Top 10 Intelligent Shopping Tips Everyone Must know

Trendy! Chic! Classy! Fashionable! Just by coming across such adjectives we all are lured with- SHOPPING!!! Yay!

Exciting special first day at college or a valuable formal interview, a dazzling ball party or a beautiful Indian wedding! Or even if it is time to put on sunglasses or enveloping ourselves in blankets, slipping into monsoon slippers or holding onto autumn accessories! Anytime and everytime just feels so perfect for shopping.

Not only these monthly and yearly occasions bring in shopping time but there are so many daily casual shopping as well which we all do. All the shopaholics are just in love with the catchphrase “Shop till you drop!”

Be it by need or by want, shopping is something we do by heart! But what if we involve our brains too? It is time to be SMART SHOPPERS by adopting these effortless yet worthwhile tips.

Read on for top 10 intelligent shopping tips everyone must know!

10. Let your best and sane mate be your escort.


We love it when compliments pour in. So why not to make sure if today’s shopping will fetch good words tomorrow or not. Whenever you try on outfits, footwear or even any accessories it is always better to have somebody with you. Be it your mom with genuine views or your friend with the insight of a fashionista! Take along anybody who can refrain you from making a hole in your wallet and can save you from being a fashion blunderer! This will not only save you money and efforts but will also help you know that if the thing you bought is adding charm to your personality or not.

9. Don’t make shopping the food of your hunger/ stress.

We generally resort to shopping in order to alleviate their stress. But doing this may do more harm than good. Mood swings have the power to set your shopping mode in its full swing. We tend to feed our hunger while shopping by spending extra bucks. Shopping becomes our rescue when anxiety cages us leaving us to spend mindlessly. Unthinkably boredom craves us to fill our shopping carts and empty our wallets wastefully.

Channelize your efforts in finding such emotional states that tempts you to lose your hard earned money. You don’t want to regret after spending mindlessly in the fences of bad moods. Be a SMART SHOPPER and do not kneel before such emotional fools!

8. Time your timeliness for smart shopping experience.



People generally put their step forward for shopping with sunset or at weekends. The obvious scene to this is tightly packed parking lots, waiting outside changing rooms, rummaged people and getting upset over last piece of your demanded piece being sold.

Visiting shopping spots at such engaged times would render you worn- out without having anything useful in your shopping cart. So it is always wise to step into a shopping place when you are full of energy and not much people are hanging around.

7. Don’t fall in the bait of background music.

Remember the soft music in the background of shopping site? It sounds so pleasing to ears and soothes your tired senses. But is it only complementary music to shopping experience? Well, sorry to prick that bubble. Surely, the store wants to please their customers with that sweet music but it might also serve their dual purpose.

It is proven that the lullabies playing in the background make you to linger in the store. The more you stay in, the more you have the urge to overdo your shopping!
Instead plug-in your headphones; because you are too clever to fall in their attraction.

6. Sketch out the line of difference between “fake” and “genuine”.


The money you own comes with your hard work and has some real value attached to it. Never exchange your worthy currency for phony and bogus. The supply of replicas is getting stronger in the market preventing you from owning originality.

Be an alert lover of real and original products and don’t let the seller sell you falseness.

It is not only clothing and accessories that need your attentive mind. Shake off your hands from the artificial polish of cereals, feigned mist sprinkled on fruits and vegetables etc.

5. Give credence to the weight.

Sometimes we pay the price in terms of the weight. Gold is the perfect illustration to this point. While buying such lavish and dear item, do not let the goldsmith cheat you by using extra containers to weigh the gold. This applies to all the precious and semi- precious stones and metals.

Even it is your right to be all eyes to not have the box adding weight to the sweets being measured for the purpose of payment. Jiggle the green leafy vegetables before buying as the artificial mist might be adding unnecessary weight to it. Milk is no exception to the rule.

4. Trace your reason to your deserved discount.

Our eyes lit up with the words “30% discount” or so on! Sooner or later the apparels or accessories are going to be labeled as “on discount.” How about getting concessions on readily consumable items as well? A vigilant shopper will always glance at the date of expiry before giving away the cash. It is always intelligent to get the bakery product, the dairy product or the like on a reduced rate if the “expiry date” falls in the coming 2-3 days.

But don’t compromise with the freshness of product by making yourself the fool of “discount” if you are not going to consume the product before the date expires!

3. Get your hands on the advantageous store cards.

Store Loyalty Cards

There are some stores we pay our most of the visits. So, why not grab the gain of being such a loyal customer. The next time you drop in the same store, ask for the store card from the desk. These store cards come to your advantage in the form of exciting and profitable offers. Free purchasing, discounts, redeemable points, exchange offer are few to name!

They come with no cost and prove to be economical. If not hefty savers, these store cards will make you a smart and intellectual shopper!

2. Steer clear of plastic money and extra cash in wallet.


The smart way is to have a small portion of paper money in your wallet. Before heading for shopping chalk out a rough figure you are willing to spend. When you will have a restricted amount with you, you are bound to shop sensibly. More the extra cash in your hand, more the urge to shop will get obstinate.

Also, as much possible say no to plastic money. It not only triggers your desire to shop more and more but it also comes with some fee.

1. List and stick to your shopping tasks.


This is and will remain to be the universal tip for everybody and anybody. Jotting down the things to be bought on your shopping trip has twofold benefits. It is normal to skip buying one or the other thing. Making a list ensures you to come back buying all the things in one go.

It is very rational to spend mindlessly without a list. One can’t stop their hands from over- shopping when one doesn’t has a list. Devoting a couple of minutes in making the list is better than wasting your precious time and money on shopping things which are going to pile up in the corner of your home.

Just don’t let the list get crumpled in your pocket. Remember! You made it for a reason worth it. So make it and abide by it!

Don’t drain your money. Be smart. Be intelligent. Happy Shopping!


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