Top 10 Simple Effective Tips for Foot Care

Is it Saturday? Are you ready to rock the dance floor tonight? Or is it Sunday and you are planning to meet old pals over a drink? Or is it a Monday morning and you are fully packed and ready to start the race of your day? Go on!  After all “enjoyment is something that makes our life worth living!” But hey! Wait, don’t you think you are ignoring something? Are you thanking your work horses, who treat your wish as their command? Friends here I am talking about “our feet.” They carry us all day long, from one place to another with “no complaints and few demands” But are we offering them what we owe? Are you thanking this gift of nature in a good way? If yes then keep it up! And if no here is the bucket list of do’s for all.




Scientifically speaking our body comprises of 72% of water and any deduction in the consummation of amount of water can adversely affect our health. Make a point of having at least 2 ltrs of water every day to keep yourself healthy internally. But this isn’t enough for having happy feet. Wash your feet at least twice a day. Once during the shower in the morning and once in the evening, as soon as you get back home after a long tiring day. Soaping and scrubbing them is a must do as it removes the dead skin layer which forms due to too much exposure.


  1. RELAX


Hey! What happened? Had a rough and a tiring day? Thinking about relaxing your feet and in turn releasing your tension? Don’t worry it isn’t that difficult. Just pick up a tub, fill it with warm water and add a pinch of salt to it, stir it and place your feet in that tub for approximately 25-30 minutes. This remedy will not only release your tension but will help you in treating  problems like swollen feet and will make them look more attractive. But don’t forget I am asking you to add warm water not hot water as it can make your skin dull and dry.




Be gentle to your skin. Don’t use harsh and rough towels to clean your skin. Keep your feet moisturised. It will heal up the cracks and fine lines on your skin and will give a lustrous effect to it. After washing your feet don’t forget to pat dry it as it avoids fungal and odour related problems. Avoid scrubbing it harshly as it may lead to a rash or may be irritation. Be a little selective about your moisturiser, choose it according to your skin type. Make a point of moisturising your feet before retiring to bed. Your skin healing process is faster at night. Follow this religiously, enjoy your beauty sleep and wake up with happy feet.




I can really understand that there is nothing like being a child but guys maintaining hygiene is equally important. Walking barefooted on soil, sand or grass can offer many health benefits but being barefooted every time can make you suffer.  Remove your footwear only when you are retiring to bed or taking rest as walking barefooted can lead to accumulation of dirt resulting in clogging of skin pores and you don’t want that to happen right? So to achieve the goal of beautiful and happy feet, it’s the time to say good bye to barefoot walks.




A saying goes like this “fear no more the heat of the sun nor the mighty winter’s rage.” But I would like to say “do fear them!” Sunlight can give your feet a tan look whereas the mighty winter’s rage can make your feet dull and dry. Try wearing socks in all the seasons to protect your feet from harsh weather conditions.

TIP: Wearing socks at night after cleaning your feet and applying a good moisturizer on it can act as catalyst for your healing.




Men might feel visiting a beauty parlour is a waste of time but girls do know the importance of it. Right girls? Almost all of us are aware about different pedicures and the benefits they offer to our feet. Regular pedicure treatment reduce fine lines, keep your nails healthy and make them glowing. Go for natural products as they don’t harm your skin and keep it youthful. Fish pedicure tops the “hot now” list as the small fishes in the tank nibble away the dirt and dead skin and leaves you with soft and shiny happy feet.




Well, my dear shopaholics, I am sure you all are going to thank me after you read this. Go on!

Carrying same pair of footwear every day is a big no-no, if you want to keep them healthy. Not only do the shoes undergo daily wear and tear but your feet also feels the strain of the same footwear, resulting in corns, shoe bites and calluses. Try rotating them by using 2-3 different pairs a week or you can also alternate them. Doing this will avoid foot fatigue and reduce wear and tear on the foot.



Don’t go for any random pair just because it attracts you. Go for the pair which is comfortable to carry. Carrying heels improves your walk and gives you a “sassy look” but try to keep a balance between low, medium and high heels. Keep high heels for special occasions only. Be a shoe savvy while buying them. You can even be a little smarter by carrying a pair of heels in a bag with you and you can put them on once you reach office or your desired destination.

Tip: Try to go for shopping in the evening as your feet is stressed and swelled at that time.



foot file

Facing problems like corns and calluses? Don’t worry! It is nothing more than accumulation of dead skin. All that’s required is a gentle scrub with a pumice stone or may be with a foot file. Be a little gentle to your skin and smooth them delicately. Do not use sharp objects to pop them rather try lactic acid creams to hydrate and exfoliate dry and dead skin . Don’t be a self-proclaimed doctor and seek for proper medication if you notice anything serious.



Your body is your temple. If you can’t take care of your body you probably can’t do anything in your life. It is very important to maintain a regular blood flow. Don’t let your lazy activities interrupt the flow of blood to your feet as it may lead to many problems including deterioration of outer beauty of your feet. Wiggle your toes, twist your feet and avoid sitting in one position for a longer time period to avoid these problems and if you are reluctant to get up and do efforts for yourself, then suffer without complaining.

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