Top 10 Life Situations that Bring People Closer

Special situations have always brought people closer, be it social gatherings, parties, weddings or just a day out with friends and family. Human being has been organizing get-togethers long before the invention of modern gadgets such as cell phones, internet or electricity when men and women gathered to socialize through the ways of music, food and drinks. These meetings of friends, strangers, and small circles arise from various ways or needs which can be very general and specific. Being in the right place at the right time and being invited to join the festivities by a gregarious host is a boon on all the rest. Moments of happiness and sorrow have the power to bring people closer together by making them a priority and supporting one another.

Here are 10 such situation which brings people closer to each other.

  1. A new member- Birth of a Child


A new baby is like the beginning of all things. Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. The best feeling in the world is when your little one holds your finger for the first time. Ask your parents how they felt when they took you in their arms for the very first time, you will get the answer from the expression on their face. It is absolutely one of the best situations that bring people closer. Not only a couple but the family too, grandparents, uncles, aunts and everyone in the family comes together to celebrate and welcome a new life.

  1. Forming new relationships


 According to the dictionary definition Marriage is a union of a man and woman for life by marriage, a particular matrimonial union. Actually is it not only the union of a man and women but the union of two families. Marriage is an occasion with many functions where people come closer, new relations are formed and memories are build. The moments of marriage are cherish able for family, friends and relatives. People who are strangers become friends.

  1.  Sharing Joy : Festivals


Our ancestors devised these amazing practices called festivals to renew relationships and to maintain them. If we look at all the major festivals in every religion be it Diwali, Eid or Christmas, these festivals bring us closer to God as well as to each other. And every other festival around the world invariably brings people together. Festivals brings warmth in relations, people visit each other, exchange gifts and sweets and in Hindu tradition we touch elder’s feet as a mark of respect while the elders give blessings. Festivals bring the feeling of oneness.

  1. Fear


Children are not afraid of talking to strangers and they usually become friends quickly. As we get older, it seems as though we get scared of offending people and get too busy to smile and say hello to people we don’t know. Facing our fear of rejection and starting conversations is often the best way to get to know people. People are usually friendly when a good introduction is made by somebody else.

  1. Moving out of your home

Hispanic mother helping daughter pack for college

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Even though we are moving away from home, but the distance will bring us closer to our loved ones. You realize the value of family and friends. We miss the naughty little quarrels with your siblings, the angry young man look of your dad, your mother’s lap and day outs with your bffs. This distance strengthens the emotional bond with your family and friends. We enjoy the anticipation of the reunion and the excitement of being together. Distance helps to appreciate people more and make the relationship stronger.

  1. Any Mishap

Comforting each other: A group of young women in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, on Sunday. People there are waiting to hear the fate of 40 people still missing after Saturday's train derailment and the massive explosions  that followe

 Suffering is not easy. That’s kind of the point. It’s difficult because only in difficult situations do we really grow. Well some situations are happy and some are sad. But life is all about ups and downs, while happy situations brings people closer to celebrate, sad ones bring people closer to share the pains of each other. If something bad happens like if someone is ill or a death, people get together and support and provide consolation. Strong bonds are formed in tougher environments. Being able to survive with someone through a tough experience will allow you to build trust at a deeper level.

  1. Vacations


 Be it vacations or a long route trip, it is always fun to be with family or friends. Being out camping with someone, or serving in the military together.  Travelling gives you the means in which to make memories with your kids. Memories that can last a lifetime—things that they will share with their children and grandchildren, etc. It allows us to be in a new different place outside of our normal, and we can everything together. Take that vacation that you have always wanted to with your family before it’s too late and bring your family closer together

  1. Achievements and Failure


Think about the time your daughter earned her Bachelor’s Degree with first class, the time when your brother got his first novel published, your whole family celebrated and when your friend couldn’t pass the exam, you stood by his side. In all these situations you get closer to people, in their achievements you celebrate and be proud and in failure you support and encourage. People appreciate the support and love that you give them and it also gives you a chance to spend quality time together. Irrespective of the disappointment of failure, the sympathetic gestures bring us more close.

  1. Fights


When you feel frustrated over a thing or you have any miss understanding, most people loose temper and fight. While it sounds strange, but fights do bring people closer, the doubts and misunderstandings are cleared. You argue for a while and when the bitterness comes all out, you are closer to your friend or partner than you were before. Once in a while you have to clean out the pipes. Sure, it gets ugly, but afterward, things flow more smoothly. If, on the other hand, you stuff your anger, it eventually builds up so much that it can sabotage your entire relationship.

  1. Common interests


The common interests are always best when bonding with strangers. Usually you need to find a really good excuse for talking to someone, but when you’re both able to find a shared an interest, that in itself becomes a conversation.     Sometimes, you talk and talk for hours and forget to ask each other’s name but the connection is strong. That’s why movies, music, sports, are all great topics because everyone will have some interest in them. You don’t have to like the same movies, the same sports team, and the same songs, to be able to become close. All you need is that small link.

Expression is the ultimate power of human beings which bring us closer to each other, however, we humans have a knack of hiding our feelings and bottling them up until they are rotten. In this way, often lose people we love the most. That is why, we must keep telling our beloved ones everything that we feel in our hearts and make not just show but make them realize that they are important. That they count.

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