Top 10 Latest Fads and Trends among Teens in 2016

We live in ever changing times and everyday is a new day. In the year 2016, we have seen various ups and downs. The teens of any country decided and demands the happenings now a days, but these are also the ‘fads’ for only time being.  2016 gave us a lot of fads right now different apps to fashion to doing things. With the newest fads and trends coming and going so swiftly, it’s hard to keep up, so we have decided to make a list of the Top 10 Latest Fads and Trends among Teens in 2016:

  1. Picture blogging

Gone are the days when people who weren’t on facebook or twitter were considered uncool. This is the world of ‘picture-blogging’. Picture blogging basically means putting up pictures of your everyday life on micro-sites like Snapchat and Instagram. Snapchat offers various filters for everyday use; they vary from different facial features to locations. These pictures last on the Snapchat account for only 24 hours and the followers can see them only for 10seconds in one go. A lot of celebrities use this app to address their fans and give them minute details about their life. Daniel from ‘Damn Daniel’ scored a deal with Vans for lifetime supply of sneakers when his friend posted a video of him wearing Vans on Snapchat. Instagram is another picture blogging, only difference the pictures here are forever and the followers make a difference; it is like the Facebook of pictures.

  1. #everything

The ‘#’ loosely translating has ‘hashtag’ took over 2016 with a wave. It was introduced by Twitter but soon caught up everywhere. The idea behind it is that if ‘#’ is used before any word it makes it easier for it to be found on social media. For example, #cloudscape on Instagram allows users to view all the pictures tagged under that particular hashtag. This is not it. Due to this trend, big companies and events are following the teens and using the # for their promotions. Football teams are often seen using this trend during live matches. Teens have started using #s for everything, from the moment they wake up till the time the sleep, everything they say is in #s.

  1. 90s fashion

90s fashion made a huge comeback in 2016. All teens were seen raiding their older sibling’s closet or parent’s wardrobes. Make up, clothes, shoes, habits from the 90s were seen all throughout the year. Girls were seen wearing chokers in their necks and braids in their heads. Many celebrities also were seen taking comfort in this trend by going with bold make up and heavy nails. You could see everyone on the street wearing white sneakers, they were a staple with everything you wore. Biker jackets, shimmer and short floral dresses made a return. Crop tops and flannels were a part of everyone’s fashion choice.

  1. Pokemon Go

After the Angry Birds game, the one game that took the world with a storm was Pokemon Go in 2016. 3 mins of fame is the most suitable phrase for this game. This game is a spin off on the very popular 90s tv cartoon Pokemon, where in 3 kids are in search of Pocket Monsters with magical abilities let lose throughout the city. The game had the same story only that it was situated in the real world. People could hunt for Pokemons in their city due to the augmented reality used in making the games as real as possible. The game at first was only released on IOS in American but the internet found several of its hacks and other versions so that people all over the world could use it. A few weeks later it was released on all mobile platforms. Towards the end of 2016 the aura of the game faded.

  1. Selfie

Selfie in simple words means a picture of you taken by you. Usually teens use the front camera of their mobile devices and use them to take pictures of them and then share on social media. Due to rise in Selfies companies came up with what they called ‘Selfie sticks’, they act as a stretched arm used to click pictures. The famous Selfies of 2016 included the Oscar Selfie where Ellen DeGeneres had the entire front row of A-list celebrities in one picture; it was taken by Oscar winner Bradley Cooper. Social media queen Kim Kardashian released a book called ‘Selfie’.

  1. Thick bold eyebrows

When model Cara Delevinge sashayed the runway supporting her thick bold eyebrows towards the end of 2015, everyone knew it was the trend for tomorrow. 2016 was all about thick brows, not just for men but also for women. Bold eyebrows are the exact opposite of the too groomed, perfect eyebrows. They are real, raw and wild. This eyebrow trend was seen on the ramp and the teens were following it too. This was also the most easiest trend of 2016 to do, simply grow out your eyebrows, slap on a little bit of brow gel giving them shape and voila! The thicker and more natural the better they said.

  1. Emoji

The Emojis are the most unstoppable trend of 2016.  You either love or hate them but anyway have to use them. Emojis are the age old emoticons used on MSN or Yahoo Messenger with a twist. The new Emojis along with a smile, crying, and angry emotions features a variety of things from food to flags and from animals to everyday symbols. It has become the preferred language of communication. Various celebrities have come up with their own versions of Emojis with their faces on the emotions. The wide demand in the requests of different Emojis, the mother company has come up with Emojis like ‘avacodo’, ‘taco’ ‘manicures; etc. This looks like one trend that’s not going away.

  1. Netflix

On demand television on the internet is Netlfix. At a minimal amount every month, subscribers are provided with high quality latest content of movies TV shows and documentaries. Once subscribed, you can watch them anywhere, anytime provided you have an internet connection. Netflix became a hit and replaced the TV set. Teens are glued to their laptops and phones in order to watch the new Netflix show. In fact, a lot of major TV show producers are using Netflix as a platform to launch their shows.

  1. New slang words:

Teens are always creating new words, every year we see different slangs being used by them and 2016 was no different. The trending words this year were ‘Yaaaaaaas’ a way to say yes, ‘On fleek’ which means perfect or up to the mark, ‘Bae’ was the word of the year, it is an abbreviation of ‘Before Anyone Else’, young kids were seen calling their significant others as ‘Bae’. Another word that was trending this year was ‘Goals’ use any word and add the word goals to it- Relationship Goals, Friendship Goal, again like on fleek it also means perfect. The word ‘squad’ was made widely popular; it basically means your group of friends. Yesteryears BFF is 2016’s Squad.

  1. Game of thrones

George R.R. Martin’s book Game of Thrones starting was produced by HBO and turned into a hit TV show in 2010, but by 2016 after 7 seasons it is just as, probably even more popular. The dying of character or bringing in new character has had such a huge impact on the teens that their daily decisions are based on the episodes of GoT. Though a lot of critics say that kids shouldn’t be watching the show, a lot of teens argue that since they’ve already read the books, the show is no different to them.

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