Top 10 Reasons Why People Start Doing Drugs

Why people start doing drugs? Well, this question has been around for a long time now, probably because it is hard for a lot of us to comprehend it, as many of us (fortunately!) cannot relate to it. As a child, I always associated drugs with something to be feared of and something that happens only in the movies. But as I grew up to be in college, I realised how real and prevalent it actually is. I know scads of people who take drugs on a regular basis and few who are perhaps addicted to it. Horrifying, isn’t it?

Every day, we learn about people who have lost their work, families and even lives to this lethal addiction, in spite of which, this drug-obsession has never seen a low. So, why do people do drugs, after all? Well, drugs alter the thinking capability of people as it affects directly a person’s nervous system and they’re less likely to make sound decisions. Hence, once they’re on it, it becomes pretty hard to break the habit. But again, why exactly do people start taking drugs?

I have compiled a list of 10 major reasons that pull people towards its haunting wrath. Let’s have a look.


10. Therapeutic use:

People assume that if a drug is prescribed to them or someone they know who had essentially the “same” problem, then it should be okay to use. A large number of people come in contact with drugs as prescribed medicines. In some cases, it can affect a person’s self-control and they might become slaves of an intense urge to take more drugs. But again, why does it affect only some people’s self-control? Generally, the patients who are prescribed these medicines are victims of anxiety and sleep disorders. These medicines or anti-depressants give people a deluded idea of being “normal” again and thus, are simply very addictive. These pills come with a list of harrowing side-effects, addiction topping it, of course. If one is alert, symptoms of addiction can be noted such as having difficulty in remembering things and serious physical dependence to the drug.

09. Low self-esteem:

People with low-evaluation of one’s own self are more probable of turning to drugs. These people often hold themselves guilty of not being good enough. Children are often compared to and said really mean things like “you will never amount to anything” or “why are you so dumb”. Such behaviour can cause severe damage to the fragile hearts of children and the harm often goes unrecognised. This can lead to feeling stuck and the “I don’t belong” or “I am not good enough” feelings. This is why low self esteem sparks self destructive behaviour and these people get involved in drug abuse and other criminal activities. Self-esteem is all about how a person sees himself and sadly a lot of us aren’t very happy about it. But rather than constructively doing something about it, some people take drugs to the “rescue”.



08. Productivity:

Drugs tend to boost energy instantly and are highly popular for attaining endurance. This is why many athletes and students come in contact with drugs and within no time start abusing them. Now, drugs are illicit for a reason. They have huge side effects, from acute dryness in mouth and nausea to blood clots and internal bleeding. The most common stimulant that we use for enhancing our productivity is caffeine. We don’t count that as a drug, I’m aware, but this analogy is good for understanding why people are drawn towards them, and illicit drugs are an elevated form of such stimulant.


07. Experimenting:

Experimentation is the first step towards a perilous journey of drug abuse. In many cases though, people are very careful of what and how much they’re taking but it is very easy to slip off. Adolescents are very keen into trying new things. Drugs seems like fun to play with as it alters your perception and well, a lot more! But remember, Curiosity killed the cat. It is wise to only understand certain things from a distance, drugs being one.


06. Enlightenment:

Oodles of people believe that smoking pot will aid their journey to spiritualism. Even though majority of teachings encourage complete soberness, people will believe the more “fun” way to get there, after all, who doesn’t like shortcuts? Abusing these psychedelic drugs only destroy one’s peace of mind if not repair. Allan Watts, the great interpreter and practitioner of Zen Buddhism, said on the use of these drugs, “If you get the message, hang up the phone.” But from what we know, rarely do people actually hang up on these phone calls.

05. Peer pressure:

The insane obsession to “fit in” can cost too much sometimes. The desire to impress people we barely even care about is the most senseless and yet powerful desire. Young adults who are involved with drugs want company, and they will say almost anything to get others into it. “You will be one of the popular kids” and “Just try one and everything will be okay” are the two most common methods of getting people into this business.


04. Escapism:

Life is hard and narcotics can alter one’s perception, giving them a sense of living in delusion. Many people try to escape from their personal life problems, a failed marriage or from a bad childhood. Drugs give them an altered reality where everything is high and happy and this time they can forget about all worldly problems. A lot of people with mental illnesses are drawn towards drugs because people fail to understand them, running away from this unacceptance and ignorance, they find peace in these deadly substances. But the fatal flaw still remains that suffering is unavoidable and drugs only aggravate it.

A man smokes marijuana recreationally in Toronto, Tuesday May 27, 2003. The federal government moved Tuesday to eliminate criminal penalties for simple possession of marijuana, but promised a tougher line against growers and dealers. (AP Photo/Canadian Press, Kevin Frayer)

03. Rebellion:

Teenagers are induced with high hormone levels at this age and are unnecessarily caught in the cobwebs of drugs, only to assert their maturity and to look like “grown-ups”. Many drugs encourage violent behaviour and this way people express their frustrations more freely. Not only aggression, drugs become a way of flaunting their independence.


02. Traumatic experience:

Many people start taking drugs after a traumatic incident. According to reports, one in four children have had a traumatic experience before the age of 16. Sad, isn’t it? What’s even more depressing is that these people then find drugs (because they’re so easily available these days!). Recovering from post trauma can be a big deal because recovering from the emotional and psychological damage isn’t that easy. It has both physical as well as psychological effects on a person. People are tempted to use alcohol or drugs to cope with the pain. They think of it as a solution (Oh, the irony!).


01. Family history:

Children with drug addict parents are at a heavy risk of falling into this pitfall because they’ve been around it ever since they were brought into this world. The environment we live in profoundly affects us in more ways than we think. In a way, these children have been so okay with drugs being around, they fail to understand how big a deal it actually is. Addiction runs in families, even though one’s life is the choices he makes, but we cannot ignore the fact that our surroundings leave a huge mark on us.


Be it anything, drugs is an extremely addictive and minacious substance and one shouldn’t use it under any circumstances. Seek therapy if you’re already under its shade, it is always possible to cure addictions.

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