Top 10 Reasons why Girls always Like Bad Boys

“Mamma told me don’t be talking to a stranger” – seems familiar, doesn’t it? After all, she knows how many different kinds of people we meet once we step out of school. Be it those hormonal teenage years or semi-adult college life, we meet loads of people and each one of them is strikingly different from each other. It is amusing how despite the difference in age during high-school and college, the exciting activity of eye-hunting remains the same! We involuntarily broadly categorize all our acquaintances into few headings – Good, bad, nerd/geek and non-existent. Each category has its specific characteristics and people put in efforts to fit into the category they wish to be in. In such categorization, many people wonder why girls always like the ones falling in “bad boys” category. Here are the top 10 reasons it –
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10) Opposites attract

Physics plays an important role on your mark sheets, but that’s not all! All the theoretical knowledge suddenly comes into practical play when you meet one of those bad boys! His ripped jeans contrasting her simple dressing, loud music against those Bollywood soft numbers, piercings and spiked hair and all those things which make him a part of the bad clan is exactly what attracts her to him. When opposites attract, it is a strong force which can only be felt and not explained!

9) Adventure

Those risky road trips, bike stunts, fast cars or even alcohol, undiscovered trails of your school/college, party life and much more. A bad boy is like a doorway to a life of adventure where you are unsure of what is to happen next. This excitement or adrenaline rush is one of the major reasons why girls like bad boys. All those things which you can’t do with your gang of girls or alone, the perfect people to do that with is the group of bad boys who are used to it and have quite a bit of sense about it!

8) Go with the flow

Many a times, it is common that the liking rises due to peer pressure, or as we say, go with the flow! There comes a stage when all your girlfriends are either seeing someone or already in a relationship. To be a part of the trend, bad boys are the best option! After all the good guys are almost always committed to someone else or even worse committed to their books/work. Most girls find it easy and convenient to like bad boys over the good ones!

7) Rebel, yeah!

As most of us would agree, liking bad boys also stems from all the advice girls hear all their lives. “Mumma told me don’t be talking to a stranger, stranger is danger”, remember? As a mark of their rebellion or as a milestone of inner satisfaction, girls voluntarily or involuntarily tend to like bad boys. After all they offer everything which was forbidden for them! Sometimes when she has had enough of rules, curfew or free advice, it is time to break free and be a rebel! That’s where this liking sets in!

6) Status

It is funny how some girls end up liking all those bad boys because that’s the only way they would hit the school/college news. During those years, it becomes so important and special to raise eyebrows with something like this. What would be better than being the topic of hot gossip for liking one of those bad boys? Most girls take this as a rocket to popularity and it works out more often than not!

5) Step out of the zone

As we already said, the peer group is broadly categorized into different headings. Most girls who fall under the nerd/geek or simple girls’ category are more than unsatisfied with this tag and put in a lot of efforts to step out of that zone! In addition, they are not even remotely interested in the guys of their zone! It becomes more than obvious then that they develop a liking for those bad boys! It is quite common that a few of these girls become interested in bad boys to step out of their zone and be a part of the coveted cool zone!

4) Discoveries

No matter how bright you are in studies or how many A’s you have on your mark sheet, there are tons of such things which books or school/college cannot impart knowledge about! For a greater part of those times you are unaware of even their existence. When you get to know about all that, the prospect of discovering the unknown is exciting and attractive! Most girls develop an intense liking for bad boys due to all the new and exciting things they tell them about or even better make them experience!

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3) Friction

More often than not, girls have some kind of friction with bad boys. Be it due to their nuisance factor during classes or silly harmless pranks in school/college. All this leads to some friction between them. But, on the brighter side, this friction acts as an ice-breaking moment between them. This over time leads to developing a liking for each other! Many girls would agree that they end up liking the same bad guy they once intensely hated for all his mischief and bad ways!

2) Bollywood effect

We have all seen innumerable movies where a simple girl ends up liking the bad guy in the group. What is more, that bad boy leaves all his bad ways and becomes a decent guy for her! We are so obsessed with the Bollywood way of romance that unknowingly we get attracted to the bad boys for this very reason! The hope of having a magical, romantic, masala Bollywood love story creeps inside a girl’s mind as soon as she develops any attraction towards a bad boy!


1) The charm!

As many reasons as we might give, how can we ignore the very basic fact! As bad or as mischievous as the bad boys might be, they have one striking quality. Their charm! They have the capacity to enter a room and make al heads turn with just their arrival. The unmissable stride, the style and their aura, all of this hits every girl around them. A few survive, others are martyrs of their panache! It is not always necessary that the bad boy has to indulge in extremely wrong activities. The most amazing part of liking a bad boy is when he becomes good only for you! That charm is just irresistible!


So find your own bad boy and make him good only for you! These are the various reasons why girls like bad boys, so boys, if you want her to like you, make sure you make your mark and stand out of that huge crowd ahead of her! Bad doesn’t always have to be cheap or dirty. Mischievous, street smart and a gang of fun living buddies is all you need! After all she will like you for what you are! Share any of your experiences with us!

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