Top 10 Qualities Every Wife should have


Disclaimer: An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband. ~Booth Tarkington


Weddings are fancy, beautiful and full of fun and frolic. They give you chance to bring to life your fairy tale but the institution of  marriage goes beyond a just a wedding function. Marriage brings about a lot of changes in one’s life; especially in a woman’s life. In most societies , a woman has to leave behind her family, her natal house, her friends and move to an all different place, in a new family, surrounded by all new people. This, along with the desire of being a perfect wife, very often tends to leave a woman nervous and stressed.


Well, here is a guide to de-stress you and help you be a dream wife. Following are the qualities that’re usually the most desirable in a wife –

  1. Financially independent 

With growing inflation and luxuries becoming necessities, very often a husband alone isn’t able to fulfill all the desires he and his wife may have.  A woman who is financially independent not only contributes to family income but can also take care of  her own fancies. She automatically expects less from her husband which leads to greater happiness and ensures a happily ever after.

  1. Opinionated

For a woman, it is very important to have an identity and opinion of her own. She shouldn’t act submissive in front of her husband and should voice her opinions in all matters that directly or indirectly concern her, be it as banal as the color of the curtains or a crucial decision such as family planning, a wife shouldn’t ever be afraid to have opinions different from her husband.

Most husbands today, love to have an intellectual conversation with their wives. They’re looking for a partner with beauty and brains. Keep up to date, know the facts and strike a deep conversation with your special one.

  1. Accepting 

Whether it’s his habit of not keeping the socks in the right place or his tendency to forget those special ‘dates’ , you must not fight with your husband over minor issues. He may not be the carbon copy of your dream man but it’s not for nothing you settled for him. Everyone has their only sets of strengths and weaknesses, both desirable and undesirable traits. Embrace him with his little flaws and see him change for better.


  1. Should know how to cook

No, I’m not being sexist here, I’m not saying only a wife should cook or should cook everyday but once in while, cooking your husband his favorite dish can really cheer him up. Buy a recipe book or look for a few recipes on internet and surprise your husband with a scrumptious meal. Well, someone truly said “A way to man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, make a little effort and enjoy all the pampering you get in return.

PS: Knowing how to cook will save you money you’ll spend ordering food from outside or hiring a cook. You can always use the money you saved to take that long awaited vacation and rekindle your romance.

  1. Should give her husband space

And demand an equal space in return. Though husband and wife make one single unit, it’s an undeniable fact that the unit consists of two different individuals and every individual wants a little space for himself/herself. Learn to respect that space of your husband, don’t peep into his messages& mails and don’t question him over his each and every action. Don’t expect him to abstain from his friends post marriage , understand that his friends are as important to him as your friends are to you. Let him have merry time with them, let him have his inside jokes, let him have secrets. Remember, holding a bird too tightly kills it. Don’t kill your romance, nurture it the right way, give it space and let it grow.

  1. Supporting

A wife is usually a man’s strength and support system. A husband expects his wife to be with him through his ups and downs and stand by him in all decisions he takes; then be it his wish to quit his well secured job or be it his choice to turn vegan, assure him that you’ll always be there by his side, supporting him like a pillar all the time.

  1. Should respect her husband’s family and friends

Your in-laws might be very different from your parents, they might not treat you like they treat their own daughter but this doesn’t give you a right to disrespect them. It’s completely okay if you can’t love your husband’s family as much as you love yours but you can certainly care for them like you care for yours. Similarly, one’s friends are their personal choice; saying ill things about your husband’s friends is equivalent to criticizing his choices/decisions. Respect his friends, family & decisions and expect the same in return.

  1. Understanding

A man’s psychology is different from a woman’s; every individual is different from another. If you keep these facts in mind, you can avoid more than half of the misunderstandings that tend to occur in a between a husband and a wife.He may not be very vocal about his love for you, he might not always be ready to “”talk” or might choose India Pakistan match over a candlelight dinner but this shouldn’t make you conclude that he loves you any less . Understand that he is a different individual and respect that difference to experience the exotic feeling of love in a true sense

  1. Be his friend 

Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.                  ~Franz Schubert

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could spend all our lives with our friends who we know will always be there by our side and won’t judge us even if we behave our worst? Make your husband feel like he’s with his best pals . Have fun with him, cry together,  go out for movies together, share your fantasies, your secrets , act weird and never judge.

  1. Should love children

Yes, people who love kids are as adorable as little children themselves.  Loving children in aspect of a motherly aspect which all husbands desire in their wife. It’s believed that women who love children make amazing mothers and an amazing mother blended into a perfect wife is dream come true for any husband or husband to be.


While these traits are desirable in wives, husbands should also have a semblance of them because a man and a woman are two hemispheres that make a sphere. One completes the other and is completed by the other. Some attributes are not gender-specific and are expected to be present in husbands as well as wives. A great and long-lasting relationship runs on the common qualities of a husband and wife. Then only true compatibility between two individuals may exist. Remember, to get married is easy but to retain its essence, entails the mature understanding of two persons. Both have to be on their toes all the time and no laxity is permitted.

Marriage is a combined endeavour

It’s a mission accomplished by two

To make a relationship last forever

Both should be to each other true

Sumit Paul 

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