Top 10 Things To Not Say on First Date

Have a date tonight or tomorrow evening? You made reservations for two in your favorite restaurant? Nervous right now?  You want nothing to go south on that special day, don’t you? But unfortunately, it is very difficult to manage everything at the same time; your dress, your  make-up, your perfume and your body. Your friends and family tell you to do this and do that but ever wondered what is more important than that? Things not to do or say on your first date. Why? because Dos are too mainstream. And because sometimes, it is better not to say some things rather than saying undoubtedly stupid ones. So, before you decide what you are going to wear, how about you check things off this no-to-say list.


10. No, we don’t have to leave a tip


Most of us judge people by how they treat their inferiors. Sure, we always treat our romantic interests well enough, especially on a first date. However, our attitude towards the staff and waiters at the restaurant is keenly noticed by our date. So if you whistle at the waiter or rudely thrust your car keys in the valet’s hands, be prepared to kiss the second date goodbye. The waiters in the restaurants all look forward to a good tip. Don’t be measly on your first date and try to leave at least 10% of the bill amount as tip. It goes without saying but if your date leaves a tip, do not pick it up while leaving and think that it will go unnoticed. There will be opportunities to save up 100 bucks in the future but your first date clearly isn’t it.

9. You look better/prettier/thinner/more handsome than your Facebook/Instagram pictures


This one is supposed to be a compliment but actually quite disrespectful in reality. Indirectly accusing your date of not representing themselves accurately on social media is a sure fire way to ensure your first date to be your last. Also telling them that you have meticulously stalked them on social media before the date comes off as uncool and desperate. Try going with non comparative compliments. But in case, just in case, you have already heard this in the past, thank your stars for it could be worse. It could be-“You look better on Facebook”

8. You remind me of my mother/father



Hearing this on the first date is creepy. Guys, though we appreciate you having a soft side and being close to your mamas, telling a girl she reminds you of your mom is a big no no. Guys have enough problems of their own than solving someone’s daddy issues. So check out the “You have eyes that remind me of mum” from your list of cheesy compliments. Also, saying “You have a moustache like my dad” is a no-no. Keep that Oedipus in you in check

7. I forgot my wallet in the car. Could you…..?


Whoever decided the guy should pick the tab on the first date clearly hadn’t heard about millennial and their love for going Dutch. Should one person pay for the date? Absolutely not. Anyone who tries to wriggle out of paying their share for the date by such lines or the not-so-classy move of going to the washroom when the bills arrive are clearly not second date material. Short on cash? Do not go on that date. Simple as that. Once a miser, always a miser.

6. How much do you earn?


Unless you are an income tax analyst meeting a potential client, this question spells trouble in all first meet situations. A first date should be fun and light, something that analyzing over paychecks rarely translate to. No one likes discussing their salary on a first date unless they are extremely loaded. In which case, congratulations on finding a rich date and coming off as a gold-digger only interested in their bank balance. A lose-lose situation from all ends, this one topic is.

5. My ex…


Seeming hung up on your ex is not a good image to portray to your date. Speaking ill of her/him only puts you across as someone yet to gain closure. So hurl all the abuses you want at your ex, in the confines of your home to your best mates. But when out on a date, avoid the ex topic like the plague. You do not want to know later that your ex’s sister and your date went to school together. Avoid asking about your date’s ex as well. You don’t want to know about the swimsuit model/navy officer your date was with earlier. Trust us on this one.

4. My friends think I am conceited but I don’t agree

i love me

This should be obvious but your friends are the ones who know you best. If they think you are conceited, you must be. Though your date is more than likely to find out your negative qualities in due course of time, it will be prudent to not reveal them to him/her on your own. Also, anyone who speaks of their friends so dismissively is seen as a person who does not value opinions. Something you clearly don’t want your date to think.

3. You eat a lot


Most people, regardless of their size are very sensitive to their eating patterns. In a society that idolizes waif thin models, being any size other than zero is considered undesirable. Many people also tend to overeat due to nerves. Do not make your date conscious of their eating habits by remarking how much food they are gulping down, even if they are eating your share.

2. What’s the matter honey/buttercups/sweetie-pie/homie/bro


Using nicknames was sweet back in 3rd grade. In an adult dating scenario, calling your date by some fugly nickname you thought up in ten seconds is not going to cut it. Do not tell them what your grandma used to call you fondly when you were a kid and how you did or did not like it. Avoid calling them anything other than their name. Unless you have forgotten their names. In which case, never say the no 1 thing on our list



There’s a reason why this one is number one on our list. Love, we are sure is a wonderful feeling you can’t wait to experience again. However, most millennial take commitment very seriously, albeit cautiously. Someone spurting out the L word on the first date is probably a little too naïve or desperate to date. Even if he supports the same football club as you do and ticks every box of your must have list, hold back on date 1. Classic case of too much, too soon.



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