Top 10 Usual Problem every Teen Faces

You may have forgotten how it used to be, being a teenager. However your forgetfulness won’t alter the fact about how difficult that phase is for almost every teen. It definitely needs to be reiterated time and again how complex a teen’s life can be. The need as I say arises because adults overlook the problems in their teenaged children’s life dismissing them as trivial. It needs to be realized that what is termed as minor has the full-fledged capability of escalating into a grave issue. They will not be able to communicate their experiences to you, even if they want to. It is here that you need to be patient and dig into their grievances. However you need to be very subtle in trying to come to their rescue, by not invading into their lives. The idea should be to help them sail through their troubles very carefully. Here are top 10 usual problem every teen faces. Sometimes all it takes to help is to be aware of the issue.


  1. Peer pressure

It is pretty common for today’s generation to be highly influenced by peer pressure. The long hours spent at school, tuition and gyms with friends naturalizes the process even further. It therefore becomes impossible for some kids to resist the forces of peer pressure in their life. There is always a first time to everything. And most often those firsts in a teen’s life arises from the need to fit in a group and be looked upon as equals. Often the desire to be accepted as a group member is so pressurizing that it forces the child to resort to unethical ways.

  1. Complex

It often dawns upon a teen that s/he lacks something grave that the other person possesses. It is then that s/he starts with a journey of ascending complexity. I refer to it as ascending because there is no end to complexes if allowed to enter one’s psyche once. Not being able to compete with someone for the lack of resources in family can cause severe distress in a teen’s mind. If this distress continues unchecked and unaltered then slowly it develops into a complex. This complex sets in the mind of the teenager that’s/he is has a deficit or suffers through a deficit, be it in terms of financial background, physical appearance etc.

  1. Acne

Waking up a day and watching your face in the mirror with one or two pimples here and there is pretty scary for some. There are however a major chunk of teens suffering from acne, which of course can be clearly understood in terms of ‘scary’. They become unable to stand their own image in a mirror. Every remedy in the book is tried upon with utter desperation. It is their looks which they hold on to dearly and if that one thing is compromised in any way, then it hurts the reception of their self—image. It might seem as a trivial issue on the surface, but so is not the case for a teenager. This one goes on the hormones combined with unhealthy food habits.

  1. Changing body

Teenagers go through the crucial stage of adolescence. While they are trying to interpret and  make sense of the world around, their own body seems to be going through a lot too. They experience at this stage a changing body given the surge of hormonal fluctuations happening within them. Both the sexes, undergo a whole set of changes which is confusing enough for any teenager. No matter how much they get educated or informed about the upcoming changes in their bodies, they are bound to be swept by discomfort and surprise. Majority of them end up feeling awkward about their bodily changes. This in turn leads some to a lack of self-confidence.

  1. Feeling of intrusion

Most of the teenagers demand a personal life and an end to the constant intrusion of their family in their lives. They want solace and often separation from the ‘family drama’ that they refuse to stand any longer. There can only be probable reasons to it. They might be trying to create a parallel world where they can dwell in peace. Teens tend to get upset by the constant interference of their parents’ in their lives. Excessive inquisitiveness on the parents’ parts is what ticks them off. They desire their privacy to be respected. Any deliberate and unnecessary intrusion in the same becomes unsettling for them.

  1. Relationship issues

This is the time when all of us start with our romantic experimentations. Looking back at the past it would be easy for us to understand and comprehend the mistakes that we made or the unnecessary things we wept for. But being a teenager and one who is already experimenting, it becomes hard to understand what would be best and what not. Now is not the time to gain an absolute insight on who can be an efficient partner. Love is misunderstood and is mixed up with infatuation. The problem lies in the fact that the former is overhyped and in the same process undermined too. This leads to heartbreaks which some fail to overcome for a considerable span of time.

  1. Pocket money

Most of the teens get a fixed allowance from their parents on a monthly basis. Whatever the allowance might be, it never turns out to be sufficient for their expenses. This insufficiency gives rise to frustration in the teens. Some even go till the extent of harboring a constant sense of humiliation for not getting apt pocket money that they should be. It all comes down to comparisons.

  1. Career choices

People in their late teens are supposed to make academic choices. This becomes a battle of interest v/s market credibility. Whatever be the choice, it is seldom an easy one. This involves several factors. The child is exposed to the need to join the mad rat race or take up something less ventured before and something out of the box.  Either way, s/he undergoes a lot of pressure and stress.

  1. High on gadgets

Teenagers today are irresistibly addicted to gadgets of all sorts. It might not be an issue with them and never would be given their focus on the smaller picture. But as adults we must understand that in the long run, this kind of addiction can and will harm this generation. It has already started making a negative impact on their sleeping patterns. This is just the beginning. More will come out of it. It is a hypothesis which has the full potential of coming true.

  1. Less tolerant

The teenagers today are strong headed. This certainly is a virtue but only till a certain extent. Such is their attitude towards every materialistic and abstract aspect of life that they refuse to alter it, no matter what. They rely more on their own experience rather than on the words and advice of their elders. The lot is growing lesser and lesser tolerant day by day. All they seem to care for is their own version of the truth and dismiss things that don’t lure them much. While there are exceptions everywhere, the above stated fact is certainly true for majority of the teens out there.

Every individual is different and thus is every teenager. What binds all of them together is the commonality of their experience. Their issues might be peculiar to them, but it is usual in the larger context.

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