Top 10 Reasons why Gamers love Video Games

A great video game, whether a nail biting thriller, a tough platformer or a beautiful open world experience, is an experience like no other form of entertainment. Gaming is like a complete package of entertainment. Along with ability to generate visual data and audio, a video game also gives user the ability to alter this data with the help of a means of input. The possibilities in gaming are theoretically endless. People, especially gamers, show great interest in Video Games due to many reason out of which 10 have been listed below.

10.Saving Progress : Most games allow the player to save all the progress made in one playing session and load this progress in another playing session. First of all, it means that you don’t have to necessarily always complete the game in one go as you can save your progress and continue later. Secondly, in some cases this also encourages the user to take risks and hence learn the game better. Risks can be taken because the user doesn’t have to worry about losing all his/her previously saved progress.


9.Online Multiplayer : Usually video games end when their single player progress is over. But nowadays the feature of online multiplayer in many games acts as an extension to the experience. The ability to play against or with other players from all over the world in the same virtual space is impressive itself. In addition to that there are features developed to make the online experience even better. A great example of online multiplayer is GTA Online. It is a very realistic experience and there is so much you can do in it.


8.Music and Soundtracks : The background audio complements the visual data in the game. It can be used to make a tensed up situation feel tensed up or a beautiful scene feel even more delightful to watch. It is a big part of the gaming experience. Remove the audio in a game, and in many cases, you will lose the motivation to play the game. Transistor is the perfect example, when we discuss the role of music. The background music in Transistor is a blessing for the ears and it accounts for a lot of the gaming experience.


7.Well Written Story : A story that is well written is always the one that compels the player to continue playing and feel motivated to do whatever is required in the game. A story has a great role in making the game less or more interesting. A sense of satisfaction you get on completing a video game, in many cases, is directly linked to the story that is told in it and the way the story is told. Assassin’s Creed 2, The Last of Us and many other games exist that show us how a great story can make the game something more than just a game i.e a great experience.


6.Graphics : Whether pixel graphics or awesome three dimensional environments, a graphically well designed game is always a tasty snack for the eyes. For a game to hold the interest of a player it is essential for it to be visually appealing because a great part of the experience is what the player sees. A right set of colors and textures, a good collection of models(if three dimensional) and an aesthetically pleasing environment made by combining models with colors and textures never fails to impress the player. Some series like Uncharted, God of War and Final Fantasy do the job of creating jaw-dropping, mind-blowing and eye-popping three dimensional graphics so well that you just want to keep on playing these games, just to keep looking at the stunning detail of everything around you.


5.The Challenge : Finishing a game is what one can describe as achieving the goal of the game by overcoming all challenges in the game. Some games do very well the job of giving you challenges that make you better at the game or that give you a great sense of achievement or that keep you trying again and again. But what might be a challenge for one person, might not be a challenge for the other person and so here is where many games give you the feature of setting the difficulty level. A great example of a challenging game is Shovel Knight, a game inspired by old games,their pixel graphics and their spirit of learning by dying again and again. It is a game that lets you learn how to defeat its levels on your own and gives one of the best feelings whenever any level is completed.


4.Amazing Characters : There are some in game characters that never fail to impress the player with their well designed digital personalities made by combining animation and voice with the character models. Just to look at them act and react in the world they live is very delightful. Some have a great sense of humor, some have a heart-braking will of sacrifice and some have a good appetite for adventure. There are many amazing characters that have been given birth to in video games. One of the most popular of these is Nathan Drake from the Uncharted Series who is played by the great actor Nolan North.


3.Immersion : There are many games that bring in the player a great desire to be in the game. The more you are able to connect with the game, the more immersive the game is and hence the satisfaction of playing is more. Immersion in games is a result of a lot of things done right like explaining the controls, making good overlays to show statistical data, getting the sound effects right.


2.Recreating Reality : In video games, we can recreate historical events and play the game as a person present at the event. With thorough research and little creativity one can make games to experience an historical event in a way that is very similar to the real one. There are games that also go for alternate timelines that is a different history at the same time or a different way of looking at the same history. Assassin’s Creed is a series that has worked on bringing several parts of history back to life like the French Revolution, the Crusades and the Renaissance in Italy.


1.Defying Reality : We can recreate reality with games but we also want something that is not real, something unknown, something packed with wonder. And that is what games can do in the best way possible. With the magic of technology it is possible to make incredibly beautiful environments and breath life into these environments. There is no doubt that living in the open world of some selected games feels far more exciting than our real lives. In a game you can ride a dragon with a sword in your hand or you can learn to live in an apocalypse or you can travel to beautifully designed planets. Some good examples of games that people generally like due to their breath-taking and re-imagined reality are Horizon Zero Down and Fallout 4.


Games are risky to make due to the competition and the expectations. But it is great when the risk to make a game pays off. Music and movies are great sources of entertainment but video games are undoubtedly entertainment taken to the next level. So next time looking for entertainment then turn on your gaming console and get started.

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