Top 10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Metabolism

There are times when you simply want to shed some kilos, gain a good physique and stay fit. For that, most of us undergo a rigorous session of gymming which includes numerous rounds on the treadmill, cycling session, weight lifting to say the least. However, despite such rigorous attempts, we fail to understand as to why our we actually not reaping as much benefit as we should be. Most of the times it is the rate of metabolism of our bodies which creates all the difference. No matter how much effort you put in, your body will respond only and only according to your metabolism. So, an effective strategy to handle this situation would be an effort towards improving one’s metabolism. Here we bring to you some really simple ways in which you can improve your metabolism. Read on and stay fit!


10. Sleep Early

A research was conducted in Finland which came to a conclusion that people who slept early had less visceral fat and were less prone to stress related diseases. A good rate of metabolism requires people to not only exert their bodies physically but also to take some adequate amount of rest. Though the postmodern age has made all of us too occupied with things around us and it is rather fashionable to sleep late, one should keep in mind that it is harmful in the long run. The old adage of early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise is certainly true.

9. Pre-Food Drink

The American Chemical Society came up with a study at its annual conference in 2015 which read that those who consume two glasses of water prior to a meal lost an average of five more pounds than those who did not. Drinking water is highly beneficial in keeping all your body processes functioning well. It helps in keeping you energised and prevents you from giving in to the temptations of random munching sessions. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways of improving your metabolism. Just chug down water.

8. Protein to the Rescue

Protein not only keeps your hair smooth and strong, but also helps in improving your metabolism. Protein helps in developing and maintaining lean muscle. Researches have shown that protein consumption helps in calorie reduction and increases the success rate by as high as 35%! So, next time you go to the grocery store, remember to take all the sea food and green vegetables. And yes, some nuts too.

7. Small Portions

This is one small lifestyle and food habit whose importance cannot be stressed enough. Every dietician and gym instructor in the world would ask you to consume more number of meals and less amount of food in each meal. Having just three meals is not going to up your metabolism as it stagnates your body’s calories and due to the large intervals between successive meals, you tend to ingest more food than required. In order to solve this, go for smaller portions and increase the number of times you eat in a day. An easy way of reducing the portion size is to use smaller dishes or plates for eating as they would accommodate less food and if you even try stuffing more onto your plate, it would just look obscene and play with your cognitive faculties!

6. Ditch Alcohol

Alcohol is not good for health and we all know it. Sad, but true. It dehydrates our body. Also, the body has a tendency to burn the fat first and that means that all the rest of the calories from food get stored as fat. This would simply not allow you to lose fat effectively as your body would be caught in reducing calories gained from alcohol only. Beer belly is a truth universally acknowledged, right? However, if you simply cannot resist your glass of liquor, then go for wine as it has fewer calories.

5. Caffeine Love

It is time for all the coffee lovers out there to rejoice and make merry as they have finally found a reason to actually stick to their love for coffee and not give it up. Caffeine has the ability to boost up the central nervous system which can aid a high metabolism rate. Consuming coffee makes one more energised and helps in using up the energy restores at a faster rate, thus increasing metabolism. So, wait no more. Grab a cup of coffee. Remember to keep cream and sugar aside.

4. Spice It Up

Chillis can spice up not just your food but also your metabolism! Great, isn’t it? You can enjoy your meals with a heightened taste and still have a sleek body. After all, it is not always necessary to have bland food if you want to eat something that would affect your health in a good way. Chillis contain a substance called capsaicin which has a thermogenic effect. It has been observed that a good amount of chilli can burn around 90 calories more after a meal.

3. Dive In Yogurt

The ever yum and healthy cup of yogurt can come handy in improving one’s metabolism quite well. Yogurt and other probiotic food items help in reducing fat effectively and consistently. In addition to that, yogurt has some fatty acids called conjugated linoleic acid which helps in burning fat at a faster pace. Next time you find yourself craving for a dessert, opt for a nice frozen cup of yogurt. You may add fresh fruits such as blueberries and strawberries to enhance its taste even further.

2. Green Tea

What ailment is there in this world that green tea cannot heal! This drink is certainly Godsend and is an angel in disguise. No kidding. Green tea helps in burning fat a rapid pace. It has antioxidants called catechins. They help in reduction of abdominal fat especially if aided by a regular workout session of an average of 2-3 hours every week. Studies have shown that a hot cup of green tea without any added sugar can help in reducing 100 more calories daily. Isn’t this a magic potion?

  1. Move. Fidget.

What if we told you that the easiest way in which you can improve your metabolism is through moving and only moving? Yes. Scientists have conducted numerous studies and a conclusion has been drawn that fidgeting, moving and walking a little bit only can help drastically in improving your rate of metabolism. When you fidget, your body is shaken from its long held stupor and the movement of muscles helps in a constant working of your muscles. For this, you might just start by standing up while you are talking on phone as soon you would find yourself fidgeting or even better, walking! Be a multi-tasker and enjoy all the health!

Top 10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Metabolism

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