Top 10 Mouth Watering Ice-Cream Flavors

That frozen yummylicious beauty in the cone looks so irresistible. That touch of slurry, creamy, edible thing is just so heavenly. It sits in the mouth and just uhhmmh melts. Whoa! Ice-creams!!! They have some magic that bring a smile on our face instantly. They are saviors in summers, cherry on the cake in winters, enhancers of love in rain and everyday’s casual treat! Yes, they are our most adorable ice-creams!
Not that any flavor is any lesser in the way of temptation, but here are some interesting flavors you must give a spoonful to yourself. Feed yourself with the taste of heaven! Be ready to go under the spell of these wondrous flavors.

Try to control your taste buds from our Top 10 Mouth Watering Ice-Cream Flavors!

10. Perky Pistachio


If you do not have a sweet-tooth yet you are crazy for the ice-creams, then you are reading on for the best flavor. It is Pistachio! It helps you to sway the overwhelming of the sugar taste. This is the one that can stick around you always and always. It really can be the diamond treasure for all those not liking the idea of having oodles of sweetness in one go.

The subtle sugariness is kneaded into it with the perfect balance. Low on sweets, High on refreshing! That’s how this lovable flavor is!

9. Miraculous Minty Choco Chips


Yearning for a cool and refreshing flavor? Then this has to be your fondness. The emerald green color in itself is such a rejuvenating color. The breezy coolness of mint creates such a pleasing setting inside the mouth that you instantly feel composed.

And more to say, what has choco chips and goes wrong? NO, NOTHING, NEVER! It only multiplies the joy of having a dessert. Just when you were lost in the chill of mint, a choco chip popped in. You are assured to have a memorable flavor! (Somebody, please give me this amazement one more time.)

8. Blissful Blueberry


Do you have a longing to feast yourself with both sugar and tangy flavor both at one time? Tada! Your wish is granted in the scoop of Blackberry ice-cream. Blackberries are the tart berries that burst when we bite into them and give a piquant taste. The flavor in itself is so unique. There is no keeping yourself from licking your lips when you enjoy this flavor.

Even the color of this ice-cream is just the one you would love to fall for. It is mesmerizing. Have this once and you are bound to bounce back to this awesome combination of sweetness and tanginess.

7. Noteworthy Neapolitan


Originated from Italy, this dessert flavor is the best ever trio! One look at this and you will be drowned in the whimsical world. Brown, white and pink! What an ultimate collection of the beautiful shades. This is for those who can say no to one or the other flavor, for the ones who don’t want to act all bias with their 3 different best savors. What a package of delight. The tender and lively charm of this ice-cream will make you feel young at heart. Such a pretty treat for eyes and tongue both!

6. Raving Rocky Road


Smooth chocolate, crunchy nuts and delicious marshmallow! The ingredients might have excited you by now. If your taste buds are hunting for these 3 things, you know which flavor you have to place the order for. Rocky Road is the best ever intermingle of the most palatable dessert ingredients. Just a bite on this and you can’t thank enough the maker of this beautiful sweet.

As it goes in the mouth, the munching of almonds and the melting of marshmallows coated with creamy chocolate is going to make you crave for more. With the craze going intense for this flavor many more enticing versions have come up!

5. Celestial Coffee


Remember how your coffee and cream enriches your drink? It’s time to have more coffee and more cream in newer edition.

Coffee is love! Coffee is pleasure! Coffee is everything!

The taste of coffee is so promising that we can never have enough of this. When this blends with cream, it is just perfect. The sensuous flavor little by little caresses the tongue and soothes the hunger. If you are a coffee lover, you just can’t say no to the scoop of this ultimate ice-cream. This flavor is so intoxicating that I can have it for “n” number of times. You need coffee. No! You need coffee ice-cream!

4.  Cutie Cookies & Cream


Another adorable and always available as an option is the flavor of cookies and cream.  The crumbled cookies are always invited. They have an unbeatable bliss of taste. The pure brownie point of having this flavor is that you can always merge them with the cream of your choice. Sober Vanilla, Deep Chocolate, Cool Mint, Lovely Strawberries and what not! It’s hard to resist a heaping scoop of this ice-cream.

Even the cookies have taken onto being more creative coming in more exotic flavors. The color-blocking technique makes it too tempting to even look at it.

3. Bewitching Butter Pecan

butter pecan

The name has already dissolved in the mouth. The softness of butter and the wonderfulness of Pecan! How can this be not in the favorites? The roasted pecans enveloped in butter and topped on vanilla is all that you need to lose yourself in the most exquisite world of dessert. Imagine a spoonful of butter and pecans mixed in cream melting at your tongue and then sliding down your throat.

Pure divine feeling!
If you are a nuts lover, you are always up for all other incredible nuts including pecan butter almond, butter almond and any other nut you can think of!

2. Palatable Praline Pecan


How can we ever have a miss on the classy traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors? Whenever it’s about “ice-creams” vanilla and chocolate always have the first thought. But how about a lovely twist in this customary tale?

Praline Pecan is the newer and tastier version of that ever favorite mishmash. Pralines are sugar candies made with nuts dipped in sugar syrup. The pleasure of crunchiness is more wowing in the sugary liquid. It indeed has everything that pleases your taste buds!

The icing on the cake is that the praline ice-cream parlors even feature a shot of bourbon to spell bound you!

1. Vanilla Fudge Ripple

Vanilla Fudge Ripple

Big things come in small packages and Vanilla Fudge Ripple goes by this statement. This is the ice-cream most people are keen of. This is why wherever you go; you will always spot this flavor at all the ice-cream parlors. You might have to hear “not available” for other flavors but definitely not for this. The calm vanilla and intense fudge together is the best pair among the love-stories of dessert world. This is any day choice and it never disappoints you!

With so many scrumptious flavors on the list, I already feel drooled! Ice-creams are such a contentment to have. Which one is your pick?

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