Top 10 Ways of Refusing Bribe

There is a type of attitude that almost all the citizens of all the countries in the world seem to possess, that is, being disillusioned with the ‘System’. Certainly, there might be some exceptions and if your country is one, then boy do we envy you! The governance and administration tend to fall into the web of corruption and malpractices quite easily these days. The sorry state of affairs gets even more rooted with citizens offering bribes to officers to get their work done. This problem definitely has a dual layer to it, with both the person offering the bribe and the one taking it, being responsible for a fallout of the system, as we know it.

There are numerous reasons as to why one should not offer or take bribe. However, what becomes all the more important is the position of the person to whom bribe is being offered. We all know how bad temptations can be. In order to protect yourself from falling into the Satanic trap and eating the Forbidden Fruit of bribe, you need immense self-control and determination. Moreover, there are times when a simple ‘No’ doesn’t do the trick and you need to carve out a way for yourself to get away from this nasty mess. In such a situation, there are different ways in which you can tackle the person offering you the bribe. Here are some of those reasons which can hopefully prevent you from falling into the cesspool of corruption, deceit and pure evil.

10. Lawyer Them

One of the easiest ways of refusing a bribe is by showing the person offering you the bribe, the rule book. And by showing, I mean getting into the specifics. Tell him the exact statue, heading, sub-heading and point where it’s mentioned (Yes, there will be such point somewhere!). Doing so will add extra weight to your stand and might also intimidate the other person and cause him to back-out and take the legal route. If not, at least, he will stop bothering you per se as you then come off as a person who takes his work seriously and thus, cannot be played around.

9. Are You Chicken? Yes, Please!

are you chicken

Bribing as an act involves a two-way commitment from both the parties, the one who gives it and the one who accepts it. The fact that it is an illegal act demands a level of fearlessness from both the parties, the absence of which, surely ruins the game. If you in your role come off as a person who is quite the regular guy who is too afraid of getting his hands dirty, the other party may take your lack of guts as a red signal and stop offering you a bribe. However, he might then go on to get his job done by someone else, but nonetheless, he will definitely stop bothering you. Being a coward in this case will surely help you.

8. Show Them Your Content Life

At times, those who offer bribes do it in kind i.e. they offer you gifts that are quite expensive and add to your luxury living. In such cases, what might just do the trick is politely mentioning that you have enough money to buy those things for yourself and therefore, there is no need for you to get your hands dirty. The sense of neediness in some people is taken as a signal and that is what makes them the bait for the bribe givers. Being content and showing that contentment might get you off their list as they then have nothing to offer you.

7. Passion: Not For Sale

Hypothetical question, how many of you out there can think of bribing Rahul Dravid, Anna Hazare or how many of you could think of bribing Mother Teresa? I’m sure no one can. Why? Because they don’t want money, it’s as simple as that. Whatever they did or do was never driven by money and what it brings, it’s just their passion or instinct to serve that keeps these people going. Establishing yourself like one of such personalities in case you are offered a bribe will make the other person realize that you are one of those people who cannot be bribed and thus, will ensure that no attempts are made to buy you in future as well. Let them know your passion for your work, loud and clear.

6. In The Name Of The Father

No religion in the world permits foul play at work. Be it Hinduism, Islam or Christianity, all religions out there teach us to be faithful to our work as work in all religions is treated as a service to god. When offered a bribe next time, try to portray yourself as a devout religious person who takes the scriptures way too seriously and therefore can do no wrong as it makes you a sinner. There is a general tendency in people to not meddle with religious people and by making yourself look like one, you can get rid of such people quite easily.

5. Invoke The Gandhi In You


All of us are taught value education at school in which we were told to be a person of principles, of truth and honesty and of righteousness. As boring and irrelevant as that may have sounded then, those classes can come to your rescue in case you encounter a person who is offering you a bribe. Invoke the Gandhi in you to refuse the Gandhi he is offering you! Teach him a lesson or two on how we should not practice such illegal and immoral things and be the person that the father of our nation wanted us to be. There is a very slight chance that your lectures will change his attitude but one thing is for sure that he will definitely leave you alone and move to some other table.

4. Come Back, Later

Next time someone reaches you for a favor in exchange for money, become unreachable for that person. Stop replying to his texts, start dodging his calls and if he tries to seek you personally, tell him that you have way too much work load and thus can’t entertain him right now. At first, he may linger on but eventually he will realize that you are not interested in his offer and will back out.

3. Not Happening, Bro!

not happening bro

One of the things you can try is explaining to the other party that bribing won’t help them get their work done as the procedures or your seniors are just too strict and it’s just not your prerogative to sign whatever files they want you to sign. Doing so will definitely get them off your chest. Just be as stern as possible and all will seem squeaky clean.

2. Be A Responsible Citizen

Although every one is quite versed with the ill consequences of bribing and it hardly matters to those who engage in it, re-painting the picture might help you to escape such situations on individual level. If at all someone approaches you and tries to bribe you, you can threaten to file a complaint against him or can instill a fear in that person as to what all can happen if he is caught. And you need not go down the guilt trip as you are threatening a person because folks, this is the right thing to do. You are just being a responsible citizen.

1. Just Complain

If none of 9 tips mentioned above seem to work, you can go the highway and can actually choose to complain against the person who offered you a bribe. Gather suitable evidence and hand him over to the authorities. That way, you not only refuse to accept the bribe but forbid him from offering one in future to you or anyone else for that matter. Personally speaking, the other ways mentioned here might be smarter or easier ones but this in my view, is definitely the best way of refusing bribe.

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