Top 10 Things you must Experience in your Teens

In today’s time Snapchat-ing everything, followed with an update on Facebook and Instagram, rules the lives of teenagers. It has become the most common, famous and loved source of letting the world- their friends- know about their whereabouts.
Although the technological advancements may become your obsession and give you a high and a rush of excitement, there are still some things which do not include the involvement of gadgets that every teen should experience before they hit adulthood and bid adieu to teenage forever.

1. Pull an All-nighter with Friends

Now this doesn’t necessarily imply studying the whole night; that is best reserved for the examinations. Once in a while, pull an all-nighter with your friends and go out to party. Enjoy your heart out and be as silly as you want to be (of course, remembering some limits isn’t always the worst thing).
Or, if you’re more of a reserved person who only enjoys company of some close friends in a more intimate place, go camping! Even if it is in the backyard of one of your friend’s or your own house, just do it. A bonfire, a bucket of popcorns in one hand and a coke on the other, with loads and loads of talking and gossiping- that time right there, would strengthen your bond with your friends and would give everyone else major group goals.

2. Record the daily routine

Maintain a diary or a journal, and write everything that you go through or experience in a day; no matter how insignificant it may seem. If it triggers some kind of an emotion inside you, it needs to be written down, so that you know what ticks you off, and what excites you.
If you’re not much of a writer, maintain a scrap-book. Click random photos of things you like, outings with family and friends, random things that catch your eye, something you hate, and so on. Maintain it with utmost care.
When you’ll dive into these things a few years later, they would bring forth a wave of nostalgia in you, and maybe even encourage you to pursue things you had completely forgotten about!

3. Own a pet

One of the most amazing feelings in the world comes when you receive endless love from someone. And no one gives unconditional love like pets do. Without asking for anything in return, they love you, and become happy with the smallest of things that you do for them. As a teenager, you will face a lot of times when you would feel depressed and would not have anyone to talk to. Your pet would take away all of your worries and sadness, and they would cheer you up. Also, they teach one basic thing-loving unconditionally! It might seem trivial, but acquiring this feeling can prove to be very significant for the individual’s development.

4. Learn something New

Teenage is the best time to learn something new. Be it sports, language, or something more basic like cooking, just enroll yourself in one of the classes, and enjoy your time learning new things (while even making new friends).
You know how to play basketball? Great! Learn a new sport. Be it hockey, cricket, rugby, soccer, anything. This would not only shape your body, it would also increase your stamina.
You can speak or write French? Why not also learn Mandarin, or Spanish, or Japanese? It would surely be fun, and you will be able to flaunt your new “linguistic” skills!
And if you love to eat, why not try to learn cooking? Cook your favourite dish yourself or invent a new dish and serve it to everybody with pride.

5. Read a classic book

Inculcating a habit of reading amongst pre-teens itself should be a household practice. Not only does reading broaden our outlook, it also enhances our vocabulary, and lets us travel into the world of words, giving us solace. And nothing does it better than a piece of classic literature. Be it any genre-romance, fiction, nonfiction, mystery, or thriller-falling in love with classics only takes around five pages.

6. Gate-crash a party or wedding

Not the most ideal piece of advice, but gatecrashing has a thrill of its own. Go to a party, or wedding, uninvited, with a few friends. Just eat some delicious food, and make fun memories with your companions; memories that will make you smile even when you’re old enough to throw your own parties. Be sure not to get caught, though!

7. Do something you always assumed to be out of your league

If you think something is way “too cool” for you, or that you’re better off without it, then think about it again, my friend! Or if you are scared of doing that “one” thing which you know sounds like a lot of fun, just give it a shot. Don’t delay it for some other time; because as it is said, there is no tomorrow. Give it a try, and grab the chance of making new friends, learning something new, and the most important-conquering your fear. Now you would be able to proudly say that you left your fear behind and moved on.

8. Make a Bucket List

Teenage is the craziest phase of one’s life. The emotions that we feel change faster than the blink of an eye. One moment, you want to go out with friends, and be wild; the next moment, staying indoors forever seems like the best idea. On one hand, the time seems perfect to indulge in romance and ask out your long-term crush; on the other hand, you feel crippled by the thoughts of your career. One day, you just want to be on a tour to Europe; the next day, you’d want to go to your hometown, back to your roots. Teenage is the most crazy, yet the most imaginative phase of one’s life. We have wishes and desires that we want to some day see fulfilled, even if our capacities make it impossible at the time. So, whatever random wish comes to mind, write it down and keep it with you-it may be as earthly as adopting a pet, of as extravagant as sharing a dance with a celebrity. The dreams seen in teenage are preposterous, yet they bind our emotions with them.

9. Donate

One habit that would surely give you deep rooted pleasure and self-satisfaction is donating things to those who are more in need. In the world full of chaos and selfishness, a selfless act such as donation, may just make this world a better place, even if by the tiniest degree. Even something that might seem insignificant to you-like an old lamp-might become someone’s light.

10. Teach younger children

There are many children in this world who can’t afford education because of various reasons. Every teenager should take the initiative of teaching atleast one child who can’t go to school. This would not only help the child but will also bring about a sense of responsibility in you.

Last, but not the least-always smile. For, nothing is better and more beautiful than a smile. Sometimes, when one is having a rough day, a kind smile can turn their day around. And always smiling requires accepting yourself, and loving yourself for who you are. So, make sure to smile, spread love and joy, and build a castle of beautiful memories!

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