Top 10 Ways to Get Through Tough Times

Life is like a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs but one who gets through all of these inconsistencies attains happiness and satisfaction. If you are going through a bad phase, don’t consider it as the end of life. Everyone goes through a difficult phase and you must not think yourself alone. While going through a bad time you have two options, one, to sit alone, shut yourself and brood for what has happened and second, to try and look beyond the present, towards a hopeful future. Indeed, thinking about positivity at such point is really difficult but it is also true that time never remains constant; you never know, happiness could be waiting for you the next door. Life is never meant for settling down to one thing, it’s about going with the flow. Hard times are like the dark clouds which come and go but never stay forever. I am reminded of the famous poet Shelly’s quote here that can act as an inspiring force during your tough times:

“If Winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
So, try finding ways to fight back the difficult phase of your life. Following are some such ways which can help you to get through your tough times


Although, it becomes difficult to handle a tough situation and all sorts of negative thoughts hover in your mind but you should always strive for positivity. Positive attitude can help you to look beyond the present situation. Try to find that one streak of light in the darkness which can give you hope to cope up with the present situation. It is always said that whatever happens in life is for some good reason, so it is best to wait for the situation to stabilize with a positive and hopeful attitude.


Keeping your feelings locked inside your heart and writhing in pain all alone is not a good idea. You must always talk about your issues and share your problems with the ones’ you trust and rely upon. This would surely lessen your pain and would infuse a sense of optimism in you. You must never think you are alone in the world who is facing a tough time. So empty your bosom of all the heavy feelings by sharing to someone, whom you think would understand your problem.


Family is the best solution to any problem. You can always rely on your parents and count on your siblings and friends if ever you feel down. Spend some time with them and experience positivity seeping inside your heart. When you are with your family and friends, things by themselves start falling into right place. They are the support system that can never leave your side. So, whenever you feel depressed or upset spend some time with your family and friends and share whatever you are going through as they are the richest source of strength in everyone’s life.


Nowadays, people are so much entangled in their lives and problems that they tend to feel lost about their true self and do the tasks in a very mechanical manner. While going through a bad phase of ypur life, instead of brooding over the spilled milk, take a break and think about yourself, your feelings, your priorities and your likes and dislikes. Rather than rushing into something else or taking any rash decision, you must give yourself some time to  search within yourself what you really want.


During the hard days people generally become inactive and don’t feel like doing anything and this problematizes the situation even more. Sleeping and lazing around are only escapes, and they lead you nowhere. You must step out of your room or home for that matter, hang out with your friends or go out for shopping if you like. Being with friends would take divert your mind and also make you realize that nothing remains permanent, not even the tough time. Nature has the capacity of healing every wound and therefore you must spend some time in its lap, taking a walk or sitting in a park.


Travelling always gives you a lot of good experiences and memories. Good memories can help you to forget the bad ones. You must take a break from your routine life, travel to a place you never went before with a friend, a loved one or even alone. Explore different places, their culture, specialities and so on. Meeting new people is also a good experience as you can always learn from others and get inspired too. Travelling makes you realize that the world is so vast and colourful. Although this could be not an escape from your problems but a peaceful refuge to inspire you to start afresh.


Reading good novels, poetry and stories takes you to another world where nobody stops your imaginations and you can discover yourself in them. Reading new books of different genres can add a new flavour to your life. It is said that books are the best teachers and you can always find answers in them for your problems. Also it is said that books are the most trustworthy companions. Reading is a great source of learning as well as entertainment and thus one can always turn to books during their tough time to take a break from stress and tension.


One must always be hopeful but never to an extent that the reality is pushed aside. You can wait for a better future but it is possible only if you let go of the past. No matter how hard it is to accept your present condition, you must confront the reality. Holding on to the ruins of past would only distress you and stop you from facing the reality and looking forward to a bright and shining future. Golden Memories of past may haunt you and give you more pain but it’s your call to accept the present situation and try to move on.


Changing your thoughts into words and writing them in your diary or anywhere gives much relief. It is like catharsis and after you are done writing whatever you feel, you would get a sense of lightness and freedom from the pain. You need not to be a brilliant writer or possess excellent writing skills; write whatever you feel at the moment, whatever you have been going through all this while in the language, style and manner you are comfortable with. Take out all your aggression and overpowered emotions on a piece of paper and purge your feelings.


Going through a tough phase of life requires a hell lot of patience and strength for endurance. It is necessary to console yourself for the present worries in order to wait for the beautiful future. Sometimes it takes long to break free yourself from the present situation and in that situation you must make patience as your key to happiness. With this you can not only keep a tight hold of hopefulness but also it makes a life changing impact on your personality in an agreeable way.

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