Top 10 Things Children Really Love Doing

Children have their quirks and one might get annoyed by them or one might simply adore them, but one simply does not ignore a child. They crave for attention and this is a fact which is acknowledged by all the parents in the world. After all, they are so new in this world. They do need some protection, right? In addition to this, children have a pure soul which is enough to bring a smile on anybody’s face. It is said that if you want to learn how to be happy and live life, spend time with small children. We totally agree with it. The way they play, the way they talk, the way they walk, everything about these fluffballs is so cute. While there are moments when a wailing baby can make you scratch your head and pull your hair in angst, you cannot forgo entirely the cuteness of the tiny toddlers.

Also, there are times when new parents simply have no idea as to how should they keep their child occupied and utilise their energy to its optimum level. But, parents, there are so many things that are usually loved by kids all over the globe. We bring to you a list of 10 such things which children love doing. You may choose to go aww or make notes for your child, whichever suits you.

Top 10 things children really love doing

10. Playing With Mud

The numerous TV commercials with children laden with mud and dirt and playing in utter cutesie ways always manage to give us warm and fuzzies. If you remember your childhood, you would certainly recall a memory when you went back home covered in mud and faced the wrath of your parents. One thing which makes playing with mud so much fun for children is its soothing smell which is as pure as the heart of a child. Also, mud is so easily available that children belonging to different parts of the world, across classes and social status can play with it and enjoy!

9. Throwing Stuff

Now, this might seem to be a somewhat violent act at first. But, it is far from being so. Instead, it is just another way of children trying to bring attention onto themselves and also, a way of channelising their brimming energies. You can always spot a child throwing their Lego blocks or toys everywhere in the room. For that, the best you can do as a parent is let your child be and make sure that there are no fragile items present anywhere in their vicinity.

8. Watching Cartoons

There is a reason why Tom and Jerry is a classic and loved by all, cutting generations. Children love getting hooked onto the television screens and watching the animated characters come to life in their funny little ways. Be it the 90’s Noddy or the very recent craze of Ben 10, the cartoons might change but there is hardly any child who does not like watching cartoons. As a parent, you might want to keep a check on the kinds of cartoons your child is watching as some, unfortunately, tend to be violent or obscene in their content.

7. Drawing


Give a child a pencil and paper, and you can rest assured that the child would not bother anyone for anything for quite some time. And yes, for some kids, if you add colours to their pencil box, it gets even better. Children have an unrestrained imagination and when it comes down onto paper, it is absolutely surreal and enchanting. They might not be able to draw perfect forms and figures with dimensions, but that is precisely the fun that childhood offers you. Going astray and doing as your heart says. Seems like we adults can probably learn a lesson or two from the li’l ones.

6. Spinning in Circles

No matter whether the child has access to a thing to hold onto or not, children simply love spinning in circles. While you might just start feeling dizzy by just seeing them spin so rapidly and continuously, but the kids do not get tired of it. They know when to stop and probably, you should not worry about it so much. Some people have argued that the reason why children love spinning in circles is because they always want to go back to their existence in the mother’s womb and try to replicate their movements from there in real time.

5. Swinging Away

When life gives you worries and stress, just give it a swing, quite literally. When we adults love getting onto swings so much, imagine the excitement of the children! They love getting onto swings and not just that, but also see as to who can reach the highest with swinging.

4. Playing in the Park

No matter how many different varieties of video games come into existence with latest technological advancements, there is nothing that can ever replace the good old park. And it should not! Outdoor sports and play is so important that we cannot stress enough on this. Seems that children know this better than us as they find absolute joy and wonder in playing in a park. Be it a ball, a frisbee or just a normal game of hide and seek, children love playing outside. Parents, you should make sure that they go out and play as much as possible as it helps them keep their bodies fit as well as gives them an environment for making new friends and learning new things.

3. Singing

Why do you think the first thing that children are taught in primary schools is poem recitation? That too, in a sing-song manner? Yes, the educational purpose is certainly the primary motive but they are specifically chosen of all the options available due to the sheer tendency of children of loving music and songs. Often, children can be found singing or humming a song despite not knowing the lyrics correctly. They tap their feet to the rhythm and sing away, like no one can hear them.

2. Napping


Ever seen a child taking a nap? Then you wold certainly know what I mean. Children sleep peacefully, with no tensions and stress. Take away the afternoon nap from a child’s day and see them create a havoc. Children play so much and exert their bodies so much that their body definitely demands rest and it is napping which seems to be a viable and easy option for all the kids.

  1. Being Someone Else

Fancy dress competitions are a quintessential part of any primary school. We see children dressing up as police personnel, doctors, princesses and so many characters in these contests. In fact, the attachment with fancy dresses or pretending to be someone else does not stop at these competitions. Children often don a role themselves even at home and play with their siblings and parents keeping their role in mind. Some creative minds, indeed!

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