Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Guests who Overstay

At times there are guests that you don’t want to host but have to. These are the events wherein you really feel like making sarcastic remarks on them or think of ways to make them get out of your sweet home. Herein are Top 10 ways to get rid of guests who overstay:-

  1. Invite your friends

Make use of your close friends for this moment. Tell them the state of the house and the so called guests at your place and make them say things so as to make the guest himself want to go out of your place. Make your friends ask questions whose answers inadvertently are pointed towards the overstaying guests which will make them awkward. Obviously you cannot be so straight forward but this option of inviting friends and clearly stating your opinions on the overstaying guest in an indirect way might solve the problem.

  1. Find them a new place to stay

A simple way of side-tracking the guests without offending their hospitality measures are to find them a new place to stay. They might try to discard the gesture at first and what more, they can even leave on their accord as a way of not hurting their pride of staying long at your home but it would not cost you much. Plus they would understand that their stay was overdone which led for such measures. Afterwards, they would be reminded of the time limit and they would decide to leave on their own. So a handy solution to use!

  1. Disturb them fully

Well, why not disturb them? They are doing so presently by staying at your home. So grab the nearest speakers and put them at full volume near their room. Find something that they dislike watching and do that in abundance. They might tell you to stop but who are they to say so- this is your home! Rather than being irritated, try the idea of irritating the other, it will be more fruitful for your health and imagination.

  1. Get rude and boring

Sherlock Holmes character from ‘Elementary’ might be helpful in this case! Stop the so called good boy image and start questioning the guest on their views of morality and unwanted behaviour of staying so long. State your thoughts clearly and firmly. If the person near you is someone aged or indecent then make sure to state your facts clearly so that they don’t misunderstand your hospitality as your weakness so as to take advantage of you. This is one of the direct confrontation tactics but it definitely works.

  1. Stop giving the guest your hospitality

Most of us have this habit of being courteous enough to stand ready with a glass full of water and snacks whenever a guest calls you out. You fall out of your way to make them feel comfortable and be in their good books. But if the stay gets long then take a stand and understand that your home is not a hotel and you are not their personal valet. When the guest starts doing his work himself, he might want to get back to their own place. This way of making clearing the fact of luxuries and a guest’s right, the problem somewhat gets solved in itself without you being at a disadvantage.

  1. Give them examples of others

If children ever did some wrong then there parents would tell them a story as an example to set for them a way to understand the difference between right and wrong. In lieu with the same reason, past experiences and fake example of others can really come in handy to make your guest understand the situation. Portraying a situation wherein taking the guest in context would give them a hint of the chaos that the person has made and make them understand that it’s time for them to pack their bags and go their way. This is a rather great idea of being polite and yet easily conveying the tumultuous feelings inside of you to the guests at home so that they easily understand why the story was relatively told to them. Getting them out of your home is not because you don’t like them but because the time limit wherein it meant fun with them had gotten over long and it was time that they went their way.

  1. Make use of Kids

Often it happens that people avoid starting a conflict and the best way to handle is to tell the party in wrong by way of kids. With their innocence they can melt the hearts of big men and even as blunt as it may sound, their way of saying the right thing might make the other party understand your perspective correctly and hence, make them finish their stay at your home.

  1. Make your view noticeable

Hiding behind the rules of good manners, customs and teachings is definitely going to be disadvantageous for you. And if you want to keep you peace of mind then rather than keeping a smile on your face , just make it noticeable on your face the resentment over the guests staying longer than they should. This can be done by getting annoyed and avoiding them at different times.

  1. Go out to club without them

And if nothing works then the best solution is to stay away from them and go out often without informing them or even better, not asking them to accompany you. Go for outings, clubs, dinners and parties without them and this will result in making them understand the situation perfectly. You want your independence and your house back and they would acknowledge that their stay had been unusually long and thus, the thoughts of leaving your place as early as possible would enter their minds leading them to act immediately.

  1. Make them clean and wash stuff

So they still insist on staying around your home, then they need to measure up to your standards and help around to clean up the house. After all their time is up to being a guest and now as a resident, it is one of their duties to keep the surrounding clean. Make your guests do the dirtiest dishes that are around and point out the places where extra effort has to be applied for cleaning. This would make them agitated and their stay at your home might finally be over.

So if you are in any way messed up with guests overstaying at your residence then do not stay depressed. Use these methods and the results that you get would definitely be for your own good.


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