar, Lemon+Sage Supershine Shampoo, Lemon+Sage Conditioning Rinse, and Lemon+Sage body Butter. Bath amenities from bliss are also sold by the hotel’s online store.

  1. Hyatt- Products by Le Labo, KenetMD, Aromapothecary and June Jacobs Day Spa Collection

It was a year ago that Hyatt upgraded its bathing commodities in order to get better guest feedback. At present, the guest rooms of this imperial hotel are stocked with the exquisite complimentary items belonging brands such as Le Labo, KenetMD Skincare line, Aromapothecary and June Jacobs Day Spa Collection.

8. The Morgans Resort Group- Products by Malin+ Goetz

The Morgans Resort Group has approximately a dozen properties in Europe and the United States of America. Prolific Malin+ Goetz goods are available in the hotels and this is the only hotel chain that delivers the Malin+ Goetz goods in every property coming under the hotel chain. The Malin+ Goets skincare product line is developed from organic products in the U.S. and is free of synthetic perfumes, dyes and parabens. Also, the product testing is not carried out on animals.

9. Joie de Vivre- Products by Lather

‘Lather’ is an aromatherapeutic bath and beauty products brand which has products made from natural ingredients. The Joie de Vivre hotels offer bath amenities from this brand in their guest rooms. However, an extremely unique facility awaits the travelers at the Carmel Valley Ranch location of the hotel. You will come across an exceptional soap which will be made with freshly pressed lavenders. The lavenders used for making this soap are taken from the property itself and more than 7,500 lavender plants are used.

10. The Standard- Products by Harry’s

This hotel chain has indeed maintained its ‘standard’ by offering custom grooming kits by Harry’s to its guests. Men need not worry about carrying their shaving kits since the hotel chain provides you with amenities to stay clean shaved and thus, elegant. A nourishing shaving cream is provided along with the trimmer from the deluxe brand, Harry’s. The kit can be obtained from the room and the guests are charged $15 for it. However, the hotel also provides various good quality free beauty and skincare products such as conditioner, shampoo, entire body lotion and shower gel. A bar soap by Kiss My Face is also provided.
Pick out any hotel which suits you the best from the above list and you will find the best, luxurious bath amenities stocked in your bathroom. Understanding the needs of their guests, these hotel chains have left no stone unturned in order to provide the travelers with a blissful and satisfying experience.

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