Top 10 Trekking Places in India

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”- Buddha

Driving. Flying. Open road. Passage. Biking. Overnight. Tour. Hop. Navigation. Trek. I bet everything I own that the above words have managed to bring about a glitter in the eyes of people whom I call travel-freaks. Globe-trotting is their life mantra and they believe in travelling light and cheap. That is where the thrill lies. Trekking is a widely practised way of travel and we have all done it or have thought of doing it at the least. Every country, I am sure, has its own trekking zones and places where people trek and camp and do bonfires at night to banish stress from their lives.

India is a country with myriad and unique landscapes having absolutely captivating scenes to behold. Every corner of the country allures one to something distinct and enthralling. Here I list down some of the most beautiful places to go on a trekking expedition to.

      10. Sandakphu Trek


It is a perfect place for a quick trek experience. It does not take more than 2 days. You will be mesmerised by the surroundings of Darjeeling and the freshness of the place. Students from different schools of Kolkata are frequently taken to Sandakphu in teams for trek competitions. Naturally the difficulty level is medium and could be handled with very little experience.

Starting point: Darjeeling

End point: Sandakphu top

Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Ramanagara Night Trek


In Karnataka this is one of the most enjoyable trekking places around the city of Bangalore. This place is for a typical campfire experience. Usually a bus would pick you up at 9:30 PM from Bangalore and take you to Ramanagara base camp by 12 AM. Then you start the trek. Usually one reaches at around 1:30 AM. You can start your campfire party and enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere. Get a bottle of red wine and indulge in deeper discussions. Trust me you will feel much lighter. Watch the sunrise wine-drunk. Thank me later.

Starting point: Ramanagara base

End point: Ramanagara hill

Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Chembra Peak

It is situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala. The name of the state Kerala is enough to give you an idea of the beauty of this place.  If you are someone who has just started trekking and is a novice at that, this is probably the place you can cut your teeth on. During this trek, you will come across a few enticing meadows too which is quite different from a usual trek experience.

Starting point: Wayanad

End point: Chembra

Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Rajmachi Trek

This is a one-day trek which attracts a large number of trekkers across the country every year. The trek usually starts from Khandpe, Pune. The Rajmachi trek involves a fort as the destination called the Rajmachi Hill Fort which is of tourist interest.  You also get to visit the ancient Shiva Temple and Srivardhan during this trek.

Starting point: Khandpe

End point: Rajmachi Hill Fort

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

  1. Great Lakes Trek

great lakes

You need to arrive at the beautiful city of Srinagar. From there you start your trek from Sonmarg. This place in Jammu and Kashmir is magnificent to say the least. Over a course of eight days, you pass through Gadsar, Satsar, and Gangabal and conclude the journey at Naranag.

Starting point: Srinagar

End point: Naranag

Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Siang Valley

siang valley

This trek should be taken if you are on a vacation and have time for about 10 to 11 days. It starts from Dibrugarh. The path takes you through places like Sessen, Ponging, Milang and finally Peaka Modi before finally reaching your destination at Siang. Arunachal Pradesh being at the north-eastern part of the country you can explore the diverse culture of the North-East which is so different from the rest of the country.

Starting point: Dibrugarh

End point: Peaka Modi

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

  1. Spiti Valley

It is located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name is interesting because the location lies in the name itself. The word ‘Spiti’ means ‘Middle Land’. It indicates the land between Tibet and India. You can access the valley in two ways. You can either take the road via Manali through Gramphu, Kunzum Pass before finally reaching Kaza. The other direction which you can safely take is via Shimla through Kinnaur before reaching Kaza(Spiti). Since it remains covered up by snow for most part of the year, the best time to trek here would between the months of April and June when conditions are conducive. Watching snow-studded peaks and playing in the snow are not possible in any other time of the year. Coming back to the enjoyable part, this trek is blessed with Himalayan river waters and outlandish villages which are worth the money and the effort.

Starting point: Manali

End point: Kaza

Difficulty level: Moderate

  1. Kareri Lake


Trekkers from different corners of the world come to trek in this part of Himachal Pradesh.  The lake is stunningly attractive with the snow melting down from the Dhaulagarh Range as the source of water. This quaint little lake remains frozen from December till the month of March. The participants of this trek are in for a treat because they are led through verdant, green forests, narrow turfs and swirly passes. This trek place earns extra brownie points because not only does it give you an absolutely thrilling trekking experience but also gives you an option of participating in adventurous activities like Tyrolean Traversing.  In short, this place gives you a more wholesome experience.

Starting point: Kangra district

End point: Kareri Lake/ Kumarwah Lake

Difficulty level: Moderate-Difficult

  1. Markha Valley, Ladakh


It is one of the most popular trekking pathways in the Ladakh region.  It starts from the Ganda La pass and usually ends at the Gongmaru La pass. However some would argue that the trek starts from Zingchen. The Markha River is actually a tributary of the Zanskar River. The beauty and the tranquillity of the place will dispel your woes and take you to a whole new level of bliss. During the trek you can expect to find varied landscapes starting from arid to lush and flourishing. Other than the trek which is probably the most important part of the trek, people travel to the place to gape at the Zanskar Range and peaks like the Stok Kangri.

Starting point: Zingchen

End point: Markha Valley

Difficulty level: Moderate


  1. Bara Bhangal


It is one of the very challenging trips and is meant for those who are experienced in the field of camping and hiking. It involves a very isolated, silent roadway taking you through lush, green Kullu Valley to the infernal landscapes of the Bara Bhangal Range. Various routes can be taken for this trek trip before you reach your destination Riyali Thach. This eleven day journey commences from Manali which is again a very refreshing place to be in even before the start of any trek trip.

I hope the above suggestions have totally charged you up. Do not wait. Get your squad in place and do not even try to plan it out. Pick up your rucksack and let the energy flow just naturally.

Starting point: Manali

End point: Riyali Thach

Diffculty level: Difficult

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