Top 10 Tips to Overcome Flight Anxiety and Fear

The aviation industry of this age promises luxurious flights at reasonable rates. A lot is being done to make flying a pleasant experience for all the passengers. The stakes are high and the attention given to safety is impressive. Despite all the efforts to make air transport a safe way to travel many people still experience discomfort during flights. They become victims to fear of flight and anxiety. Here are some tips that will prove to be useful to deal with flight anxiety and fear.

10. Take Classes

There are classes for even dealing with flight anxiety and fear. Cognitive therapy is one of the popular ways to deal with this problem. But this method is useful generally in cases of no history of panic. But generally the case always has a history of panic. Depending on the triggers of your fear, you can decide to take an appropriate set of classes. Though this might not be the best solution in all cases.

9. Share Your Thoughts of Anxiety/Fear

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Sometimes all you may need to feel confidence in the air is a little personal touch. In case of any discomfort, do not hesitate to share your experiences with the flight attendants on duty. They are well trained. They may be of great help in such situations. Even their way of talking can be reassuring enough in many cases. As a wise man has said “When shared, joy increases and pain decreases”. 

8. Don’t think of the Worst

It is a good idea to avoid thinking of the worst situation. Keep a sense of optimism. Flying is a serious business and so the attention given to detail is a lot. So trust in the cabin crew and the technology involved. There is evidence that air transport is the second most safe transport on the Earth. Some might find it surprising that air transport is even safer than road transport. Several people travel frequently by air, fearless and without any anxiety. Every problem, in the past, has lead to more safety measures. Air transport is becoming safer than it ever was. 

7. Adapt to the Atmosphere

Get accustomed to travelling in an airplane. Pay attention to all the noises you hear. Learn about the different procedures that are part of the flight, to understand the different sounds one can hear in a flight. Knowing things before they happen can also create a sense of satisfaction, when it comes to flights. It is natural for humans to fear the unknown. So knowing more makes adapting to the situation as well as understanding the situation easier. After all, we all know that, “Knowledge is power”.

6. Use a First/Premium Class Ticket

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In many cases, where all other solutions may fail, the only solution to the discomfort of the passengers may be taking a first class or premium class ticket. This ensures more space and quality of comfort. This also works sometimes as a solution for people suffering from claustrophobia, which is defined as “extreme or irrational fear of confined places”, by Google. 

5. Pay Attention to Instructions

Knowing what to do, in which case of emergency, can also give you a sense of confidence and safety. So paying attention to the flight attendant while safety demonstration and a careful glance on the manual on safety may also do the trick in some cases of fear of flight. In the situation in which, God forbid, something bad is to happen, at the hour of need you will be aware of the safety measures you have to take and so it is also beneficial even from the safety point of view. 

4. Things To Do

Thinking about things you need to do and things you want to do, after you reach your destination, is a good way to get through a journey. Along with dealing with your discomfort, you also get a sense of clarity, when it comes to places you will visit. You can even plan how things will work out on the trip. You can make to do lists for your trip. Along with your attention getting diverted, the icing on the cake is that, you also have made use of your time positively.

3. Eat and Drink Well

According to science, with the plane gaining height, the increasing pressure on taste buds causes numbness in some of them. This results in weaker sense of taste. So everything will taste a little dull and bland than it actually is. The key to comfort here is simple, avoiding food that can cause discomfort to you. Cause of discomfort can be packaged food or heavy food. Cause of discomfort can also be dehydration due to drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. So in a plane, preferred diet is light food along with tea or decaffeinated coffee. You can also bring some homemade food to eat, depending on your mood. 

2. Divert Your Attention


A change in focus of attention also does the trick in many cases. You can listen to comforting music and enjoy. You can bring a novel with you to read. You can bring your favourite movies or TV series in your laptop. You can complete some of your work or solve puzzles and games on a newspaper. If you find a person with common interests or things to share, then talking to him/her is a good way of passing time.  Or you can also just close your eyes and rest if the journey is long or you haven’t slept properly before the flight. Whatever you do, the main idea is to divert your attention away from your fear/anxiety.

1. Know About The Safety Measures

Companies do a lot to ensure passenger safety. Due to many precautions taken these days, the threat of accidents has been reduced greatly. Knowing about the several different measures taken by the company itself to make flying a more comfortable and safe activity, can give a great sense of security to the passenger. This reminds me of a line from the movie “The Dark Knight” in which Joker says “No one panics when things go according to plan”. 

When it comes to dealing with fear of flight it is important to identify the triggers i.e things that start the fear. Determining the cause can be of help when it comes to choosing the right solution to the problem. There is also an idea of not giving rise to the fear itself. In many cases the fear of flight can be associated with what you have heard about air transport from your family and friends. It is highly recommended that parents talk about the precautions to be taken during flights, in a fearless manner, that is it should not create a sense of fear in the child. That is why someone has said “All you have to fear is fear itself”.

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