Top 10 Things you can do to Relax on a Stressful Day

It can be a very debilitating experience to go through a stressful day. You wish every instant for it to end. Seconds seem like minutes and minutes become hours. Your agony just doesn’t give in. Often one is not at all able to deal with stressful days. Before you realize it takes a toll on your health and your emotions. It leaves you embittered and somewhat sans emotions. All you end up feeling is a lack that has arisen in your personal and professional life because of your inability to tackle with those difficult situations. It becomes imperative to take matters in your hands before it overwhelms you beyond limits. You must not leave it on some other day. Read the following points and help yourself live a relaxed life even in the midst of a stressful day.

mid adult italian woman banging her head against a wall outside office building. Horizontal shape, copy space

mid adult italian woman banging her head against a wall outside office building. Horizontal shape, copy space

  1. Call up your person

You can choose to call or text your favourite person. All that you need to do is distract yourself with the best way possible. And what can be the best way apart from having a hearty chat with the one who you love the most in your life. Simply drop in a message or show up at their doorstep. It is rightly said that sometimes holding a conversation with those who are close is synonymous to talking to a therapist. Doing so would ease you into comfort and make you forget about what was causing stress. This would definitely be worth a try.

  1. Meditate

There is a reason as to why the art of meditation is trending among people of all ages. It might not be as easy as people claim it to be. But as and when mastered it produces a calming effect on your mind. Get into the habit of practicing meditation for 15-20 minutes on a daily basis. This would empower you with the ability to soothe your mind and control it, overcoming the weakening stressful experiences. It can prove to be one of the most helpful ways of combating stress and leading a stress free life. You would no longer dread facing a stressful day for there would be an assurance of being able to face it bravely.

  1. Little of comfort food

There is a need to say this in the very beginning as a stark warning; depending on comfort food is okay for a little while but not on a daily basis. All of us have a secret list of food that we tend to crave for in our moments of crisis. It is not at all wrong to indulge in that guilty pleasure. Resort to your secret rescuer only when you find yourself helpless in dealing with the crisis. It can be a sweet little muffin or those chicken nuggets causing your mouth to water. Let not this become a habit of yours as it may cause you to become obsessed with those bringing in a host of health hazards. Said so, go ahead and help yourself with your favourite delicacy that transports you to some other universe.

  1. Take a walk in park

Take a little break and move out of the four walls of your office or your home. Allow yourself to breathe in the open. As and when you feel yourself being extremely pressured by the consuming complexities of your life, take a good long walk in a garden or a park nearby. It would allow you to think about issues that you constantly try overlooking given the prominent problems in front of you. It is usually during these solitary moments that one finds the way through the dark; be it the reason or a way to overcome the stressful situation, you would definitely come across something helpful. The light bulb will light up!

  1. Listen to some good music

Good music was never and never would be inclusive of one type of genre. Given the fact that every individual has their own taste in music, good music can be far more inclusive than we think it to be. Plug in your earphones and suit yourself with the music that soothes you. For some the soothing factor maybe about foot tapping numbers. On the other hand, for others soothing might be simply listening to soft music. Call it recreation or a little break from your work, it surely will produce a calming effect on your mind. This is what music therapy is all about, even if that term does not exist in real.

  1. A little nap

Often we do not realize that it is the lack of energy level that causes us to feel stressed at even the tiniest issues. It therefore becomes necessary to restore one’s energy level as and when feeling low. Nobody would bark at you for rejuvenating your senses by taking a nap. That being said you must not forget that the nap should be limited to a nap and not elongated to a sleep. If unable to do so, you would be inviting the wrath of your seniors on yourself in the meantime adding to your stress. It is better to be cautious.

  1. Yoga

Resorting to yoga can be one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself. Coming back home after a tiring day and with the stress level at its peak, you are bound to break down. In the times of stressful living, we need to make ourselves strong enough so that we are able to face every trying situation with ease and competence. Practicing Yoga everyday would thereby relax your body to a large extent and leave you with an energized and optimistic feeling for the rest of the day. However you must be careful as to the yogic postures that you decide to practice. If you are a starter then you ought to refrain from the complex twisting ones for it would leave you with a sore body. Delve into this art gradually.

  1. Shop a little

Go out with friends or even alone on a little shopping spree. Please yourself by buying a little trinket or a lovely party dress that you had been saving for since a long time. If planning to indulge in a guiltless shopping spree then look for some place offering heavy discounts. Make it your little heaven and shop as much as you want and can afford. There is no second thought to the fact that many out there would be affirming to this as the best stress reliever ever. Sometimes and for some people window shopping helps too.

  1. Play with little kids

Little kids and babies are said to be a package of sunshine and laughter. Being with them even for a little duration of time would make you realize how easily they make you smile. You feel real happiness and it is as if it comes naturally to you. Experience that happiness time and again. Try and spend some time with that toddler in your neighborhood or go and play with the little ones in the park nearby. It would put you in a very jolly state of mind.

  1. Look at old pictures

Reminiscing can be of great help when looking for ways to overcome a stressful moment. Dig up some old photographs of your childhood. Merely looking at those pictures, you would feel transported back to the happy go lucky days of your past. That might not put you out of your stress, but would for sure help in making you smile through your problems.

Always keep your focus on the larger scheme of things. All the things arousing stress would consequently end up looking smaller and futile.


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