Top 10 Ideas to Make Your Date Perfect

Ah, love. It is a dimension in itself, able to transcend all social barriers. No matter your age, gender, religion; when you’re smitten, the world changes completely. Once in a relationship, you start noticing the little things in life. For some, the contentment in itself is rewarding. A major part of any relationship is the chemistry the two people share. This is something which is gauged from outings, more commonly referred to as “dates”. An amazing date with a person not only solidifies the relationship, it also gives you the warm, fuzzy feeling which we all know so well. However, as time progresses, you find monotony in monogamy. This causes the dates to lose their charm, and the butterflies in your stomach seemingly vanish. To avoid this, here are listed ten ideas to liven up your dates and breathe life into your chemistry once more! (Note: if the two people themselves do not tick, please do not blame the list. Thank you.)

10. Bowling


Yes, I know. This seems very unorthodox, and certainly uncommon. But, think about it. All dates need not have the chic or posh oriented themes we’ve seen one too many times in movies. If you can chill with your significant other, your relationship is bound to work out. Bowling in this way is extremely helpful. Casual and fun, this is an amazing way to judge the compatibility between the two people in a relationship. Bowling provides a stress free environment, which increases the chances to have fun. And, obviously, that brightens up any relationship instantly. This works as a first date activity, too. The awkward silences which some (many?) people face on the first date can be eliminated by either person’s turn. You can say you get “spared”. No? Alright. That’s a “strike” for me. Not now, either? Sorry.

9. Walking


Surprised? Walking is an amazing way to bond and connect with your better half. Be sure to take note of your partner’s physical peak when it comes to walking, and plan your route accordingly. Also, note the weather forecast and decide your attire with respect to the place you’ll be visiting. Take a stroll down a park, or go window shopping. This will help you two bond, and figure out exactly how much you two click. This is the cheapest idea, as it requires nothing except the two of you. Furthermore, walking is a great physical exercise. That’s three for walking, and nothing against it. Win-win!

8. Aquarium


The entire idea of being surrounded by marine life in an enormous tank may not sound to be romantic per se, but it’s actually an amazing place to have quiet conversations with your partner and generally hang out with them. Take a stroll through one, enjoy the company of each other. And, once you’ve exhausted your topics, you have a bunch of slimy and squirmy creatures around you, providing ample room for some fun. This counts as one of the best ways to make your significant other your best friend, or reconnect with the weirdness you shared.

7. Live Shows


This may come off as a no brainer, but live shows are actually pretty cool, and any form of it is better than movies. They are classier, and help you figure the other person out better. For instance, take your better half to a play. In the intermission, share a snack and a drink. Go to a concert, find out the musical tastes you two share. Concerts are also amazing as far as easygoing dates are concerned, which help you both relax.  Now, make sure to choose the genre you both like. There’s no point in going to a scripting of Hamlet, with one of you constantly dozing off. It will be frowned upon by everyone, and you’ll lose “brownie points”.

6. Brunch


Dinner dates are all too common. In the hustle and bustle of everyday, people tend to be free only at the death of the day. However, turn things around and take your partner out for a brunch. What’s a brunch? Well, it’s that pesky time between breakfast and lunch that is either filled by force feeding or munchies. This is especially good over the weekends, as both your minds would be free for the rest of the day. This would in turn help you to enjoy more. And, this period won’t seem so pesky, either. Good news all around.

5. Go to a Game


Alright, this one has many conditions, but if done well, can prove to be detrimental to your relationship. For starters, the male will find a “bro” in his partner, or a rival, depending on which team you both support. However, ensure neither of you feel too passionately about a certain team. Conversely, make certain that you both aren’t bored of the game you’ve planned to see. Rest assured, this is a casual setting which will help you bond and fill the silences in between with hooting, booing and/or cheers. Go nuts!

4. Pub

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The age old cliche of “painting the town red” is still as relevant as it was back then. Grab your partner, take them for drinks and dance. This is another great place to hold conversations and generally chill out with your significant other. Make sure the place is at least slightly full; silent bars can give rise to some of the most awkward silences. The other great thing about such dates is that you can either end it early if you both are not enjoying, or grab a bite to eat and transform the date into a dinner. Open endedness is always welcome. Helpful tip: book seats. It’ll show you cared enough to seriously put thought in it. You’re welcome!

3. Discover Your City

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We often plan vacations and go sightseeing to many places. However, we take the city we live in for granted and ignore all the amazing tourist spots in it. Think about it, many people flock from around the world to visit some spots in your city. Grab your partner, and discover your city. Hike around historical places, eatery joints and many other locations which have some backstory. This will educate you as well as help you bond. A fun filled learning experience, if there ever was one.

2. Stand Up Comedy

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It’s a known fact that most people find humour attractive. So, what is an amazingly effective way to enjoy time with your partner? Stand up comedy! Go for an act, laugh, relax and find what tickles the other’s funny bone for future references. It doesn’t have to be a world renowned comic, either. Go to a local pub which hosts such events, and share a drink while doing the best possible thing you an on an outing – laugh! Note: do not, repeat, do not volunteer to take the stage. Extreme awkwardness would follow. Not. Pretty.

1. Try New Food

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Foodies would love this. Even non foodies won’t mind this as much. A twist on the traditional idea of a date, share a special memory with your partner and try a cuisine which is alien to you both. This provides ample room for instant fun and bonding. Plus, who knows? Maybe the restaurant you try out would become a staple for your dates. If not, there are many others which you can try. Or, always fall back to tried and tested joints. Go and share a treat!

All in all, dates are an amazing way to connect and find mutual interests. Each date holds a special value in both parties’ life, and these are just some uncommon ideas which you can incorporate to make your dates that much more interesting. Happy dating!


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