Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In the World

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”- John Keats

It’s a beautiful world that we live in and it’s made beautiful by a number of wonderful things that exist in it. From the rivers flowing with sparkling water to the huge mountains covered in ice, it’s the nature that is around us that makes this world worth living in. While we remain in awe of the mammoth mountains and rivers, we cannot turn a blind eye to the gorgeousness of the dainty flowers. These splendid creations of nature form an essential part of our lives and define many adjectives for us like beauty, freshness and fragrance. What is more, flowers serve many purposes, they help us in expressing our gestures of love and friendship, they help us decorate our in and outs and their fragrance helps us in making perfumes that we inhale to feel fresh. While there are more than a million different species of flowers out there, it’s very few of them that fit the above description and it’s even a very little of these very few that we come across in our daily lives. It is these beautiful flowers that we have attempted to name in the following article while listing the 10 most beautiful flowers in the world. Read and decide for yourself, which one’s your favorite.

10. Chocolate Cosmos


This one’s a rare breed and it is very likely that you might not have seen this one around you. But if you have, you are lucky because Chocolate Cosmos looks exotically exquisite. Chocolate Cosmos or Cosmo Astrosanguineus which is its scientific name, is a rare ornamental flower. It has very strong red-brownish petals which give it a chocolaty color and these petals appear to be wrapping the black seed. It’s not just their appearance but also their fragrance which is of light vanillin scent that gives them their name. So, it doesn’t just look beautiful but smells delicious too. Be careful though, they are rare and come at a steep price!

9. Cherry Blossom


The name of this flower is enough to visualize how beautiful it might be. Cherry Blossoms are usually found in the Himalayan Mountains and are native to Japan but slowly have been distributed to the entire Northern Hemisphere, owing to their popularity. In fact, its ornamental use has now become a major inspiration for its cultivation and most of its varieties do not have edible qualities. Usually found in white and baby pink colour, Cherry Blossoms are made up of small petals which surround the yellowish seed. Their beauty has inspired many symbolic uses, most popular of which is their imprint on Japanese currency.

8. Oriental Poppy


Usually, what irks gardeners and all those people who love cultivating flowering plants is the fact that they do not last long. But, this one here is different. Oriental Poppy or Papaver Orientale is a perennial flowering plant, which means that it won’t die for two long years, minimum! The orange-scarlet colour of the flower is the most common variety and is usually taken to be a symbol of passionate romance in many cultures. Unlike its sister species, Oriental Poppy doesn’t produce any narcotic alkaloids.

7. Dahlia

If flowers could trip, Dahlia would be their leader. This flower’s structure and design is such that it makes the viewer gasp in wonder. They are multi-layered and might just look like your average optical illusion images, at first glance. Easily available in the market, this flower has 42 species! While some of the basic species might seem too vanilla, but once you look at the Decorative Dahlias or Ball Dahlias, you’ll be mesmerised and that is a certainty. Also known as the “Valley flower”, Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico. This flower usually doesn’t have a captivating scent due to which, it doesn’t attract pollen insects.

6. Orchid

If you are looking for a fancy flower, then chances are quite high that you will, if not buy, at least consider, orchids as a viable option. Orchids collectively belong to a large family of flowers consisting of more than 27, 800 species, called Orchidaceae. The flower comes in many colours, with blue-purple being the most common of all. Apart from their aesthetic wonder, the flowers also have medicinal properties and phenomenal scent, making them a favourite amongst the perfumers all around the world. What’s best about these flowers is that they are cosmopolitan, implying that they are found almost everywhere in the world, apart from glaciers. You might be surprised to know that the vanilla that you use so generously in your desserts, comes from an orchid genus itself!

5. Tulip

Tulip or “Tulipa”, which is its scientific name, is a flower that yells dainty and charming. Available in multiple bright colours, tulips have many layers of petals which are arranged in an alternate fashion. Currently, there are 75 species of tulips which have gained scientific recognition. It is not just the scientific world that the flower has managed to fascinate; for centuries, the flower’s beauty has been the poetic muse for many writers, ranging from the legendary romantic poet Sa’di to the ever-enticing Alexander Dumas. The flower is mainly found in mountainous areas of North Africa and Eurasia. This layered beauty symbolises “Paradise on Earth” in Turkish tradition; need we say more?

 4. Lotus(Nelumbo nucifera)


It’s really important to point out the exact species of this flower as there are more than 5 flowers by the name Lotus. The one that has made to our list however, is the Nelumbo nucifera or popularly known as the Indian Lotus. An aquatic flower, it can be found in water gardens which have rich water quantity. Lotus has petals that have white color near the centre and slight pinkish glow near the end which gives them a beautiful appearance. Lotus carries a lot of cultural significance in Indian society ranging from spiritual to political as it is also the national flower of India.

3. Bleeding Heart

The flower whose name seems like a phrase straight out of Keats’ poem cannot be ignored when one’s talking about most beautiful flowers in the world. The flower actually looks like a bleeding heart and thereby, has the dramatic name. An inspiration for artists all over the world, with Jimi Hendrix being one of them, Bleeding Heart belongs to the poppy family. It is native to Siberia, Korea, Japan and northern China. The flower’s utterly romantic shape and gorgeous pink colour make it a viable candidate in the list of most beautiful flowers in the world.

2. Plumeria

You may know this flower by its many other names such as Champa, Frangipani or Temple tree. This tropical flower belongs to the Apocynaceae family. Plumeria are beautiful flowers with an extremely strong and fresh fragrance which makes them perfect for to be used in garlands and perfumes. They are usually found in white, pink and yellow colors. Rarely, some red variants can also be seen of this flower. It may also perhaps be the most used flower in literature, after rose of course. From P.B. Shelly to Oscar Wilde and from Sarojini Naidu to Rabindranath Tagore, many writers have used it to symbolize beauty in their poems.
  1. Rose

Rose-300x269A woody plant of the genus Rosa, Rose gets its name from its genus’ name itself. If there is one thing that symbolizes love all around the world, it is this flower. Although it has over 100 different species, most beautiful and thus popular of all are the Red, White and Yellow roses. With its petals arranged almost perfectly, it exhumes a fragrance that is almost intoxicating. No wonder it has become a symbol of love, friendship and many more things. The symbolic meaning it carries, its beauty and the sheer popularity of this flower have earned it the number 1 spot on our list.

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