Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

If you are a smoker, it is likely that your family and friends have spent hours on giving you the same lecture over and over again. As annoying as that might seem at first, no one can deny the fact that ultimately, they are right. Smoking kills. Almost 32 percent of the population is addicted to nicotine. It is on the top of the list of preventable deaths in the U.S and elsewhere. It might appear cool and trendy, however, smoking has long term risks, which don’t compel people to quit it that instant. Also, it has been observed that on an average, a chain smoker takes around 5-6 attempts to quit it!

Other than the usual lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems, emphysema, etc., smoking has many other downfalls, which might nudge you harder to make up your mind today itself. Little things such as the odour, stains on the teeth and way in which smokers are depicted in a bad light, among a few, are some of the reasons which might compel and motivate you to throw away the pack.


So here are some of the reasons which will help you reach that tipping point and stamp out that butt!

  1. Save big bucks

It comes with no surprise that smoking will burn a hole in your pocket. On an average, for a person who started smoking at a young age spends up to $154,000 in a lifetime, primarily on smoking. A mere pack of cigarettes costs around $ 7 worldwide! And, if we look deeper into the calculations, if a person smokes one pack each day, then he/she has $2800 less from their savings every year. Also, it is just to consider the future aliments a smoker might have, sooner or later in his/her life. As far as insurance premiums are concerned, non- smokers are at an advantage, since it’s considerably lower for them!

  1. Reduces the chances of having diabetes

Many studies have shown that active smokers have a 30- 40% higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes, (especially for those who finish 20 or more cigarettes per day), than non- smokers. It is proven to be an independent risk factor for diabetes. All in all, smoking increases the heart rate and blood pressure, hence increasing circulation. It causes the blood cells and vessels to become sticky, which leads to concentration of fatty material in these parts, which ultimately lead to strokes. Smokers who already have diabetes have less control over their blood- sugar levels.

  1. Will help you catch your breath!

Smoking and breathlessness go hand in hand. It is common for smokers to feel breathless from time to time. Your poor lungs suffer the most in this process. As you inhale smoke, a sticky black substance called ‘tar’ gets accumulated in your lungs, which hinders your breathing process. You will be shocked to see your lungs in such a situation, which looks no less like a nightmare (as you must’ve seen in the anti-smoking ads in movie halls). Though, the good part is, if you stop now, then your lungs will undergo a healing process and clean up on its own. So, step up, and take action right now!

  1. Won’t kill others through passive smoking

What greater joy could one get out knowing that he/she will no longer expose other innocent people through passive smoking! Second- hand smoking is exceptionally harmful. It leads to increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and perilous levels of carbon monoxide in the blood stream. It is a known fact that the smoke coming out of the cigarette end contains more hazardous chemicals (of which many are carcinogenic) than the smoke which is directly inhaled. On an average, it leads to 50,000 deaths per year! Exposing babies to this smoke can have disastrous effects.

  1. Sleep peacefully

Had problems in sleeping quietly? Blame the rollup. A 2013 study from researchers at URMC found out that smoking tobacco modifies the expression of clock genes in the lungs and the brain, hence tarnishing a good night’s sleep. Smokers are more likely to get non- restorative sleep, than others, where nicotine is the one to be blamed. One requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Smoking may stifle sleep and invites other health problems related to sleep deprivation.

  1. Make you more active

Smokers do experience exhaustion when they do some of the day to day activities, like climbing the stairs, playing some sport, taking the dog out for a walk or during morning jogs. The lungs deteriorate over time as filth gets accumulated and reduces its capacity to work efficiently. If you stop now, with its natural healing abilities, the lungs will slowly come back to its natural healthy state, and make you fitter in all aspects. Even young sportsmen are advised to ditch the roll, as it greatly affects their performance on the field.

  1. Reduces susceptibility to infections

Smokers are highly prone towards all kinds of infections. The risk of getting an infection by pneumonia- causing bacteria is exponentially greater for smokers than for non- smokers, as shown by the data from CDCP. There is no denying the fact that lighting up will hamper your respiratory system’s protective mucous membranes, which increases the chances of infections attacking your body. Also, on top of that, it will weaken your immunity system, therefore, reducing your disease fighting capacity. So, are you ready to quit now?

  1. Easier to find a soul mate and will be accepted by the society

People are attracted to people who don’t smoke up. In matrimonial advertisements, often we see people demanding a groom or a bride who ‘don’t smoke’. It is easier to find a partner, if you don’t inculcate habits such as this, which marks a negative dot on your personality.  Smoking is seen as a taboo in the society, something which is damaging for the society as a whole, and if you quit, you will automatically gain respect from your family, friends and co- workers. By quitting, you are giving a message to others that you are capable and strong enough to break through these tentacles and lead a respectable life.

  1. Improves your looks

No one would want to look older than their age, be it a man or a woman. One reason which will surely compel you to quit is to avoid premature aging. Smoking causes the skin to become leathery, pale, accentuates wrinkles and speeds up the aging process. The biology behind this lies in the fact that smoking withdraws oxygen from the living tissues and constricts the blood vessels causing the blood to not flow properly. Giving up smoking would give you a more natural and healthier look. Also, it will save you from acquiring stained teeth!

  1. Saves you from all kinds of cancer!

Cancer instils a fear inside everyone, and sadly, smoking increases your possibility of being diagnosed to many- fold, compared to non- smokers. Research shows that a smoker is 14 times more prone to lung cancer, mouth cancer or throat cancer! Now that’s a scary estimate. Smoking is the most preventable cause of cancer. According to World Health Organization, tobacco is responsible for more than 100 million deaths worldwide in the 20th century! So, have you made up your mind yet?

To quit smoking will be hard, that’s imperative. However, nothing is unachievable. After all, it’s all about choices! You choose, you make the rules, and not the tobacco companies.



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