Top 10 Most Successful Zodiac Signs

Have you ever wondered how rich will you be? Or will the world know your name in the future? Or will you do something so remarkable that you will be in the history books? Well, we all love the excitement that comes with things unknown, mostly if it comes with someone predicting our future. If you have ever wanted to learn about your future, you must know a lot of things like palm reading, fortune telling, tarot reading are the various ways in which you can predict your future. The most common method is by reading your horoscopes. In the world of technology we have a lot of online horoscope sites, newspapers and apps that tell you what your daily future would be. While setting superstitions aside, we decided to have a little fun and made a list of the Top 10 Most Successful Zodiac Signs. Read on to see where you fit in:

  1. Scorpio (22nd Oct – 22nd Nov)

Scorpios are known for their passion, zeal and hardwork. Anyone who knows a Scorpion will tell you about their stubbornness and resilience. The true nature of a Scorpion is to observe slyly, understand and attack and that is exactly how they deal with most situations in their life. Any Scorpion has such a deep powerhouse inside them that because of their happy go lucky and jolly nature, they quickly become the crowd’s favourites. One attribute of a successful Scorpion is his never to say die attitude, he will not bend or give up in any situation that he’s put into. A Scorpion never cares about public opinion, he doesn’t believe in false friends nor will he be crushed if put in front of a large revolting crowd, isn’t that how people become successful?

Successful Scorpions: Bill Gates, Shahrukh Khan

  1. Leo (24th July – 23rd Aug)

When a lion roars, everyone hears it, heard of that saying?  This holds true in case of a Leo. A Leo is known for his extravagance and a big heart of gold. They make excellent leaders due to their ability of holding people together. They dictate orders in a way that it’s made sure people listen to them.  They have a very positive attitude towards like so everything that they do, even if it fails they always take it in their stride. Because of their good heart, friends and opportunities always flow to a Leo with him making very little effort. When a Leo commits to any assignment, they go all the way through with and not just alone but with the entire team. Leo’s love attention so they show off everything they got to earn that attention.

Successful Leos: Barack Obama, JRD Tata

  1. Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

Patience is virtue holds true for any Taurus. It is the one characteristic that takes them to new heights and keep them on top. Most Taureans have very generous and polite nature, which is key in tricky situations they always seem to be landing into. They are perfectionists but also willing to put in hardwork to get the perfect results. Their expectations from their team are very high so they keep pushing their subordinates to do better as a team. A Taurean is literally like a bull, throw anything at them and they will face with a brave heart and convert it into an opportunity. Taureans always follow a systematic method in anything they do, some may call it age old or obsolete but that doesn’t deter a Taurean, because they know it’s the end result that counts. The people under this sign have a knack for money making, which they make complete use of if they get into the right business.

Successful Taureans: Queen Elizabeth II, Sachin Tendulkar

  1. Aquarius (21st Jan – 19th Feb)

Aquarians are rebels who get their way by hook or crook. They are very intelligent and creative, so they like to be around people who are openminded. Aquarians are usually visionaries; they do things keeping a long term view in mind. They make for good guides; anyone who they take under their wings is a definite success. Friendships and companionships mean a lot to them, so they take good care of their team. You will always see an Aquarian forming new strategies, their attention to detail is always commended. Aquarians don’t believe in doing things later, for them it’s always now or never.

Successful Aquarians: Cristiano Ronaldo, Jagjit Singh

  1. Capricorn (22nd Dec – 19th Jan)

Free flowing, creative, ideating yet disciplined is how anyone would describe the Capricorn they know. Because of all the creative juices always flowing in their heads, time management is always a problem for these signs. Their leadership qualities and honest natures is what makes them successful people. They are self disciplined but do not tend to invest in other people too much, which often may make them cold and ruthless bosses. A Capricorn is daring and takes changes sometimes without giving too much thought – risk takers. They are very ambitious people whose life is only black and white; there are no in-betweens for them.

Successful Capricorns: Jim Carey, Salman Khan

  1. Gemini (21st May – 21st June)

Serious and playful are two personalities of the Gemini, and they know which one to use when. This is big reason what makes them excellent leaders. These people tend to divide their attention to various assignments and that’s how they get all work done together. Because of the motivation they spread across, they make excellent managers. The fact that they can persuade the other person to do as they want makes them amazing salespersons too. They are quick witted and not afraid to speak their mind, which is a big plus in the industry environment.

Successful Gemini: Johnny Depp, Ekta Kapoor

  1. Libra (22nd Sep – 22nd Oct)

Librans like delegating duties so be prepared to do a lot of work if you are working under one. Librans are very jovial and thus they hold teams together. Partnership, group anatomy and peace at workplaces mean a lot to them. They always want to grow and keep exploring new horizons. They are great business partners but not as good as business people alone. They are very diplomatic but have a lot of ideas for new ventures. Librans always trust their instinct and hence succeed in everything they do.

Successful Librans: Michael Douglas, Lata Mangeskar

  1. Virgo (22nd Aug -22nd Sep)

Virgo is the most analytical sign among all.  They have all the qualities required to run a corporation successfully – Intelligence, reliability, observance. Because of their highly analytical mind, they are excellent researchers and thence they enter a particular market only when they are sure of it. They think rationally and hence if any conflict arises they always have a solution. Goal setting is one of the important features they carry, due to which they are clear of their motives.

Successful Virgos: Tim Burton, Akshay Kumar

  1. Sagittarius (23rd Nov – 20 Dec)

Independent and thrill seekers, Sanitarians have a very out of the box mind. They cannot work in controlled scenarios; they need their own creative freedom. But pressure brings the best in them. Their deal with any business is all or nothing. They live a very structured life and don’t want to miss any moment of their life. They are bursts of energy around people and thus very likeable personalities. Sanitarians don’t like playing mind games and their straightforward nature is not always appreciated but it takes them to new heights. Their ‘live and let live’ policy works for a stress free environment.

Successful Sanitarians: Brad Pitt, Rajnikanth

  1. Aries (21st Mar – 19 Apr)

Aries are like coconuts, tough from outside but soft in the core. They make look angry and furious but they are extremely well natured, generous and optimistic. They have very low patience for people that slack and do not like ill natured people. They are gamblers and plunge right in with any decision without thinking. They care a lot about their close ones and thus tend to depend on them for any major decisions they need to make.

Successful Aries: James Franco, Rani Mukherjee

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