Top 10 Ways to Relax After Work

Waking up early to get our monotonous lives started is a soul-destroying idea in itself. So it’s understandable how enervating it can get, spending the entire day working at our jobs. We all need some unwinding after a long and hectic day, but work consumes so much of time and energy that in the end, we’re too tired to do anything but rest. There are numerous ways which can help you de-stress your body. Here are top 10 ways to relax after work:

10) Long Bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice, long bath after a tiring day. Take a steaming hot shower or soak yourself in warm water, for it relaxes your muscles and increases blood circulation in your body, calming your soul and mind. Add to the water some essential oils to experience the magic of aromatherapy. You can even practice mindfulness in such tranquillity. Light some incense candles, make your own bubble bath, play some soft music if you please, and let your body into a mode of complete relaxation.


9) Light exercising

Not everybody would want to crawl up their bed after a long, tedious day. Many hate the idea of sitting at home; doing nothing. They’re an active bunch of people, always looking for something exciting and stimulating. For such energetic enthusiasts, the best way to loosen up would be to have a light work-out session. Hit the gym for some light exercising, do some stretching or go for a jog in the park. Even playing games you love will knock out the fatigue and pacify you; whether it is badminton, table tennis or football. Swimming is another great stress buster. So if you love swimming, you should probably go to the pool for some unwinding!


8) Did someone say food?

When you’re buried in work all day, you have little or no time to eat, which leaves you all frustrated in the end. As they say, ‘A hungry man is an angry man.’ So, a great way to appease your agitated body is to eat healthy, tasty food! Treat yourself to some filling and energizing foods, such as chocolates and ice-creams. Cook a scrumptious meal that will satiate your hunger; if you’re too tired, just order it online. A cup of herbal tea can also work magic on you, making you feel more relaxed. If you get home very late, have a filling dinner, for you will sleep better on a full stomach.


7) Seek company

Company is underrated. Being among your loved ones has a considerable effect on you; it automatically makes you feel better. Spend more time with your family and friends, tell them about your day; sharing things with them will make you lighter; it will also alleviate your pain and anxiety. If you live alone, make sure you schedule a video chat with your friends or family who live far, and meet up with the ones living in your city. Think of doing something special with them, share a few laughs and hugs, for even science suggests that longer hugs calm your mind.


6) Get outside

Sitting at home doing nothing can make you lazy and lethargic. Get out of your house; there is so much to explore. Go out on a picnic with friends, have a girl’s night out, go to the movies, or savor your taste buds at some fancy restaurant. You can even involve yourself in nature; spend your time at a park, or have a long, peaceful walk by the beach. Also known as “ecotherapy”, spending time in nature helps restore your mental energy. So, even if you’re too exhausted to get outside, simply put a chair in your garden and relax. Water the plants, get some fresh air, and you are bound to feel calmer and composed.


5) Read a book

Books are truly our best friends. They’re always be there for us. We can have them whenever we want and they’ll never judge us. So, if you’re not much of a socialite and you enjoy reading, then burying yourself into a good book should be the best option for you. After you’ve had an exhausting day at work, take a shower, change into your comfortable clothes and get some good books or magazines to read. Snuggle under a cozy blanket, have a hot cup of coffee right by your side, and taste the pleasure of reading daily. It’s also better way to get ready for bed, as it does not require any screen time.


4) Escape into music

Music is the greatest cure for almost anything. Backed by science, listening to music has countless health benefits, which makes it a wonderful stress buster. Not only can it elevate your mood, but listening to your favorite tunes can also improve sleep quality, reduce stress, induce a meditative state, relieve anxiety and weaken any signs of depression. So, make up a playlist of some of your most favorite songs, plug into your headphones and listen to them while relaxing. You can listen to any kind of music you like, as long as it promotes positive and peaceful feelings.


3) Take a nap

Sometimes, you’re just too exhausted to do anything after work. In such cases, taking a nap is definitely a smart way of unwinding, as it reduces stress levels significantly. With power naps, you can wake up feeling refreshed in a very short period of time. If you want to sleep longer without having to wake up immediately, getting early to bed at night is a wiser option. Make sure you’re comfortable before sleeping; avoid your phone as much as possible; turn off the lights; play some soft music before sleeping if you please. You can also make use of scented candles to help you sleep better.


2) Practice your hobby

Take some time out of your busy schedule to practice your favorite hobbies. You need to loosen up after working all day; doing what you love will make you happy and help you unwind better. If you love singing, sing your heart out; bake muffins or cakes; take a pottery class or an art class; watch your favorite TV show; practice embroidery; or go for a long drive with friends. During leisurely activities, there is a significant decrease in your stress levels, and your mental and physical health is in top shape. In fact, relaxing activities like these are as important to your health as exercising. They improve your overall health.


1) Pamper yourself at a spa

You’ve had an arduous day at work; your body is sore; you feel lifeless, and you crave for relaxation. Wouldn’t you just love pampering yourself at a spa after such a hectic day? Massage therapy relieves body ache and pain, palliating anxiety and mental exhaustion. A good spa increases immunity, enhances beauty and helps you detoxify. So think no more; simply book an appointment at a spa right after work, and immerse yourself into a state of complete bliss. Purchase some oil kits so that you can get a relaxing massage at home itself. Buy a massaging chair or a heat pad; that way you won’t need anybody to massage you.



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