Top 10 Things about Guys Girls Don’t Get

They say girls are complicated, but they have no idea how difficult boys are to understand. It is a misconception that only girls are mysteries. In their own way, guys are as much an enigma. If girls talk a dime a dozen, guys simply clam up and expect us to guess what’s going on with them. If we take ten minutes to get ready, their idea of looking good is spraying deo all over themselves. Everything is a threat to their masculinity for no reason whatsoever, and girls seem to exist simply to please them. There’s just so much about boys that is still a mystery to girls all over the world. Here is a list of top ten things that girls don’t get about guys-


10- Kitchen is where girls belong
Most guys love food, but are allergic to making it. They have imbibed old stereotypes about women belonging to the kitchen, and refuse to make sandwiches for themselves. Sexist jokes about women belonging in the kitchen and men in front of the TV take on a real life meaning for them. Girls, meanwhile, simply fail to understand why guys think entering the kitchen to pour a glass of water will somehow make them less of a man. Guys are so happy gorging on food, but when it comes to helping in the kitchen they are suddenly too good for such menial, womanly work. Why this happens is something girls don’t understand.

9- Bros before ‘hoes’
Firstly, your girlfriend is not your hoe. Nobody is a hoe. Stop using that disrespectful term altogether. Secondly, we get that you need bro time. We love our girls nights too. But that does not mean you keep cancelling plans with your girlfriend to watch WWE or football or chill with your guy friends. If you have made a date with your girlfriend, and she’s excited about it, don’t be a jerk and cancel it for beer with your friends. Honour your commitments, even if you think something more fun is happening without you. If your girl ditches her friends to spend time with you, she expects the same in return sometimes.

8- Vague plans
Yeah let’s hang out babe is NOT a date. Sometimes, girls like to see a little effort being put into making plans. We don’t expect you to take us to 5 star restaurants everyday and buy us jewellery, but sometimes it would be nice if you could put on pants and go out instead of lazing around in a dirty room. Girls like to have well defined plans, so while stay at home dates are very nice, sometimes just hanging out does not cut it. Instead, take some time out, wash some clothes and tell her you guys are going to try a new restaurant or spending Sunday morning on a picnic. Make some nice, concrete plans for her. She is definitely tired of planning all dates for the two of you alone.

7- Assumptions
Why do you assume that you know more about sports than girls? Why do you assume that every girl smoking a cigarette is mouth fagging because girls don’t know how to smoke? Why do you think girls don’t care about cars and bikes? Maybe making sexist assumptions rooted in stereotypical images of girls is not a great idea? Just maybe? Stop assuming that all girls care about is makeup and looking good. Those are just baseless stereotypes. Girls are interested in sports too. We like video games too, even if we can’t understand your obsession with them. These assumptions that guys make about all girls, without bothering to getting to know them first, is one more thing that girls can’t understand about guys.

6- WHY so many video games?
Don’t get me wrong, girls like playing video games too. But nobody can deny that this is a field predominated by men. Guys love playing video games- everything from DOTA to GTA to FIFA. And the more violent these games are, the more they seem to like them. They will miss meals, cancel dates and bunk college to reach a new high score. Video games begin when guys are teenagers playing Mario and never really seem to stop. They find newer games, spend money on Xboxes and pirated versions of famous games and refuse to come out of their rooms or take care of basic hygiene while playing games. Guys and their obsession with video games is not something we will understand anytime soon.

5- So long to text back
We know you’ve seen our text. Thanks to whatsapp now, we know for sure you have. One hundred blue tick mark percent sure. So why don’t you reply? What sadistic pleasure guys get in making a girl wait for a reply is something we don’t get. It’s as simple as a yes or no. A hi or a bye. Do not take 20 minutes to reply. And most definitely do not ‘k’ us. A ‘k’ is not a reply, it’s an alphabet. If we have put effort into typing a long message for you, return the courtesy.

4- Why don’t you talk?
What is so bad about talking? Why do you insist on falling asleep as soon as you’re done? Why are dates mostly about getting drunk and listening to music. Talking is not such a bad thing. I don’t understand why most guys refuse to talk about anything except the most superficial of topics. Does it mean emotional vulnerability or do your jaws hurt? I know girls are stereotyped as being yakkity creatures who can talk a mile, but maybe we wouldn’t if you listened and participated in our conversation.

3- Why don’t you remember anything?
This one is especially frustrating for girlfriends, wives and mothers all over the world. Guys simply listen to things from one ear and let it float out of the other. Unless the conversation is about them, or about food, they will usually forget all about it. So if you have made a plan, you know you’ll have to text them five times to remind them about it. And then they say you nag. If you have just shared a juicy piece of gossip with your boyfriend, rest assured that nobody will ever hear it again because chances are he will simply forget all about it. And if you want him to go grocery shopping, so help you god.

2- Ask for directions
Guys would rather spend a whole night driving around in circles, looking for the venue, than ask someone for directions. Never mind the fact that their family is hungry and cranky, never mind that they are late, doesn’t matter if you’re lost- asking for directions? What a ridiculous proposition! We simply don’t understand why guys think asking for directions will somehow make them less of a man. You’re a human being, not a GPS.

1- Why the massive egos
Sigh. Tired of your guy’s ego the size of Mount Everest? We all are, girl, we all are. Guys take the slightest of things as personal affronts to their dignity. They seem to think that every funny jab is directed at their masculinity, and are ready to bare punches at whosoever made it. They can ignore their girlfriends for weeks, but the second someone else looks at her she suddenly becomes their property which needs to be protected. Guys have huge, huge egos, and don’t know how to handle them. Why they have such egos, we don’t understand.

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