Top 10 Reasons Why Getting Old is Beautiful

“ You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.”
-Douglas MacArthur

While most of us go with the equation of youth being nature’s best gift to mankind, growing old is a gift too – probably of a higher order. Let us not frown upon the idea of growing old, for each phase of our lives come with its parcel and growing old, I would say, is a very beautiful phase too. As you grow old you discover and rediscover many things; you learn to appreciate the value of things you failed to before and much much more. If you still ask me why growing old is so beautiful, let me run you through the following:

10. Your confidence level rises

As you grow older, you would have no qualms about speaking in public for you would reach that stage of your life where you stop growing conscious of what others might think of you or of making a mistake. The confidence level you earn with age would also empower you to say no to things or people when required, without flinching or having second thoughts.

9. Gift of a grandchild

This is one special gift nature has allotted to be received with age. Suddenly you find your world filled with your grandchild and the joy and delight you find in them is inexpressible. Also, you will start to realise that your relationship with your grandchild will be different from the one you had with your own children. To add to the fun, you earn more love with less strictness and much more if you hoard sweets for them!

8. You sleep better

A 2012 study conducted by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania showed that those who reached their 70s and 80s have lesser sleep complaints and grumbled less of being tired during the day. They received a solid sleep of 8 hours a day with less stress and work to worry about.

7. Growing old makes it easier to be happy

You have probably walked the worst of the up hills, been there and done that. All your major questions in life would’ve been answered by the time you grow old and all confusions and doubts sorted out and settled- be it your job, life partner, dreams,etc. You would no longer have to fret or worry about how things would “turn out” anymore. This makes it all the more easier to relax, sit back and really enjoy life and be happy about every minute.

6. The “when I was your age” saga…

You may not be the retired soldier with stocks of stories to sell but you would still have your fair share of years, experiences, stories and advices to pass on. As you grow older, you will love the company of youngsters and they will love yours for the many stories, experiences and advices you would have to share. Also, the generation gap would make it all the more interesting for the stories to be told and received.

5. More time for your better half

As you grow older, you begin to realize and appreciate the importance of relationships and love. You align your priorities such that you leave more time and space in your life for your partner and put more into the relationship. This helps not just you and your partner to grow, but also builds a sturdy relationship that will keep you going through thick and thin.

 4. You turn to a hassle-free dresser

As you grow older you realise that beauty lies in the person and you would ditch those painful high heels and tight dresses. It’s actually easier to look good when you grow old with that grey air adding to the beauty. Your comfort comes first and you stop worrying about your weight or looks. So the next time you want to go down to the grocers’ or for a walk with your grandchild it would take you all of 10 minutes to simply select a comfortable wear and step out.

3. More time for important things

As you get older, your priorities become clearer and suddenly you find yourself making time for that little something you have always wanted to do. It could be writing a book, composing a song, exhibiting your artwork, taking a little vacation with your better half, etc. With reduced stress and responsibility, you get more time and opportunity to do the things you love and to be with the people you love the most. This could also be a time where you start to discover certain aspects about you, where you start to see the old with a new eye and start to even appreciate that which you always took for granted. In short, growing old makes you a different and better person.

2. You make peace with your painful past

Life never is a bed of roses and we all would have had our peaks and valleys. There would be some of those incidents or persons who have hurt you in the past. But as you grow older, you mature and so does the relationships you have. It becomes easier to forgive and forget, to let go of that painful memory or pain and to ease yourself. All that anger, fear and sadness from the past dissolves. As you grow older, you tend to have lesser negative emotions and life becomes a better journey to have. After all, how long will one carry the heaviness of the past pain, hurt and anger around? You let go after a while and you live better too.

1.You get wiser with age

If you think that life is a journey, then you would also agree that every joinery is packed with experiences and adventures. Over the years every simple experience you must have have come across would have had a little lesson for you, a little lesson that taught you much. With age also comes patience and you do not jump into rash decisions and you would always make it a point to think twice before making a decision, thus turning yourself into a better decision making person. You realise that even the toughest of times are only temporary and that you will sail through it all. All these experiences, lessons and adventures will also make you an advisor to many.

Being a child is as beautiful as being a toddler; being a teenager as good as being a child; youth is never better or worse than your teenage and growing old is definitely as beautiful as staying young. You start to live on your own terms, you finally muster the courage to say no, you stop making rash decisions, you stop repenting over the past, you learn to let go and above all- you have lived. If you still think growing old is not beautiful, remember that it is not about how old you are but how young your heart is. As Douglas MacArthur said, “…you are as young as your faith…you are as old as you fear. “

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