Top 10 Ways to Make-up After a Fight

As we get closer to technology, communication has become faster, easier and more extended than before. As good as this is for maintaining contact, this is also one of the many reasons behind rise in frequency of fights and quarrels, be it with your parents, friends or spouse. Undoubtedly these fights tarnish the relationship in an irreversible manner if they are not handled immediately. So what are you waiting for? Irrespective of who was the cause behind it or who was wrong, it never hurts to be the one who makes up after a fight. What better than these innovative methods of making up after a fight?
10) Flowers can never go wrong!
As clichéd as this might sound, this is one of the tested and trusted methods of making up after any fight. Irrespective of your age or of the person you are fighting with, flowers have never been wrong in conveying those messages which are too weird to be spoken. Be it the ever-favorite red roses or peace making lilies, the fragrance with the natural beauty can melt the toughest of people and break that ice! Get it wrapped with carnations and get it delivered to that person. A letter with it or not, your choice though, but those flowers alone talk aloud about your concern for the person!
9) Online cards
As the paper cards got boring, technology made it more interesting. With all those creative websites in place, you can not only order customized cards to be delivered in anybody’s mail box but also add your voice to the video. Imagine your wife clicking open an email from you which automatically plays your message to her. Choose your background, content and design, and a few clicks away lies your fight all sorted out! What’s more? They can preserve this card forever without having to worry about keeping it safe. There’s another little advantage! If your wife is a little too upset at you, she can’t even tear up your card! We sincerely hope she doesn’t smash her computer though!

8) Audio/video message
With the incredibly humorous Dubsmash and insanely clear front camera resolution, your making up after a fight is a lot easier today! Make a small, funny video or audio message and send it across to the person you want to resolve your issues with. Even better, Dubsmash the dialogue piece special to both of you, or any part of the movie which is a favorite one! Watch him/her forget the fight and go into the flashback of those special moments. Bollywood makes it so much more creative and hassle free!

7) Free coupons
A fight generally ends in a heated argument or debate between 2 people. Having to work after a scene like that is what makes it worse. But there is one way in which you can make all the heat go away! Order coupons of that person’s favorite spa, café or hangout place, and send it to them in an envelope, anonymously. As stressed as he/she might be, a free invitation to his/her favorite place is the last thing he/she would turn down. As they melt away their bad mood, drive to that place and surprise them. We know its difficult to start a conversation after a fight. But it is comparatively very easy after a small, peaceful break for both of you!

6) Funny selfies
If technology has created a few hassles, it also has given us some creative shortcuts to weave out of those difficult situations. So utilize your oh-so-smartphone, click a few funny selfies, collage S.O.R.R.Y. or even better I LOVE YOU over them and send it across. As soon as he/she sees that crazy little masterpiece, all the fight hangover would vaporize and pave way to a new beginning! You can use all your creative body cells to give it your personal touch!

5) Hug it away
People often feel it is very difficult to strike a normal conversation after a fight. But then why do you need words when actions could do it all and do it better! Whenever you meet that person next, don’t say anything and give them the tightest of hugs ever and don’t leave him/her till he accepts to forget everything and start afresh! This would leave him/her not only shocked and surprised but also really touched. Remember the “Jadoo ki Jhappi” that melted even the grumpiest of the hospital staff? Well, then yours is just a small fight! This would be one sure shot way of making up!
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4) Emoticons, yay!
Covering your awkwardness of words, is another sweet gesture for breaking the ice! Most of us have experienced the awkwardness of seeing that person online on say WhatsApp but none of you having the courage to break the ice and strike a conversation? Here is where those colorful emoticons come to your rescue! Flush him/her with the cutest of emoticons and strike an emoticon war. Even though you can’t see it across the scene, I am sure you have made that frown turn into a bright smile with every random emoticon that you send!
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3) Play their favorite song
Everyone has that one favorite song which makes you tap your feet or swivel in your chair each time you hear it, be it old or new! Encash that soft corner of him/her and the next time you are around him/her, play that song at the loudest possible volume and start dancing like no one is watching you. We are sure he/she might not join you instantly considering that small moment of heat but then it is your job to pull them up to dance with you. What better than dance and music to melt that awkwardness! Make sure you have the song on repeat and you both dance till you lose your breath!

2) Order favorite food
A wise person once said, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Quite surprisingly its true for both men and women. Once you know you have had a fight and a conversation is awkward to strike, order his/her favorite food and serve it to him/her. This hack works even more wonderfully if you can cook that dish in as edible way as possible! You see sometimes its not about the taste or the dish, it is about the gesture! This is the tastiest and most sure shot way of making up after all!
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1) Unknown calls

As spooky as this might sound, this is the last resort if the fight has gone down real bad! Many a times the fight gets exaggerated to an extent where a conversation is more than awkward, its impossible. In such a case, the best way is to pamper him/her a little! Make calls to him/her from different numbers, from your colleagues at work or friends around you or even more enthusiastic – use the public phone. Flash compliments and tell them how lucky you are to have him/her in different voices, tones and diction. This might seem childish or crazy but it would definitely work! Try it out and hear him/her crack up and evaporate all those negative vibes!

So these were a few ways in which you can make up after a fight and tell that person how much you care. We know fights are inevitable, but making up is one sure creative thing you can do! Try these tricks and let us know how they work out for you!

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