Top 10 Most Powerful Dogs In The World

Canine love is love that transcends people of different races, countries and continents. There are two major fan groups that exist today in the realm of animal love and loyalty: cat lovers and dog lovers, and boy there is rivalry! There are so many breeds of these fluffy wonders that catch our attention in the most loving way. Generally, there is a view that cats are fierce and  dogs, more gentle. But, what if we tell you that some dogs are so powerful that their very sight can send chills down your spine more than your worst nightmare? Moreover, there are dogs who might not look so fierce but once you get to know their characteristics, you’ll very well be able to gauge their power. Some of these dogs may be domesticated or may stay free wanderers of the wilderness. Such strong and powerful dogs are not just adorable to look at, but also make for great bodyguards. If you have some meaty watchdogs then you can rest assured that you are in safest hands of the world, or shall we say paws? Without much ado, we’ll familiarise you with top 10 most powerful dogs in the world who are epitomes of strength and power. Read on in wonderment!

  1. Mastiff


Mastiffs get their name from the Latin word ‘mansuetus’ which means “taming” or “domesticated” and they are the perfect dogs to begin this list with. Usually trained in guarding and weight pulling, these dogs do not look like the typical “beast” by their sizes but due to an extraordinary body strength that they carry with themselves, Mastiffs can come in handy on a number of occasions. They usually have very strong protection instincts and need to undergo an entire process of proper socialisation with people around them and animals too. In case they are not socialized properly and they fear a stranger, these dogs can give some pretty painful bites!

  1. Pitbull

One of the most fearful dogs out there, Pitbull figures at no. 9 in our list. These dogs are good at fighting and they aren’t just good, they are pretty damn awesome at it! Apart from being very strong, speed and flexibility come naturally to Pitbulls and that is why they can be really dangerous to be around when they are angry. Some Pitbulls when trained can even summon strength enough to pull a sedan! All this being said, it is quite clear that Pitbulls may not be the “most ideal” of dogs for keeping a pet but if domesticated properly, they turn out to be the most loyal pets who can even give or take lives to protect you from danger.

  1. Boerboel

At number 8 is the dog with the funny name. Boerboels are usually called intelligent dogs because of their strong sensing skills. This dog has the perfect trinity of skills and in appropriate proportions i.e. speed, strength and intelligence. It is precisely because of these qualities that Boerboel is found in many security forces around the world employed in a range of activities, from tracking people to chasing them.

  1. Great Swiss Mountain Dog

As the name suggests, this one is a mountain dog and thus, has been traditionally domesticated for purposes like herding cattle and pulling carts in snow. Popularly known as “Swissy”, this dog is quite appealing in looks and is able to gather a lot of power when required to. A part of one of the oldest breeds of dogs, Swissy usually weighs well over 100 pounds which makes him a difficult pet to keep. They also require a great deal of socialization before they can be employed in household works. Also, these dogs have a relatively shorter life span i.e. between 7 to 9 years.

  1. German Shepherd

One of the most popular dog breeds out there, German Shepherd can excel at almost anything that he is trained to do. From being a friend to your kid to helping police and military is their operations, this dog can be found doing all. Huge sizes and strength these dogs come in enable them to pull weights that are even larger than their own body’s. German Shepherds were amongst the search and rescue dogs that were used after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, looking for survivors and comforting rescue workers and their families. However, with all the advantages they offer, German Shepherds require constant care and regular exercise without which they can turn lazy and boring.

  1. Great Dane

great dane

On number 5 on our list comes the “Apollo of dogs”. Yes, this is amongst the best-looking dogs in the world, hands down. Large, beautiful and at the same time calm like a winter breeze, the Great Dane is quite affectionate and warm for someone his size. That is precisely why he is thought to be a good pet in the houses with children. Although they look calm, Great Dane has extraordinary strength and was used to hunt wild boars traditionally. These dogs can be about 30 inches tall and weigh more than 120 pounds. For a dog so big in size and strength, Great Dane has a pretty short life span which can cause huge discomfort to your child in case you domesticate it as they will be attached to him in a very short time.

  1. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are among the best of police dogs as they are most commonly found in security forces or military ranks. Although found in domestic spaces, they are more suitable for vigilance and search and detect activities owing to their strength and endurance. Having a natural instinct to protect their masters along with herculean strength makes Rottweilers a splendid choice for domestication but they need constant motivation through a range of exercises to keep their bodies healthy and agile.

  1. Bulldog

Bulldogs are popularly known as companion dogs across the world. Quite expensive to buy and maintain, these dogs make up for their cost by providing a sense of comfort and protection to their care takers. Originated in England, Bulldogs are of medium size with a thick and low-slung body. These dogs can garner huge strength and when they turn ferocious, they can even rip their enemies apart. However, when domesticated properly, they are most affectionate and can prove to be a good companion. Most popular pet in the US, Bulldogs are usually lazy and prefer to lie around the house rather jumping all over.

  1. Saint Bernard

On number 2 in our list is one of the strongest and also one of the laziest of the lot, Saint Bernard. The giant muscular and strong dog is not lazy by choice, his body was just not made to run and jump around. Thought to have been originally bred in mountains, Saint Bernard was used to carry sledges and thus finds it hard to survive in hot and humid conditions. Apart from requiring a steady diet to maintain their strong body, Saints demand frequent visit to the vet as they are prone to diseases much more than other breeds. There’s no denying that this one here is “high maintenance”!

  1. Kangal

One of the oldest breeds of dogs, Kangal is quite extraordinary in many ways. Although it has in the ancient past helped man with his livestock, it has now established itself as the best guard dog around because of its strength and fighting skills. This dog is not the fattest of all but even with a small body weight, this dog actually packs a lot of power. If you want to get an idea about its strength, try pulling a Kangal with a help of a leash! That makes him almost impossible to keep as a pet. Owing to its huge strength and almost unbelievable endurance, Kangals can take on even the mightiest of wild animals, even the lions and tigers. Although you won’t see a Kangal that often around you, you’ll definitely know when you sight one, courtesy of his distinctive figure. It is because of these reasons that this magnificent beast scores the top spot on our list.

Dogs are blessings in animal form and there is no denying that. So, all the canine lovers out there, wait no more and go, get yourself a companion.

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