Top 10 Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

Heartbreaks are difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to cope up with. This would be the time when you would sense your world crumbling down right in front of your eyes. No matter what others advice, not much would make a difference. You would continue being in your own little make-believe world pondering over the ‘why’s and how’s’ of the end of that one bond that you came to value so much. Things might seem to be gloomy as of now, but not so would be the scenario for a long time.What you do not understand is the fact that you are alive and life goes on. Everything broken can be mended. It only may take a lot more time than you think it would. You are to take care of your heart knowing how fragile it is. If you continue being in despair about that one experience, then you yourself would be crushing all the chances of welcoming happiness and bliss in your life. Here are ten ways that would guide you  by helping you take care and mend your broken heart.


  1. Sleep

Sleep for long hours. Don’t exert yourself by pretending that you are a super human being. Just be yourself and take some time to recover. Allow yourself some relaxation. Let the world around proceed. There is absolutely no need to rush forth and compete with all at a time when you sense something dying within yourself. You ought to realize that it would be your decisions henceforth which would have the capacity to make or break you further. Decide wisely and prioritize your emotional self for a while. Give it the due time to ease up a bit.

  1. Comfort food

Everybody has a list of food items that they tend to resort to in times of distress. For some it may be more of a secret list. Dig into a big bucket of ice-cream or fried chicken. There is a reason as to why these food items are termed as comfort food. Your prime motive should be to take good care of yourself. Pamper and spoil yourself a bit by indulging in some mouthwatering delicacies. But with this comfort also comes a caution that you must adhere to. There is a very thin line between comfort eating and binge eating. The former would help you in healing emotionally and should be stopped as soon as one feels better.  The latter on the other hand would lead to a host of health issues.

  1. Music

Good music always helps. The definition of good music may vary from person to person. It however doesn’t matter much. You simply need to stick to your version of ‘good music’.  Whenever you start feeling the pangs of despondence returning, then plug in your earphones. Make this as your little armor to defend yourself from the depressed feeling. Continue doing this. At first it may come across as completely insignificant and futile in the face of your great emotional upheaval. But gradually you would start swaying to the tunes of the music. That would mark your first step in healing yourself.

  1. Start taking long walks

The main idea behind this is to give yourself some alone time. Start taking brisk walks at mornings or evenings. Suit yourself. It can be pretty tiring and challenging to be stuck amongst a crowd when you desperately are in need of some time alone and away from everybody. This would help you to solve out some issues that have been bothering you regarding your breakup. Early morning walks would be preferable. Along with some alone time you would also get to enjoy the silence, the faint chirruping of the birds and the coolness of the breeze. This in turn would be like a nature therapy that you would gift to yourself. It is beneficial from every aspect.

  1. Go out with your friends

Being alone while trying to cope with after effects of a breakup may not work for everyone.  If you belong to such a lot of people, then here comes a useful tip for you. It is time to stop whining and cribbing after something that has already happened. Make the most of the moment that lies ahead of you. Give yourself a hard push and get going. Make a call and plan an outing or maybe a dinner with some long forgotten friends. It is time to start valuing all the people in your life once again whom you had let go of in the face of that one relationship.

  1. Take a little family vacation

Deep within you know that you are capable of loving people even today. Show that love and compassion to your family members. Put aside your dismal look that you have been donning since a long time. Ask all of them and plan a weekend trip together. Being an active participant in their happiness, you would soon come to let go of the reason of your sadness. All the smiling and excited faces around would certainly put you in a state of glee and enthusiasm. And this is exactly what you need.

  1. Read your favourite book

Now is the correct time to dig in to your favourite classics and devour them hungrily. Stick to them, pay close attention to all those quotes that made your world go round once. Read those all over again. They will for sure have therapeutic effect on you. You may even choose to go ahead and buy a novel that you had been intending to since months. Make the purchase. A good book is far cheaper and effective than a therapist. Awaken the bookworm in you once again.

  1. Cry

There is no need to suppress your emotions. If you have a wild urge to weep or cry, then let yourself do so. Refraining yourself from doing so would only worsen the situation. You need to unburden the weight of a broken heart. Unleash your pain and let it take the course that it desires. After having shed some of that pain, you would definitely feel lighter enough to be able to face the world. But as of now, you need not be strong enough. You need not prove yourself to be strong to anyone. Put the mask down and succumb to your emotions for a while. It would only be better thereafter.

  1. Talk

It becomes very imperative to pour out the pain that you have been roaming around with in your heart. All that you need is the right person with whom you can share your feelings. It could be your sibling, a close friend or maybe a colleague.

  1. Meditate

It is important for you to gain control of your senses. Being overwhelmed is natural, but allowing that phase to take hold of you can be disastrous. If you have no one to seek out in your time of distress, then come to your own rescue. Start meditating every morning for a span of half an hour. The purpose behind this is for you to gain your peace of mind again. This may take some time to be achieved. If pursued with sincere dedication, it will not be a distant goal.

Allow yourself to breathe once again. Be your own savior.



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