Top 10 Illegal things that youngsters get themselves into

The springtime of everybody’s life is jam- packed with excitement and experimentation, lessons learnt and unlearnt, blues and pinks, beautiful castles in the air and even unnerving realities! The heart knows only one thing “YOLO- You Only Live Once”. Every youngster is driven crazy with the words “LIVE WILD AND YOUNG” and wants to live life at its best!

In the fervour of making the best out of spring days, our expectations get bigger and deeper. The outcome is either thumbs-up or thumbs-down. But the response to both sides is same! If it is failure we escape it with liquor and if it is success we celebrate it with booze! Revenge becomes the only goal, shortcuts the only way and smoking the only fashion!

Knowingly- unknowingly we go off- limit and adopt barred things.

Top 10 Illegal things that youngsters get themselves into!

10. Bullying it over internet!


Who does not pocket a smart-phone these days? The population of Facebook is in zillions. These were meant for healthy interactions, but are being used in the most wrong way. Breach in relationships, jealous in friendships, grudges with teachers, frustration of life! All has one reaction- cyber bullying!

Revenge becomes rude comments, malicious messages, insulting content and obscene pictures over internet. Some even do it to kill boredom and to pull pranks.

9. Doing piracy online!


“Did you listen to the song played in the trailer of the movie? Oh, wait! I will just download it straight away.” Nothing sounds wrong about this, right? Well, wrong!

You convert a song from CD to an MP3 copy, upload it over internet and share it in any other way. What did you do? You just infringed the Copyright of the song online. Even downloading the unauthorized copies of all the copyrighted movies/music for free is online Copyright infringement. Yes, to your surprise and shock, this is all ILLEGAL.

8. Support the dope for Sport!

doping lance armstrong 2

It is during the salad days, one’s love for well- crafted body erupts. Sadly, youngsters are in haste and get their hands onto unhealthy ways. They do doping to build up their bodies. It has set a trend especially in sports. Youngsters want to win and they want it to be quick. In the lust of having cuts and curves, they fell in the trap of  the illegal way of doping. Doping is an addiction and there is a tough coming back!

7. Making gamble the only game!


Youth is often attracted when it comes about money! Saying, “Want to bet?” has become part of many conversations. From the bet of impressing a girl to the bet of who will win the cricket match, betting has become a regular habit. Playing any game of chance for money in any form is gambling and gambling is not at all legal. While youngsters extract pleasure out of it, they are a culprit in the eyes of law.

6. Driving with and without!

It is so that it is the bikes and cars that are driving the youth of today. Driving vehicles under- age has become a way to flaunt in front of their peers. Even if not under- aged, while driving they commit illegality by driving WITHOUT license and WITH mobile phones.

All the young drivers feel they excel at multi- tasking and then drink, drive and text altogether. But they forget their way of all this fast and furious is a legal offense.

5. Showing it through Vandalism!



Youngsters are highly packed with emotions and they strongly believe in “action speaks louder than words”. When they are unable to vent out their emotions, they resort to vandalism. Vandalism is destroying someone’s property without permission. They take pride in it because they think it portraits them as powerful and dominant. It is their way of pleasing their ego. Salting lawns, egg throwing, breaking windows, spraying paint, tire slashing is all the part.

Even the scribbling of lovers’ name at monuments is within the content of this illegal activity.

4. Taking away one’s life!


There are times when the green days of life seem to have only black nights. Youngsters become the victims of depression too soon and easily. They become fragile at heart and find the situations unbearable.

Not being included in a peer group, becoming mockery subject for others, pressure of academics, not being the prettiest girl or handsome guy, trying to get a lover or the pain of a breakup. All this is followed by anxiety and youngsters deal it with the sin of suicide.

3. Making up with smoking!

Studies reveal that smokers have had the first taste of smoking before the age of 18. Youngsters find it cool to smoke in public. They think people around them will take them as “matured”. Also, a large percentage of youngsters see their elders, friends or celebrities enjoying smoking and then follow the league. Hookah and cigarettes have become ways of socializing and sweeping away stress. Even if one is above the age of 21, youngsters in the buzz of showing off commit the sin of smoking in public.

2. Underage boozing!


With the spring-tide, curiosity kicks in. At first it is only “one sip” and gradually turns into “one shot”, “one glass” and “one bottle” and so on. Youngsters love to party and party for them means gulping down liquor. If they say no to the offer of booze, they are labeled as boring. To be the part of “cool” gang and out of temptation youngsters don’t hesitate to clink the glasses. But the law disqualifies consumption of alcohol which is done by more than half of the youngsters before the legalized age.

1. Bribe is the new ease!

It starts with, “Don’t tell Mom about this. I will get you chocolates tomorrow.” Almost every teenager has come across this line in their life. This never drops but only grows. It changes to driving without license, over-speeding and when they got caught then dealing with them is just a cake walk for them. BRIBE! It even turns to getting question papers for a price. Youngsters even resort to blackmailing asking for bribe in return of keeping a secret. Bribing once started, never knows where to pause.


Youth is a phase of learning, experiencing and experimentation! But then there are laws putting or lifting restrictions. And they are there for a reason and logic. Follow them peeps! They are only for the good. Enjoy youngness but ENJOY SAFE!!

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