Top 10 Remotest Inhabited Places of the World

In a world today, which revolves around various forms of connectivity, namely, technological, financial, cultural, political and economical, globalization as a concept appears to have reached every single corner of the world. The notion that someone might be out there who doesn’t know about internet, phone or computers may be considered a far-fetched thought today. However, our very perception of what this world has become poses a challenge to whether we are as connected as we think we are. Knowing about some of the places out there, located in far flung corners of the world, inhabited by people who have nothing to do with outside world, may get us to realize that the world is after all, not that small and it still has corners which are unexplored. Here we bring to you, a list which attempts to rank some of these places which are remote and yet, are resided by people.


10. Supai, Arizona

If we say that the remotest place is located in mainland United States, chances are very meek that you would actually agree. Yet, the Native American village of Supai is certainly one such place. It is located in the middle of the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. If you want to reach the village, you need to hike for 8 miles straight down the canyon! However, with modern technological advancements, the place can now be reached with a helicopter, too. It sees a lot of tourists every year, with the average being a good 20,000, a number which is steadily increasing, owing to the numerous references to this village in Hollywood movies. Strange thing: this place has just one restaurant! However, who cares about such ultra modern inventions when you can bask in the raw glory of nature with numerous waterfalls, travertine pools and colourful rock formations!

9. Longyearbyen, Norway

Named after John Munro Longyear and resting just above the arctic circle, Longyearbyen is just the place you are never likely to hear about. Located in the remotest corner of Norway, this place has a population of about 1000 and is the northern most settlement in the world to have such population. An interesting thing about Longyearbyen which also makes it quite important place for the rest of the world is that the Global Seed Vault is located here. It refers to an underground storage space that harbors different types of plant seeds from across the world, just in case there is a global catastrophe and we are in need of them.

8. Lajamanu, Australia

From Norway, let us now go to another corner of the world, Australia. With a population of about 700-800, Lajamanu is probably the remotest place located in Australian Outback. This town has almost no electricity or any other daily supplies. Power requirements are met by a solar generator located in town and food supplies are delivered here on a weekly basis. Formed in 1948, Lajamanu was meant to be a place for outcasts from the Australian society, but slowly and gradually, people here started living like a community and even developed a language of their own.

7. Kake, Alaska

Most of us know Alaska to be a place that’s entirely remote and sort of unreachable. Well, that is not so; most of Alaska is well inhabited and is connected to rest of the world. There are few places which are significantly remote and sparsely populated. Kake is among one of them. Located in the wilderness of Alaskan land, Kake has a population of about 500-600 and there is no land route to reach this place. You can only visit this place by boat or by air. With almost inaccessible communication from the outside world for most of the year, Kake is definitely the place to be at, in case you want to remain alone for some time. Known for its hospitality, Kake has a number of lodges and hotels to welcome its tourists.

6. Bakhtia, Siberia

With most of the countries freezing right now, hearing about the next place on this list might actually make you feel good about winters in your parts of the world. With no running water, Bakhtia is a nightmare for any human who doesn’t belong there. Located in Siberia, coldest place on earth, Bakhtia has no telephones or any other means of communication and can only be reached by air, that too, if the weather is kind enough. It is almost astonishing as to how does the community of some 300-odd people survive here. With winters lasting for months, the Sun in Bakhtia is a welcome guest that seldom arrives and leaves pretty soon.

5. Tristan Da Cunha, South Africa

Awarded the title of being the remotest island of the world many times, Tristan da Cunha is a place known to very few. Although located near South Africa, it is a British Overseas territory and it takes a 7 day boat trip to reach here from the nearest city of Cape Town. Life as you could imagine is tough in Tristan da Cunha as it rains for about 3/4th of the year and absence of roads or electricity for most part, adds to the trouble. It is the solidarity of the people living there that has made a life possible in such harsh conditions.

4. Palmerstone, Cook Islands

With less than 100 people inhabiting it, Palmerstone islands located within New Zealand territory is certainly one of the remotest place on Earth where people actually live. All the people living here trace their ancestor to a single individual and thus, make up for one for the strangest communities around. As far as resources are concerned, people here are pretty much dependent on outside world. Supplies reach this place, but only twice a year. After all, there’s only much you need for 60 people. With electricity, phones and internet for only 2 hours a day, Palmerstone islands is a world in its own and that too, a world consisting of a very big family.

3. Kerguelen Islands

Europe pretty much represents the extent of development we have made as humans and how well connected the world is today. But when it comes to some of their overseas territories, the story takes a U-turn. Kerguelen Island, which is a territory of France, is popularly known as ‘Desolation Islands’. This is enough to give you an idea of how isolated it is. The population here is around 100 but it significantly reduces to about half in winters. With the nearest civilization more than 3500 km away, you should think more than twice and pack real good if ever you decide to visit this place.

2. Pitcairn Islands

Most of the places in this list are isolated because of their geographical aspects. They are snowed for most of the year or are located far off around the oceans. This one, however, is an exception. An overseas territory of Britain, Pitcairn Islands has rich and fertile land which is largely pollution free. Sounds like a good place to invest, doesn’t it? Well, not really; habituated by around 50 residents, the place is not connected to any major port or city and is giving a lot of trouble to its administrators because of high number of sex offenders in this place, which range from incestuous to criminal in nature.

1. Chang Tang, Tibet

Chang Tang is located about 2000km above surface sea level which makes it the highest place in this list. Tibetan plateau which engulfs the area contains the most hostile living conditions you can possibly think of. But people who live here, are the most hospitable people you will ever come across. Although they are hard to spot, very hard to communicate with and almost impossible to understand, Changpa community which inhabits Chang Tang and most of Tibet have been a subject for researchers for a while now. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in 2009 named this part of Tibetan Plateau as the world’s most remote place after compiling a list of most and least interconnected places on earth.

When the philosophers and scientists alike say that the world is a wonder, you agree. However, if their words do not sound convincing enough, pack your bags and add oodles of courage to them, and go on on just one expedition to any of these places. That would be more than overwhelming an experience, we are sure!

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